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Ch. 2
After class, Shin turns around to talk to Takuya. Takuya looks up at Shin.
“Hey, how are you?” Shin asks. Takuya places his right hand on his chin while wrapping his left in front of his elbow and smiles at Shin.
“I’m great, how about you?” Takuya asks. Shin nods and smiles back.
“Me too. You ready for your tour?” Shin asked. Takuya nodded enthusiastically. The boys get up out of their seats.
“Hey Shin, you gonna show him around?” Casper asks. Shin just nods his head in reply.
“Yeah, let’s go.” Shin said as he headed towards the door to leave the class room. Takuya bows towards Casper and Casper smiles and bows his head.
Shin and Takuya walk around the school grounds, Shin explains everything to Takuya and Takuya is just absorbing all of the information. The last place Shin takes Takuya is the roof.
“I want to show you a special place.” Shin told Takuya.
“Oh why is it special?” Takuya asks.
“Because it’s a place to go when your troubled.” Shin explained. Takuya nods his head and follows Shin up a flight of stairs and out the heavy metal door. They were on the school roof.
“Oh wow, what a view!” Takuya exclaims running towards the ledge of the school resting his palms on the wall. Shin couldn’t help but chuckle at Takuya’s cuteness, it was like he was a little kid finding something to impress his mother. Shin walks up to Takuya and stands next to him looking at the view.
They see the tall buildings in the Seoul skyline. Shin is quickly distracted by Takuya’s expression and he's completely forgotten about the skyline view and focused on his view of Takuya.
“How can someone be so beautiful, he’s like an angel.” Shin thought to himself. That’s when he was brought out of his thoughts by Takuya grabbing his hand.
“Thank you for bringing me here, it’s beautiful.” Takuya stated.
“Not as beautiful as you.” Shin said, when he realized he said his thoughts out loud he quickly moved his hand out of Takuya’s and placed it behind his neck rubbing it, giving an embarrassing chuckle and clearing his throat. Takuya chuckled.
“You think I’m beautiful?” Takuya asked. Shin nodded his head. “Me too, I think your beautiful.” Takuya confessed. Takuya moves closer to Shin closing the gap between them. Takuya places his hand over Shin’s that was resting on the wall. Shin was wondering if his heart was ever going to get used to Takuya touching him.
“So I can assume you like me as much as I like you?” Takuya asks. Without even thinking Shin opens his mouth.
“Yes. I like you.” Shin replied. Takuya smiles.
“Want to date me?” Takuya asks shyly
“Your quick to hook up.” Shin commented, Shin’s never been asked to date, he’s been the one always making the first move. Shin’s happy that he’s being asked this time even if he’s trying not to be too obvious about it, but Takuya picks up on it pretty fast.
“Well, I thought after last night why not, I enjoyed the kiss, I don’t want those lips kissing anyone else. And if your single I want to fix that.” Takuya replies quite bluntly, Shin loves how blunt Takuya is.
“Yeah sure, whatever.” Shin turned his face away from Takuya, trying to act cool but failing. Takuya thought it was cute, Takuya took the opportunity to kiss Shin again, sealing the deal that they were now dating each other. It wasn’t a passionate kiss like the one from the night before it was just a quick peck on the cheek. Shin’s eyes get wide in shock from Takuya’s actions and then Shin cusps Takuya’s face in his hands pulling him close and kissing him returning the gesture.
Takuya’s arms wrap around Shin and Shin wraps his arms around Takuya. They completely forget their surroundings and make out on the school roof. Takuya’s left hand wanders down to feel Shin’s crotch. He’s happy that with just a kiss he can excite Shin so much. Shin pulls away from the kiss.
“Okay, let’s stop there before it gets hotter. Plus, we’re late for class.” Shin says trying to regain his breath but most of all his composure. Takuya nods his head as he himself regains his composure.
“Sit with us at lunch I’ll introduce you to my friends.” Shin said.
“Sure. Oh I have a request.” Takuya takes a breath before he continues, Shin patiently waits.
“What’s the request?” Shin asks.
“Can we not tell anyone we’re dating?” Takuya asks. Shin just smiles titling his head to the left.
“No problem, but my friend Casper may figure it out on his own so I’ll just tell him when he does, to save me the trouble. He knows my preference and he’s cool with it. I tell him everything really he’s my best friend. And he’s good at keeping secrets.” Shin explains. Takuya thinks for a moment before he nods his head.
“That’s fine, it seems Casper is really cool.” Takuya admitted.
“Oh he is, he’s like my brother from another mother.” Shin explains.
The boys start to leave the roof talking and getting to know each other more.
“Do you have siblings?” Takuya asks. Shin nods his head.
“Yeah he’s a step brother though my mother remarried after my father left.” Shin explained. “I’m sure you’ll see him in the cafeteria later, he’s my dongsaeng.”
