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Monsta X Challenge: Day 11
How I heard of them....??
Um...all I can remember is bits and pieces...I found these two No.Mercy teasers and thought "Ooh! New group!!" I think I watched all the teasers. I became a fan and told myself that would come back to them when they debuted (바보 [babo], I know). Later I found Monsta X Trespass MV. I watch it and thought "The blond one is cute." I was interested but got distracted with another group. When they came out with Rush thats when I really wanted to know more. After seeing that where on a show pre-debut called No.Mercy and watched the teasers...the dots finally connected. The End~^.^~

How did you hear of Monsta X???

If you wish to be, or not, tagged in any further cards plz feel free to comment or PM me. Thank You^^