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“If only something exciting would happen” Lucy said slumping down in her chair. “Someday it will happen so can we please leave” Lucy lifts her hazel eyes to see Jake looming over her. “Class ended?” she asked sitting up in her chair taking a look around the empty classroom. Jake was starting to get impatient crossing his arms over his chest giving Lucy a look she knew so well.That said Girl if we don’t leave now I’m going to hurt you. Lucy quickly got her stuff in fear he would do it to her. She has seen him hurt others if they piss him off or bully other people who cannot defend themselves. “Finally let’s get out of here” he stressed walking out with Lucy jogging to catch up with him since he walks fast when he wants to leave a place he does not like.Well who likes school that much to stay after hours even the honor students are the first ones to leave. “We are going to my house?” “Of course, there are no parents looming around your room every second to make sure nothing happens.” Lucy nods turning to look across the street as they walk to hide her sadness. She wishes her parents would spend time with her but no they are always working, sometimes they don’t return home almost as if they have forgotten they even have a daughter.Jake glances at Lucy knowing what was going through her mind; he took her fair skin hand into his caramel ones giving it a squeeze. Lucy turns to him giving and smiles at him before releasing his hand to take out her keys; she opens the front door to the not so quiet house. “Are not your parents at work?” Lucy nods Jake moving in front of her. “Come out or we will call the police!” Lucy rolls her eyes That is not going to work. How wrong she was “Relax, I’m just trying to hide.” That was hard to believe but also how she did she enter the house “You two do not believe me then go check around for anything out of place.” Lucy glances at Jake who gives her the go ahead look as he kept an eye on her. She being taller than him by an inch, making him looks up at her dark brown eyes with his light brown ones. Lucy returns saying, “Everything is here. Nothing is missing or stolen.” the woman nods “Of course. I’m not a thief I have enough on my plate to be stealing,” “Why are you hiding?”Lucy asked dragging a shut up look from Jake who clearly did not want to get involve. “The government is after me for losing top secret information that I did not even have in the first place. In addition, I never seen what does files contain but still got blamed for it and might be sent to Alcatraz!”Jake shakes his head “That place is a tourist attraction” “Yeah right how much do you know about the government?”
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