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Check out @EwSeungKwan's for all of the Romeo incite. But today I was tagged in to do the Fall in love with Romeo project from @kpopandkimichi. I love these boys. They are adorable just like ASTRO, that is a whole other topic. We are here to learn about these boys in ROMEO.
Romeo made their debut on May 7, 2015 with the song LoveSick and above is their official Symbol as the group. The company label they are represented under is CT Entertaiment, which is a label founded by the Great and Powerful SMTOWN. But enough about that, let's learn the members.
Seunghwan (Lee Seung-hwan) Hangul: 승환 Position: Leader, Rap, Dancer Birthday: December 12,1994 HOBBIES & SKILLS: writing lyrics, rap making FUN FACTS: •He’s wanted to become an idol since he was in middle school. He participated in the talent show w/ his friends & while they were performing, he saw the people in the audience enjoying themselves & thought to himself that how nice it was to be able to give others happiness; from then on he began dreaming of becoming a singer. •He used to like/be good at math when he was young & his dream was formerly to be to become a math teacher. Even now, he thinks he’d want to be a teacher if he wasn’t a singer. •Out of all the members, he had the longest trainee period. •He is roommates w/ YunSung, MinSung & Kyle. •He is terrified of scary movies. •His favorite food is chicken feet (닭발) because of its spiciness & chewy texture.
STAGE NAME: Milo (마일로) REAL NAME: Kim MinHak (김민학) POSITION: Dancer, Rapper Birthday: August 20, 1996 HOBBIES & SKILLS: dancing, choreographing, drawing FUN FACTS: •He decided to become a singer in his 1st year of middle school after watching BEAST’s Lee GiKwang (then known as AJ) perform on TV. •Prior to debut, he was part of the cover dance group MESMERIZE & participated in several of their cover videos including: EXO’s “Growl”, TaeYang’s “Ringa Linga” & EXO’s “Wolf”. •He formerly attended NY DANCE Academy. •He is roommates w/ HyunKyung & KangMin. •HyunKyung & KangMin both thought he was younger than them when they first met. •KangMin chose him as the member he would like to make his dongsaeng. •He is the one who usually cleans their rehearsal studio since the other members never bother doing it. •He’s not very good at watching scary movies. •Of all the members, he takes the longest to shower. •The members say he’s the group’s princess, mother & happy virus.
STAGE NAME: HyunKyung REAL NAME: Kim HyunJong Position: Face Of The Group, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist Birthday: September 5, 1998 HOBBIES & SKILLS: soccer, reading, running/sprinting, jokgu (soccer tennis), badminton FUN FACTS: •He dreamed of becoming a singer watching Rain on TV. He admired how Rain could act, sing & dance well & wanted to become an all-around entertainer like him. •He is roommates w/ Milo & KangMin. •According to his members, he knows he’s handsome & enjoys looking at himself in the mirror. •He says he tries to eat a lot since he is so skinny, but ends up not gaining any weight. •SeungHwan’s first impression of HyunKyung was that he had the aura of a good-looking idiot. •He enjoys sports & says he relieves stress through exercising, such as push-ups or sit-ups.
NAME: Noh KangMin POSITION: Maknae, Rapper, Dancer Birthday: September 5, 1999 HOBBIES & SKILLS: fishing, dancing (popping), reading webtoons, hiking, bike riding FUN FACTS: •He is roommates w/ Milo & HyunKyung. •Milo & YunSung both admitted that they didn’t think he would last long (as a trainee) when they first met him. •The rest of ROMEO unanimously chose him as the member who has changed the most since debut stating that he has become more confident in himself.
NAME: Hwang YunSung POSITION: Main Vocalist Birthday: March 19, 1996 HOBBIES & SKILLS: composing, playing the piano, singing, impersonations FUN FACTS: •He has wanted to become a singer since he was in middle school. He used to be on the chubbier side & pretty low key, but when he received a lot of unexpected positive response after singing at a retreat he thought to himself that he should (continue to) sing. It was the first time he had ever gotten so much applause/attention & experienced the thrill of being on stage. •He is roommates w/ SeungHwan, MinSung & Kyle. •He & Kyle first met each other at school before becoming trainees at C.T. Entertainment. •He says all the other members beside himself are scared of insects (which they deny), so they often call him to catch/kill them for them.
STAGE NAME: MinSung REAL NAME: Kim MinHwi POSITION: Vocalist, Dancer Birthday: December 24, 1996 HOBBIES & SKILLS: swimming, kendo, crying acting FUN FACTS: •He’s wanted to become a singer in his 3rd year of middle school after watching other artists perform at Dream Concert. •His childhood dream was to become a dentist, but he gave it up because he was bad at studying. •He trained for a little over a year before debut. •He is roommates w/ SeungHwan, YunSung & Kyle. •His members have described him as dorky, foolish, unpredictable, kind, timid & hard-working. •He has the habit of sleeping w/ his mouth open.
STAGE NAME: Kyle REAL NAME: Ma JaeKyung POSITION: Vocalist Birthday: January 15, 1997 HOBBIES & SKILLS: soccer, hapkido, singing, short distance running FUN FACTS: •He decided to pursue singing in his 3rd year of middle school when he saw how singers could move people through their music. •His initial childhood dream was to become a police officer. He thought it would be good if he could use his athletic abilities to catch bad guys & protect others. •He trained for a little over a year before debut. •He is roommates w/ SeungHwan, YunSung & MinSung. •He & YunSung first met each other at school before becoming trainees at C.T. Entertainment. •According to the other members, he is the definition of a real man. •He is a sleepyhead, but claims he is never late despite this fact. •He sleeps in only his underwear. •He has a habit of biting his hands & the other members. Particularly HyunKyung & Milo.
Why not join me in this adventure and discover more about them together?
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