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Now whoever thinks that the following has NOTHING to do with video games, please comment and explain, I wanna know..... Last time I remembered, I had Xbox games of everyone......
this lets you know who actually plays video games and who doesn't ...
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that's scary. when you think you're using the right category but could be considered a different one. So confusing 馃槙
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how do I tag it @LAVONYORK
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@CocoDreadBoy the same way you add to communities, for example this post would be under the Marvel and DC Communities and Comic community. I myself added your cards to my personal collections for Marvel and DC Communities that's displayed when you enter the community with some others
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it's under marvel and DC already @LAVONYORK
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I remebre this use to happen to me alot when I started on vingle lol :( but man I love the pics tho >:) There awesome!
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