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I opened my blinds slightly with my index and middle finger as I saw Jin coming out of the car from picking up our newest special recruit. I bit my lips as I ran my fingers across her name written in the file on my table,"Sagasawa Kurumi..." I whispered.
"What did you say?" Sooyung said. I sighed, "Nothing, What do you want hun?" She sighed heavily as she approached me and hugged me from behind and I turned around put my hand down to her waist and kissed her forehead," Well?" She smiled and looked up,"We need to start preparing for the engagement party, my mother has kind of been annoying me about it, hun." I raised her hands and I kissed it and I saw her wearing the ring. A beautiful rose pink diamond, expensive, but I always get the best for the love of my life. She smiles at me,"Okay we'll start whenever you want."
Her phone then vibrated and she checked the text and looked back up at me,"I have to go." I nodded and she kissed my cheek and as she left she said,"I'll see you at dinner and we can pick a date at the least." I smiled and as she was already at the threshold I screamed," I love you!" I didn't think she heard me because she didn't even reply. I looked at my desk and I saw the file again. I pressed the extension for the secretary desk,"Let the new recruit in."
As I got off the car Mr. Kim had taken his phone out and texted somebody. It was probably the Prince of Seoul himself, Jung Hoseok. I looked up at the building that seemed taller than the Tokyo Tower. I kept walking not watching my step when I tripped on the stairs heading to the front door. I closed my eyes bracing for impact but to my surprise nothing. "You're kind of a clutz aren't you?" I blushed as he helped me back up realizing that Mr. Kim had caught me,"I apologize Mr. Kim I should've been watching my step." He gave me that sweet smile and I felt a knot on my stomach. "You can just call me Jin." I nodded as the feeling on my stomach made its way to my heart. Am I dying? I might have to see the doctor.
We started walking again, up to Mr. Jung's room. He let me in the elevator and pressed the button for the highest floor in the company. It was quiet but and I couldn't exactly start a conversation since he kept texting somebody and was smiling like a dork at every reply. Then suddenly the door opened and he smiled and bowed as a beautiful woman entered the elevator,"Just tell the secretary that you are the new recruit. Have a great day." He bowed as the elevator door closed,"Wait your not-" I stopped as I saw that anymore talking was futile. I sighed as I looked for the secretary's desk.
I finally arrived at the secretary's desk and I smiled as I approached the secretary. Wow she looks like she really doesn't want to be here,"Hello Ma'am, I am the new recruit and here to talk to Mr. Jung." She looked at me," How old are you honey?" I smiled knowing where this was going." 18 Ma'am." She sighed,"Well hun I think that the intern room is 5 floors down." I shook my head,"No Ma'am I think you are making a mistake here, I am the newest recruit Sagasawa Kurumi." Her face went from annoyed to a form of fear,"O-Oh y-yes ma'am I am sorry about the delay and confusion I'll send you up right away." Ma'am? What the heck? I can't believe it I though this place would be different. I immediately felt uncomfortable. "Mr. Jung is ready for you." She said as I smiled," Thank you very much."
I walked into the office. Woah. The office was big there was even an authentic leather couch and a table that looked like birch but I wasn't very sure. I bowed,"It's nice to meet you Mr. Jung. I am Sagasawa Kurumi." I flinched when he threw my file on to the coffee table. "18 and your holding a PHD. So why is someone like you Ms. Sagasawa choosing to be in my research department." I was confused for a millisecond but his next words had confirmed my thoughts,"The daughter of Sagasawa inc. wants to work for XYZ corporation. Why is that?" I snickered and I noticed that he did not like that," I am here because of my own accord. I don't feel like working in a corporation where all the people know who I am and who my family is. It's bad enough that people treat me like I am the queen because of my intellectual abilities try adding being the daughter and sister of their bosses." He raised his eyebrows to what I just said," If you think I am here to spy on XYZ company the biggest corporation here in Seoul, you have another thing coming because I am ALOT smarter than that." He chuckled at what I said."Alright Ms. Sagasawa I'll let you get away with it for now but..." He suddenly got closer to me leaving at least a small book between our faces,"...if I find out that you are the reason for any leaked information in regards to our current research...you'll regret messing with Jung Hoseok." I smiled thinking it was cute he thought I was intimidated by even a little bit.
I finally left his office after the longest briefing ever, ironic huh. I bowed to the secretary and she bowed back. I hate it when people find out who I am. They treat me as if though I was rude or special and on special occasions people act that if I correct them that I am a cocky son of a bitch. It's not like I asked to be a genius. At first it was just to get my father's attention but eventually it became a part of me to be at the top at all costs and to get ahead in life. I never wanted it but that's how it turned out to be. I would give anything to be a normal teenager. To go to school and make friends.
