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Luffy uses gear second for the first time
One Piece
This card is probably going to be one of my favorites in the entire 100 day challenge so there are sure to be TONS of honorable mentions but for me, number one will always be Luffy vs Blueno where he reveals gear 2nd for the first time during the Enies Lobby arc!!!
Luffy comes off as an idiot most days but when it comes to his fighting style, he always takes it seriously and makes it his own. He was smart enough to come to the conclusion if he could find a way to speed up his blood flow, he could use that to his advantage with his gumu gumu rubber devil fruit to make his agility match that to be on par with the CP9. The fact he came up with this technique after only fighting Lucci once and realizing their differences in not only strength but speed as well was a huge monumental point for Luffy's maturity.
Black Blood Maka vs Chrona
Soul Eater
Before Chrona came to be a loving friend of Maka's, she risked her sanity as well as her partner Soul's in order to be on the same level as Chrona and be able to communicate with her and understand her. If I ever had to pick one person to be my best friend, it would be Maka Albarn in a heartbeat, the way she always risks her life in order to save her friends.
20 Year Lambo
Hitman Reborn
During the fight for the Vangola rings, the lightening fight, Tsuna is extremely concerned with baby Lambo fighting. When he gets scared during his fight and summons his 10 year future self...Lambo...then again, gets scared and jumps into the bazooka. What comes out, none of them had yet to see and were shocked that yet another, more level headed Lambo popped out. The 20 year Lambo was extremely powerful and intimidating and what can I say....SEXY!
Ichigo Final Getsugatenshou Form
When Ichigo returns to the battlefield after Gin being killed by Aizen and his hair appears longer, his demeanor different, his chains on his Zanpakuto different...whats going on??!! After training with his father, Isshin in the Precipe World he comes back after roughly 3 months (which was only an hour in real time) with much more strength and abilities. When he and Aizen finally have their final showdown and he reveals the power of the final Getsugatenshou and why Zangetsu didn't want to teach him it....my mind was blown to say the least.
Minato appears on the battlefield
Naruto Shippuden
This was monumental in my books!!! The second time Naruto gets to see his dad and the shock/confusion on Sakura's face. He's so fast that he beat all the other Hidden Leaf Kage to the battlefield.
Luffy finds out that Sabo is alive
One Piece
This is the last one that I am using for this card even though I have soooooo many more in mind, these are the tops that really touched my heart the most.
Sabo is alive??!!! Luffy's reaction, every time I see or read this makes me hysterical. The backstory of ASL broke my heart and when I thought that Luffy was left with out his brothers, just to find out Sabo is alive and well, working right under his father as second in command in the Revolutionary Army??! He comes to the rescue saying he will will Ace's flare flare fruit and refuses to let anyone else have it. (:
Hope you all enjoyed as always and tagging the nakama... Until next time!!
@KurosakiJess that was a good..no awesome arch and i felt the same way when luffy found out about sabo. took me back to ASL
Really?!! It's one of mine but my top fave is thriller bark! @DevilsSon
@KurosakiJess also my favorite arch
Ahh, yes!!!! @DevilsSon
Luffy using second gear for the first time was the best
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