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YOOOOOO GUYS KCONLA 2016 is a month away! Who'll be going?! I heard it was hard for ppl to get tickets! I was able to get P2 tickets! 馃槤 Anyways I had a question, does section 109 have a good view? I've been curious. I never been to the Staples Center and this is my first year of KCon. So if anyone can explain how the how registering and buying convention tickets and benefit redemption and all the mumbo jumbo works, I would really appreciate it!!
I'm nit sure if section 109 has a good view or not I'd need to see the seating chart again.
we get P2 standing tickets.
You'll need to check the seating chart for the Staples center to see how good the view might be. As for registration and convention tickets, I believe July 1st is the date. You can buy the convention tickets through the KCON website and register your tickets at the same time. Check in for KCON is the day before the convention starts, so Thursday. You will need to go to the convention center in person in order to check in and receive your benefits (vouchers for fan engagements, goodie bags, etc...). You want to make sure to do this the day before so they don't run out of benefits and you don't have to wait hours to get in the day of.
Yeah you'll definitely want yo do the early pickup because the place will be packed!