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I discovered Astro
So today I went through the entire season of a kdrama called To Be Continued...; it features the band Astro which got me interested so I looked them up on YouTube and watched a couple of their MVs. I then started watching the Play Astro playlist and they are super adorable!
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They really are the cutest. Their songs sound kinda cutesy but they still have really powerful dances and strong dancers
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And they're having a comeback at the end of the month so it's even better ❀❀❀❀😍
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@Sailynn I discovered that when I was looking at prices for all the albums I want. There were 7.... Technically only 5 albums but 2 of bts memories of '15 and '14. It was $200 and I left out the growl exo album..... Expensive. What I mean is eventually I'll get the ASTRO album. I just got a little off track
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