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Poetry Collections for Young Romantics

Sometimes there is nothing I love more than curling up with a collection of poetry to get me thinking or feeling creative again.

These four young poets have put together thought-provoking pieces about love and loss that I hope all of you will enjoy!

Milk and Honey

Rupi Kaur
Focusing on being a strong, confident woman in love, this collection will show you new ways to think about beauty and coexistence.

Chasers of the Light

Tyler Knott Gregson
Written on a typewriter so his work could not be edited, Gregson shares some of my favorite poetry I've ever read.

The Anatomy of Being

Shinji Moon
Moon breaks down her love story into anatomy, with imagery of the human body that reminds you that love isn't separate from us, but a part of us.

I Wrote This For You

Everything pleasefindthis touches is wonderful. His short poems or thoughts make you look at the most mundane things in a totally new way.

Does anyone else have a collection of poetry they've enjoyed?

Anyone just enjoy reading whatever they find?

I enjoy reading anything dark and mysteriously beautiful. Poetry is a melancholy art only a few of us are able to fully enjoy. I would really like this book. It seems it has very nice pieces and I want them in my library 😊
When I was born, I naturally thought in poetry, and had to be trained to "speak normal"... Now I only speak in silence... (but man do I ever type alot!) 😂
For "Playing with Fire", here's the description: If the flame is a metaphor for love, then Playing with Fire is the white gauze for singed hands and seared hearts. A slow flicker at times, a wild dance at others, Taplin stokes the emotions with his usual verbal finesse. Unique to this collection is the story of Charlie Jones, told intermittently in post meridiem hours between smaller flares of poetry and prose. Falling in love has never been so easy, but neither has getting hurt. Taplin’s existential awareness burns throughout, reminding us that our pains and joys are not so different. His thought-provoking dialogues and brief poetic synopses will invite you to admire the human condition from fresh perspectives, teach you about letting go and new growth, and somehow manage to leave you feeling full even after you’ve been completely gutted. Playing with Fire will make the sap crackle from your veins, lift the burning leaves from your limbs in one hot breath, then let the ash fall on the top of your head, soft as snow.
Playing with Fire, by Beau Taplin actually, anything Beau, however, from all his works, Playing with FIre is his intense love masterpiece and then he also has "The Wild Heart". I love his work so much. <3 I love rupi and Shinji quite a bit as well! They're wonderful artists.
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