I got into the elevator and pressed the number 10 but I saw someone coming as the elevator door was closing so I quickly pressed the "OPEN DOOR" button. A man with reddish hair wearing a white coat walked in the elevator. I figured he was part of the R&D department since he is kind of wearing a lab coat. "Are you the new recruit to the R&D department?" He said breaking the silence. I nodded,"Ah. Yes it's nice to meet you I am Sagasawa Kurumi." I bowed and he bowed back,"Kim Taehyung.Since I work at the R&D department too you can just call me Taehyung or Tae." I smiled at him. This man is not, for once in my entire life acting like I am a queen that no can talk to or even breathe the same air as. I even think that this man is oblivious to who I am. I smiled trying to make sure he didn't notice when I did. Let's test out whether he knows or not. Before I knew it I didn't even have to do much since as soon as I thought of a plan he asked me,"So how old are you? You look quite young." I coughed a little," I am 18 years old." He looked at me with a skeptical look,"But to get this job you have to have a PHD in medicine." I nod," Yup that's right." He looked confused,"How can an, and no offense when I say this, 18 year old have a PHD in medicine." I smiled," No offense taken but well...I am not like all the other teenagers out there." The elevator door then popped open.
We both walked out and another man popped up out of nowhere. He had black hair and a black piercing.I guess there are no dress codes here. But I had to admit he too was really handsome. "Tae! I have a question about this report. Can you take a look at it?" He looked at the man then back at me,"Ask her. Our newest recruit Kurumi." I smiled and bowed,"Sagasawa Kurumi. Nice to meet you." He smiled and bowed as well,"Jeon Jungkook. Nice to meet you. You can just call me Jungkook." I nodded,"Well can I see it?" He looked confused for a second,"The report." His face lit up as if though he just had an epiphany,"Oh right." He said while handing me the report. I quickly read it almost at an inhumane speed," The ingredients that is put into this product is not remotely possible. For one this ingredient here would just cancel out this ingredient's purpose making it pretty much unusable. SO I recommend that you change this ingredient to this ingredient and completely remove this ingredient from this product for it to be much more positive and effective." They looked at me in awe as if though I had just broke down the meaning of life.
We then entered the lab and almost instantaneously the room became tense. Everyone had begun whispering among one another as our team leader, Park Jin Young, introduced me as a new addition to their little group. Taehyung and Jungkook looked a little shocked about how indifferent everyone was towards me. Mr. Park then told me to say something about myself I started with a bow,"It's nice to meet you I am Sagasawa Kurumi, I may be a little smarter than everyone but I hope we can get along." Fuck. I didn't mean it like that but I am sure that's how everyone took it. I looked around and I already saw their eyes casting me out there was no point in even saying sorry about what I just said. They will all know me as the bratty 18-year-old kid who thinks she's better than us just because she is a little blessed on the intelligence region. The little briefing was adjourned and I was going off to work Jungkook and Taehyung approached me,"Ouch...That was a hurtful comment back there Kurumi." I sighed and was wondering whether if I should even explain myself or not,"It was mistake, I didn't mean it like that it...well it just came out like that." They both laughed. "Wow for a genius to not know what to say...or even know how to word her thoughts." I sighed, "Well I am a world proclaimed genius but that didn't mean I was a social butterfly if anything I hated the parties, gatherings, jubilees, and heck even the photo shoots for blah blah magazine. But if it meant my father getting the attention he needed and wanted. I'd sell myself out anyday." I looked at Taehyung and Jungkook and just realized I said everything out loud and Taehyung just to spite me said."Wow I didn't know the life of a genius was so hard," I once again probably showed a negative reaction when he said genius because he then asked me,"What's wrong?" Jungkook looked as interested in what I had to say. I looked at them and shook my head,"I just hate the word genius." Taehyung laughed,"Then do you prefer idiot?" I rolled my eyes. "We should get back to work."
As I got to my desk my work was in stacks of two. Isn't this a little too much? Then I saw a bunch of girls laughing and the one with strawberry blonde hair approached me,"Since you know your a little smarter than everyone here, you can handle our work too right?" I sighed. Might as well play the bad guy here,"Ms. Uhm?" She scoffed,"Soo Kyung." I smiled as I dumped her work on her feet the noise ringing through the whole office I knew everyone was now staring but I didn't mind anymore. I did the same for the other girls,"I was hired to help the company improve and if you've become toxic to the company I can simply request for your termination. Since..." I looked them up and down,"...You guys don't seem to offer much but a pretty face." I smirked as I made my way to the lab and began working on some experiments. I heard whispers mixed with the frustrated screams of the girls. But it didn't matter to me anymore. I was already used to being an outcast.
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