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Who: ReaderxHaven't decided yet. What: Action/ Romance (Mature content) Some guest appearances by BTS and GOT7 Chapter 2 Story: In a post apocalyptic world, you lead a rescue mission to save your older brother Junmyeon from the clutches of Baekhyun the Light King. With the help of your commrads you lead a rebellion that will hopefully bring this tyrant King to his knees.
Y/N's POV We were running from roof top to roof top, climbing down pipes and ladders, anything to get us closer to the ground. Then someone stopped in front of us. He was able to fly, that was a cute little power, one that we would've been useful right about now. We backed up a bit but when I turned to look behind us I saw another one appearing from thin air. Teleportation, that was his power, "Jongin." I spoke surprised to see him. "We'll if it isn't the traitor." Chanyeol said to him. True Jongin had once been a rebel, we never got the reason why he'd switched sides, at least my teammates didn't. There was another kid with him, he looked like a child in the face and frankly a very innocent one. He hadn't been visibly sporting a power yet. I was wondering if he was the only one with active powers. So far it was three against five and all I really had was fire arms. I was sure I was about to run out of bullets too and I had my knife still with me. I couldn't fully rely on my fire powers right now. Was that why Yixing had just let us go because he figured we wouldn't make it out alive? It was going to be one hell of a mission getting back to the base. One problem at a time Y/N. The wind was blowing and it wasn't being controlled by Sehun this time. A storm was brewing, a young man with short black hair had jumped down from the roof to join the men and another with a grey vest on and fingerless gloves had jumped over on the other side. Figures our luck wouldn't stay that good but I had figured Baekhyun would release his powered guards at some point anyway. We all sort of took a stance, me grabbing my guns and holding them up to face the short haired guy and the child faced one. "Remember don't kill the girl, the others you have free rain." The baby face one said. Suddenly, lightning shot at mine and Chanyeol's feet. Chanyeol jumped back but I was a second late since my attention had been on the baby face. I got hit and fell to the ground. Chanyeol came to my side and I could hear Junmyeon scream, "Y/N!" "Take care of yourself!" I screamed back at him. We didn't come all this way to die and I sure as hell didn't risk my life and my teammates to go home without him. I got back up just as the short black haired one began to walk up to us. Chanyeol shot fire at him and some how the fire stopped. Damn. One had lightning powers the other had telepathy. Jongin teleported and ended up behind me but I expected such a move from him. I raised my leg aiming for his groin but he backed up and blocked my foot. I brought that foot down only to round house kick him in the face. I was pretty quick and Jongin was never great at matching that. Plus his teleporting ability came in certain bursts, like he had a cool down period for each time he used it. The further the distance the longer the cool down. I raised my gun at him and shot but he'd teleported out; the distance he had to get to me was small so he'd still be able to teleport quite quickly. I figured he'd only fight close range so I had to get away but in all honesty Chanyeol at this point was my only life line. I caught a glance of the guy with the vest hurdling rocks at Minseok but he was freezing them and forcing them away. Jongin appeared in front of me while I was still looking for him. He'd punched me in the stomach and I stumbled back cradling myself. I gained composers after wincing, I was still sore. Yixing had only healed my stomach wound he didn't heal my bruises and scars. I shot at him and he teleported out again. I turned around to catch him appearing and swung with an elbow but he'd caught it. I pointed the gun at his stomach but when I pulled the trigger no bullets came out. "Damn it." I was all out. Jongin grabbed my hand with the gun but I had freed the other hand to pull back and kick him in the face. We were fighting hand to hand, blows covering blows, throwing punches and getting blocked each time. I finally was able to land a punch in his stomach and took the opportunity to snap kick him. He fell back, his eyes off of me while he tended to his chin. I looked around quickly seeing Minseok and Chanyeol by each other. Chanyeol looked like he took some damage from the baby face. The rock thrower was still hurdling rocks at Minseok. I took out my knife and threw it at him but the knife stopped seconds away from hitting him. The baby face turned to me. Shit. This was a perfect moment to not have my powers. Lightning came down again to strike me but in a quick moment I had jumped out of the way and saw that Sehun had used his wind in a powerful gust to push him out of the way. The baby face was heading towards me with the knife hovering by him. "Thanks for this." he said. I started backing up looking around myself to find an escape. Junmyeon pushed him with his water powers. The force was probably equivalent to a fire hose spewing water at full force but like the size of a baby dragon. He was hit hard but he was able to catch himself on the end of the roof. "Yi fan take her!" he yelled. Just as Chanyeol was running up to me, the one that could fly, Yi fan, grabbed me and began to fly. I struggled trying to pull him off of me and I ended up biting his hand getting him to drop me. I could hear Chanyeol and Junmyeon both scream my name but a quick wind had pushed me enough during my fall to get me on the roof. I rolled on impact and slowly looked up in pain. Sehun was looking from the side of his roof looking at me, he nodded seeing I was okay and I nodded