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Take a Minute to appreciate the Great Saiyan Man!
Bad ass in Disguise!!!
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In all honestly the Saiyaman arc was probably one of my favourite memories of DBZ. After all the screaming and power levels I was like... no way can they do a slice of life right... but I loved it.
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@RehenieRossab @HaitianPride IDK... his zenkais were pretty low... Unlike Vegeta and Goku. His only real strength is his hidden potential, but unlike Goku and Vegeta he has trouble bringing it out. Until Mystic of course... training wouldn't have done that much for him, sure it would have helped, but he can't push his limits the way full blooded Saiyans can.
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@AdamDean i was basing myself off the cell saga u know gohan was the only one to reach SSJ2 so IDK
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@RehenieRossab it took the death of 16 and his friends being beaten to death to achieve that. Even that only lasted a little while... his dad had to die for his rage to continue long enough to win. Goku on the other hand when he went SSJ against Frieza, had enough time to beat him, get bored, talk, leave, finish him off, and then fly away on a spaceship. And the fight with Cell would've been going like at least ten times faster than the one with Frieza. Half blooded saiayans don't have the talent. Barring the OP Potential Unlock, Gohan hit his peak (unless something happens in Super) at SSJ2. Goku and Vegeta went way beyond.
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@AdamDean the Saiyanman arc is actually the first arc I watched. That's what got me into the show 馃槄
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