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(or you could say he hit puberty through Google *jokes*)

Ok, so a while ago I looked up Suga's birthday because I didn't know it (now I know it by heart~♡).

I tool a screenshot because the pic made me laugh. A while later, I found it in my gallery & looked his bday up again only to find that the pic changed.

Suga debuted in Google! xD

Hobi and Kookie too? . . ♡ Some predebut Yoongi ♡

*:・゚✧ Love Min Yoongi ✧゚・:*

ahhh this was so cool 😂 I had never seen those predebut pictures!
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Google debut that's a good one! I'm sure he's been on google for a while now! His page just hasn't been viewed by anyone!
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I'd like to be tagged plz. Love the card 😂
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can I get tagged please
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