The boys made it back to class just in time before the lunch bell rang.
“Hey I thought you guys got lost, I was about to send a search party after ya.” Casper said as he wrapped his arm around Shin.
“Please forgive my idiot friend Casper, he likes to touch people.” Shin explains to Takuya who looked surprised by Casper’s skin ship.
“Oh no, it’s okay, it’s funny.” Takuya explains. Casper gives a big goofy grin and wraps his arm around Takuya’s shoulder pulling both boys closer to him.
“Any friend of Shin’s is a friend of mine. Let’s go eat I’m starving.” Casper said, the boys laugh and walk towards the cafeteria.
Once they get their food and find their table they talk getting to know each other more.
“So Takuya why did you move here from Japan?” Casper asks. Takuya was thankful he had food in his mouth so he waited until he swallowed to give an answer, it allowed him to come up with one.
“My mother was transferred for her job. It’s just me and her, my parents divorced.” Takuya explains. Shin can relate to Takuya more since they both come from homes with divorced parents.
“Hey guys how’s today’s master piece?” Sangmin and Seyoung come up to the table and take a seat. Casper, Shin, and Takuya look at the boys.
“If you haven’t noticed we are having a very enjoyable meal at a fancy restaurant.” Casper explains in a snobby tone. But couldn’t refrain from busting up laughing.
“Hey Shin who’s this guy, he’s gorgeous?” Seyoung asks pointing to Takuya.
“Oh he’s the new transfer student.” Shin replies before stuffing his mouth with more food. Takuya nods his head in the boy’s direction.
“Nice to meet you.” Takuya says.
“Yeah you too sexy.” Seyoung says with a wink, as he looks at Takuya. His eyes are taken away instantly when he hears someone shout Shin’s name.
“SHIN, SHIN!” Yongseok comes running, shouting his step brother’s name.
“You’ve gotta help me. I’m being chased by these girls who insist on kissing me.” Yongseok stated as he hid behind his brother. All Shin could do was laugh.
“Hey girls, I know my brother is cute, and sexy but he’s still a baby treat him better.” Shin said to the group of girls who were about to jump across the table.
Shin had an aura around him that made everyone just accept anything he said and calm down. The girls disperse.
“You know a way to help with that is find a guy around here, and cling to him like he’s your boyfriend. If they think you’re gay they’ll leave you alone.” Shin explains to Yongseok.
“Um, no way eww, Look I don’t have anything against homosexuals but I couldn’t do that.” Yongseok says as he shivers.
“Well, hey, if you ever need to go that route I’ll be more than happy to help.” Seyoung said out of the blue, everyone looked at him surprised.
“What? Did I say something bad?” Seyoung asked. Everyone laughs except for Takuya and Yongseok who have no idea. But Seyoung has had a crush on Yongseok since he met him, he doesn’t care if he’s straight just being able to hang with him is enough for Seyoung. The group knew Seyoung was gay, they even knew who his crush was. Yongseok was completely oblivious to this fact.
“No bud, you didn’t you’re just getting cockier lately, it’s refreshing.” Shin said with a wink. “I must be rubbing off on you.”
After lunch the boys walk back to class, it’s PE and Shin wanted Takuya to skip with him. But it was Takuya’s first day and Shin didn’t say anything. They go outside after changing their clothes to their gym outfits.
“So your Takuya huh, you like sports?” the coach said. Takuya nods his head.
“Yes sir, I like baseball, I played in middle school.” Takuya informs the coach. The coach nods his head and orders Takuya to throw some pitches. The coach proceeds telling Shin to take the bat. Shin takes the bat from the coach.
“Be gentle with me I’m not very good at baseball.” Shin shouts at Takuya and sticks his tongue out at him. Takuya laughs.
“Uhhuh okay.” Takuya shouts back. Takuya puts on his game face, and is acting all serious with his movements and stance. Takuya throws the first pitch, Shin is able to hit the ball, but it’s a foul ball. Shin just shakes his head; Takuya gives Shin a sad pouty face.
“You weren’t kidding when you said you weren’t good.” Takuya says playfully. Shin looks up and points the bat at Takuya.
“I’ll get you!” Shin says with a smile. Takuya began to laugh. Takuya throws the next pitch. This time Shin hits it far and begins to run to first base, then second, Shin makes a home run and lands on home base, Takuya slides right in with him. Takuya drops the ball; the empire calls out.
“SAFE!” Shin looks at Takuya who’s smiling, his eyes dart to Takuya’s arm that is bleeding. Shin’s eyes get wide.
“Takuya your bleeding.” Shin points to Takuya’s arm. Takuya looks down at it.
“Let’s get you to the infirmary. We need to clean that up.” Shin said as he helped Takuya up. Takuya hadn’t noticed a thing because he was too busy looking at his boyfriend, it was nice having a person other than your mother worry about you. It made Takuya's heart flutter.
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