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this is the BS I speak of...

Now whoever thinks that the following has NOTHING to do with video games, please comment and explain, I wanna know..... Last time I remembered, I had Xbox games of everyone......
this lets you know who actually plays video games and who doesn't ...
Yeah, I agree with @AimeBolanos. I think if it were deliberately about Marvel Vs. Capcom or Arkham Knight or something, it would be a Video Game thing.
I had the same thing happen in Funny, Philosophy, and a few others (and I know my categories)... It sounds to me like either we have a picky mod w/ control issues who uses Vingle like their own bonsai... 😕
Probably since they are just pics of Superheroes and I dont see any like game consoles or controls or a game disc etc maybe that's why they removed it you're going to have to ask the Mod about that for sure
that's scary. when you think you're using the right category but could be considered a different one. So confusing 😕