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First, I apologize once again for being a day late. I wasn't feeling very well. I have chronic migraines and while I do have medications for them, they don't go away completely, so when I have an episode, it gets really bad to the point where I need to be in complete darkness with a towel on my forehead and eyes and take a nap. They even get so bad that they make me nauseous and I "get sick". The medications are keeping them at bay, but they still come back sometimes. It's a work in progress. So anyway! The sequel that both fans and Ellen DeGeneres have been annoying the studios for has finally been brought forth! Im not gonna lie, Ive been both excited and scared for this movie. Sequels can either be the cherry on top (ex: Toy Story 2 and 3) or the kiss of death (ex: pretty much every Disney sequel). So how did this film do? Lets find out. SPOILER-FREE REVIEW!!!! SAFE ZONE!!!
The good stuff: 1.The Story/ Writing. Everything just flows. Theres a connection between words or visuals that gives Dory a memory. She gets closer and closer to remembering what happened in her past amidst all the excitement! In the last movie, Marlin and Nemo were the main characters while Dory was the major character/sidekick; this time, its the other way around and justly so. Dory risked everything and did her best to help Marlin reunite with his son, now its time to return the favor.
2. The Intro. Ive gotta talk about this! Its a mild spoiler. Its nothing big, but if you still dont want to know, feel free to skip. So the first 5 minutes just flows from childhood Dory to adult Dory back and forth. Shes looking for her family until she eventually forgets who or what shes looking for…up until she meets Marlin for the first time. It all falls together like a puzzle. I just loved this intro. It was so cute and sweet…yet so tragic. Her short term memory loss was so bad that she eventually forgot who she was looking for! Thats so sad, and yet I loved it at the same time. It ties the last movie and this one together! Such good writing!
3. Interesting New Characters (Safe Zone). Lets start with Hank the Octopus. At first, you think hes a douche....which he is and Dory really steps up in a scene and puts him in his place at some point, but then you find his vulnerability in a certain scene that I dare not spoil for you, but Dory does help him through it. Hank is, for the most part, that character whos been through a lot and needs someone to give him a hug. Then we have Destiny the whale-shark and Bailey the Beluga whale. Destiny is just so cute, quirky, and sassy who happens to be near-sighted. In fact, I kinda think Id be Destiny because thats me in a nutshell Lmaoo. As for Bailey, hes snarky, blunt, and sarcastic...also me lol. Hes a great character to watch especially when he goes bumps heads with Destiny. Theres also the sea lions, Fluke and Rudder. 2 scenes and they had me cracking up. What a pair! This is barely a character but I had to bring her up...Becky. Look out for Becky. She doesnt say anything, but any scene shes in with Marlin is just priceless. And of course, Dorys parents. We discover theyre characters through the flashbacks and they are just so loving and caring. Thats all I can say without giving out any major spoilers. They love Dory and you can tell in each scene, in each moment that is spent, they care about theyre child. When you find out how theyre separated, you see the look of horror and shock on their faces. The look of a terrified parent. The same look Marlin had when Nemo was taken.
4. The Flashbacks. These flashbacks came at the most opportune moments. They werent random or out-of-the-blue. They would be some sort of trigger word or image that would make Dory remember something important from her childhood. When you saw those flashbacks, they made your heart melt. And when you saw how they were separated, your heart was ripped into pieces. These flashbacks are meaningful and arent meant to be taken for granted. They pull at your heartstrings.
The not-so-good: 1. Marlin blames Dory. Its just this one part that annoys me. When Dory begins her journey to find her family and Marlin brings Nemo along, there comes a scene where Nemo gets hurt. And who does Marlin blame? Dory. Why? Because she had to start this quest and drag them along. Um…no, you came with her and brought Nemo with you. What, Marlin, you couldnt find a babysitter? Dont blame someone else for YOUR childs wellbeing! Nemo is YOUR son, YOUR responsibility, and therefore should be under YOUR watchful eye. It wasnt Dorys fault at all. That part just bothered me. If Dory was alone with Nemo the whole time, I would kina understand, but thats not what happened. Marlin is responsible for his childs safety, not Dory! 2. Some Nipicks. A) Marlin and Nemo survived in freshwater? How does that happen? Of all things, that bothered me the most lol. I just kept thinking theyre saltwater fish and yet they are perfectly surviving for god knows how long in freshwater. In reality, they wouldve been dead in minutes, maybe less. B) Crushs anticlimactic return. I mean, its good to see Crush again, but at the same time, theres really no point to his return other than a quick transport to their destination… a very quick transport. In the last movie, the Marlin meets Crush to, not only to get to Sydney, Australia through the East Australian Current, but to learn from him how to be a less overprotective father, that holding your kids too tight is what will (ironically) want them to pull away. Theres really no point to this scene other than to say hi.
Conclusion....its pretty damn good. Like I said, a sequel could go one of two ways: cherry on top or kiss of death. Thank God it wasnt the kiss of death! This was a really good movie, you guys. I got so invested in the characters, in the situation, in the mystery, the adventure! I kept screaming What happened to her parents?!?! Its not completely recycled. They couldve done anther ocean adventure like the last movie, but we already saw the ocean in the last movie. In this movie, we see a new perspective of the sea creatures: in exhibits, aquariums...the kiddie area. Dear God, I will never get that scene out of my head! Its all really clever. Is this movie better than Finding Nemo? No. Is it inferior to it? No. I think its on the same level. I like both movies the same way. They both deliver their messages perfectly. Its a great movie that I definitely recommend that you watch! Also what do you want me to review next week? Something old? Something new? Something good? Something bad? Let me know in the comments. If I dont get any requests by Thursday, Ill just put something out. K? Fair? Goodie.
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I loved it and saw it recently! It was so cute and heartwarming :):):) #WhatWouldDoryDo
I loved it but it had lots of feels to it.
Loved it xD I'm watching Finding Nemo right now lol