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Or School-Live! In English. If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you make time lol. This anime is not what it seems! After the first episode you'll get hooked. I promise. I can't really say much without giving the plot away. But what I will say is that this anime/manga fits under these genre categories: slice of life, psychological, horror and survival. Don't let the cutesy cover fool you lol. If you have time, I suggest reading the manga after you watch the anime. And yes, you can start the manga from the beginning because even tho they're the same, they're also very different. The time of events in both are in a different order. So check it out and let me know what you think!
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XD yea, I made my sisters go in blind.
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@kibitokai lmaoo really? I've had this on hold for a bit.. I might check it out when I get back home today 馃檶
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yusssssssss 馃挭 @simplynick
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I loved how in the first episode everything confused me , THEN I understood this going to be like a zombie anime but only with cute girls on it .
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@YuiKurata Yeah the first episode was confusing. But it got me hooked after the first episode lol. You should check out the manga too because the order of events is way different
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