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Do You Think This Would Happen?!

*If you are not caught up to the Manga Series or haven't evem read the Manga yet this card will have some HUGE SPOILERS so please read by your own will*

So for those caught up to the Manga Series this question is mainly for you guys lol....

We all know before Silver left he gave his magic (Ice Devil Slayer Magic) to Gray and told him that his main reason for learning that magic was to defeat Zeref's ultimate Demon called E.N.D. Now Gray is determined more than ever to defeat E.N.D. but little does he know that our favorite Fire Dragon Slayer Natsu happens to be E.N.D... Zeref confesses to Natsu during the war (Current Alvarez Arc.) that he is his brother and that he used his Natsu (his own damn brother) to create his most powerful demon... Now I know that manga is way off the topic that I am mentioning but have you guys ever stopped to think.. Damn Gray and Natsu are going to have to fight. Gray to fulfill Silver's wish and Natsu to defend his own life! TuT idk about you guys but i will most likely cry if it comes to that! So do you guys think they will end up fighting?! Or any other theories? Comment below!


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@KaminariHana Samesies LOL all I am gonna say is "harry potter style, no?"
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Idk lol @hikaymm
a year agoยทReply
@KaminariHana TuT it's not that many lol
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@soweirdfam4ever Amd yes it does have to do with breaking the curse and possibly saving Zeref and Natsu both from dying
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all die
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