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The Feels.... They are so real right now... Im crying as I am making this card actually!

I loved and enjoyed seeing these amazing kids grow up and becoming something everyone else thought they couldn't achieve because they were from E-Class..

I loved it all! Koro Sensei is the best teacher I have ever seen! I dont care if it's just an anime... this hit me straight in the heart! No matter how much it hurts right now to know it's all over...

I would be honored to cry and be struck in the heart all over again❤ Thank you Koro Sensei!❤ Thank you Everyone in E-Class!❤ I will never forget this anime it has now become one of my favorites...

Arigato... and Sayonara.. TuT❤

that teacher is freking creepy
@AnimeNerdie Omg yes! I totally agree with you on that!
@AimeBolanos this is anime everyone should watch. This is one of those animes you don't pass up on
@AimeBolanos I'm glad I got the chance to watch this
I was crying throughout the entire episode...😢😢😢 I couldn't stop crying
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