back. Before he went back to the fight, I had sent him a hand signal. We used these signals during fights to pull of combined moves to take out multiple people. We were strong by ourselves but our power was unmatched together. The move I had signaled to him was called fire flood. Sehun's wind would pushed the enemies closer while Junmyeon surrounded them with water. Minseok would freeze them making sure they couldn't move and then Chanyeol and I would usually fry them with our fire power. I didn't know how well it would work without me considering both me and Chanyeol's power amplified when we touched each other. Plus this was a move that was supposed to be used against hundreds of men without powers at their disposal. I was hoping they'd adapt the plan enough to stop them from moving around so freely and get away. I was looking for a way to get to the next roof but I wasn't moving so swiftly, that fall hurt like hell Sehun wasn't able to soften the fall he was just able to make sure I landed safely. Suddenly, Jongin popped up in front of me. "Yoona disabled the cameras and transmitters. No one can hear us." I nodded, "You can't come back with us Jongin you have to stay here." "Yeah I know. Luhan is pretty ruthless though, he really will have the guys kill them so if you have a way out I suggest you come up with something quick." "Looks like I'm gonna have to fold this time. I'm out." I said shrugging. Let's take a step back real quick, you see Jongin had never actually betrayed the rebels instead he was sent by me to go undercover and work for Baekhyun. Since he'd never seen Jongin, we had him expose himself as having powers and Baekhyun quickly picked him up and started training him. He was the same as his father and that part had worked in my favor. So yes, Jongin was a spy but he had to keep up pretenses especially for the up coming Kingdoms Rally; we still hadn't made a plan of what we were going to do. "So you're a spy." A voice said We both looked back to see Yixing moving from behind the little building where the door to get off the roof was. It was shadowed and neither one of us bothered to check it before we spoke. My eyes narrowed as I looked at him, he wasn't with anyone else. Why was he alone? "Yixing what are you doing here?" Jongin asked. I kind of gave him a look like 'really that's your first question?'. Yixing ignored him and continued to walk towards me. I raised my gun even though it was out of bullets. Now would be a really good time to be put under extreme stress so my powers would activate. Yixing hadn't stopped moving so I backed up. "Baekhyun is very obsessed with you Y/N and I'm not sure I understand why. However, you are a threat to the King whether you're against him or not the very thing inside you is capable of destroying us all." I was still backing up when I felt the edge of the roof on my calf. I looked to Jongin who had made it to Yixing's side. He grabbed Yixing's arm and said, "What are you talking about?" Yixing had kneed him in the groin and Jongin fell over in pain. Even I winced at him, it really looked like it hurt. Thunder began to sound louder than before, lightning in the sky and the wind blowing hard, Sehun had to be responsible for the wind. Yixing grabbed my hand and pressed the gun to his chest. I had no idea what he was up to but he seemed to know that I wasn't going to be able to kill him. He pulled himself closer to me; his lips pressed up against mine kissing me softly but deeply. His tongue moved around in my mouth similar to how we kissed in front of Baekhyun. Really in the middle of a battle all he could think about was kidding me? Something was up with him but before I could determine what I felt something sharp hit me in my abdomen. He pulled back and I looked down at my stomach seeing a knife sticking out of me and blood falling. His hand was still on the handle and when I looked up he'd pulled the knife out and pushed me off the roof. I could see him looking over, watching me before I closed my eyes. No. No way in hell! There's no way this is how I die. There was no way I could be so easily distracted that I'd end up getting killed, there was no way in hell that I wouldn't be the one to kill Byun Baekhyun. All these thoughts ran through my head and I could feel myself losing it. Finally, it was like something snapped and my eyes opened. Fire began to envelope my body, I couldn't see myself but I could feel my eyes burning and before I knew it I was flying back up hovering over the roofs looking at all my teammates still fighting. I had no control over my body as I let loose my flames and rained fire down on the roof. Jongin, teleported on the roof grabbing the one who could control earth and Yi fan had grabbed the one using lightning. The one Jongin called Luhan was blocking the fire from himself but it was proving to be difficult for him as I pushed the fire down on him harder. Jongin came back and grabbed him but by that time I had felt exhausted and I fell to the roof. The next thing I knew I could see a helicopter flying up to the roof. Chanyeol was lifting me up and we moved to the helicopter. "Tao." I said seeing his face clearly now. I looked around while Chanyeol moved me to the helicopter. He had stopped time, Jongin and Luhan hadn't moved from their places. I quickly remembered Yixing on the roof below and pushed Chanyeol off of me. "Y/N what the hell we don't have a lot of time." He said. "Tao you see that man, we need to take him with us." "What why?" "No time to explain just get him." I said. We boarded the helicopter and Tao gave Yoona instructions to go the other rooftop. Junmyeon knocked him out and put him in the helicopter. He tied him up and we left. Chanyeol went to ask me why we needed him but before I could answer a wave of dizziness hit me like nothing I ever felt before and everything went black...
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