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SOOOOOOO......i saw that game.and i was like WHY NOT VINGLE.!!!!!! So there u go guy's ENJOOOOYYYYYY~~~~~
Has Vingle Account
His Username
His Profile Pic
What he does on Vingle
The screenshots game he plays for giggles are usually about
The drama he gets into passionate discussions about
He made a blog shipping these two members together
Trolls by voting for himself on polls that are about
you guys become great texting Chingos, and often fangirl over
As you two discuss your favorite members, he tells you his BTS bias is
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1. Jin 2. TheIronMaknae 3.Iron Man w/sunglasses 4. Posts blogs about himself 5. Big Bang 6. Boys Over Flowers 7. JiKook 8. The BTS member with the best aegyo 9. KDramas 10. Suga
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@Yongsongmi AHHHHH he shipped himself with Jin and Jin is also HIS BIAS WOW😂😂😂😂
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@JessicaChaney Those were Awesome results 😄😄😄
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1. Rap monster 2. KOOKIE-monster 3:Mario 4.writes about his UB group 5.converse 6.secret garden 7. Jin and Suga 8. Which bts member has the best fashion sense 9. Romance 10. Jin
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Mines really just is all about rap monster and Jin together
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