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Crunchy Roll
So today I started my free trial of Crunchy Roll, with which I will upgrade to a premium plus membership as soon as the trial is over. Now don't get me wrong, I've been watching them young amines for years, but I did it all on watchcartoononline.com
Being the only learning Otaku I knew while going through highschool it was watch whatever I found, when I found it, but let's not get into that. What matters is I eventually found a website to watch dubbed anime and felt my search was over. It wasn't a few years later until I heard of Crunchy Roll~
Now mind you, when I heard of an anime website where I had to pay to watch anime (when I already had a free website), I had zero to no interest. To top it off the majority of Crunchy Roll is subs, and at the time I hated subs.
Now as time has gone by and I learned a great many things such as how much the anime industry survives on its sales, and rumours of the anime industry declining. I have decided that though I may not use Crunchy Roll every day, I want to contribute to the glorious industry because it is what I love, and as I dive more into it, the more willing I am to watch subs (which I have done before). Though I naturally prefer dubs for reasons I won't dive into, I have no problems with subs now and have already begun watching Twin Star Exorcists. Thanks to @hikaymm
As we reach the conclusion of this card I would like to ask those who use Crunchy Roll for some advice. I know I can watch anime and read manga, but does anyone have any other recommendations for me using this fine site? Curious as to what the premium plus con perks are... But if you made it this far, I thank you~
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that awkward moment when u thought crunchyroll was free but wasnt and u broke AF
a year ago·Reply
I'm planning on getting crunchyroll to share with my friend because he doesn't trust websites like watchcartoonsonline and kissanime and only uses Netflix to watch anime
a year ago·Reply
@MacielMorales you can watch it for free you just have to sit through commercials
a year ago·Reply
@ChrisStephens wait for real... U GUYS WONT SEE FOR SOME TIME
a year ago·Reply
@jeremimzy17 ad block makes watchcartoononline.com the perfect site for decent quality if you don't want to shell out money though
a year ago·Reply