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Now whoever thinks that the following has NOTHING to do with video games, please comment and explain, I wanna know..... Last time I remembered, I had Xbox games of everyone......
this lets you know who actually plays video games and who doesn't ...
People probably don't see them as related to video games. I would love you to tag this in my Marvel Community and I will add it to my DC and Marvel collections
Yeah, I agree with @AimeBolanos. I think if it were deliberately about Marvel Vs. Capcom or Arkham Knight or something, it would be a Video Game thing.
I had the same thing happen in Funny, Philosophy, and a few others (and I know my categories)... It sounds to me like either we have a picky mod w/ control issues who uses Vingle like their own bonsai... 馃槙
Probably since they are just pics of Superheroes and I dont see any like game consoles or controls or a game disc etc maybe that's why they removed it you're going to have to ask the Mod about that for sure
@CocoDreadBoy the same way you add to communities, for example this post would be under the Marvel and DC Communities and Comic community. I myself added your cards to my personal collections for Marvel and DC Communities that's displayed when you enter the community with some others
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