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You can watch videos on V LIVE. http://www.vlive.tv/video/9003/ I pretty much been fan girling hard!!! He's so cute and innocent!!!!! I hope to hear him speak in English more frequently!!!!! Tagging my Lovely Vingle Buddies: @PrincessUnicorn @SarahVanDorn @Lexxcisco @Tigerlily84 @clandrea170 @cutebabylay @BabydollBree @sherrysahar @SimplyAwkard @carrillojuana @GamerKyumin @MelissaGarza
@BabydollBre 😍😍😍😍😍 That body is wonderful!!!!
@Kpossible4250 I know right, and his dimples kill me like how can he have such a sweet beautiful face and a body that you could just lick. He's cute and sexy OMG
@BabydollBre Wwwaaaaeeeee must this human being pull my heartstrings like so????? #hunnybunchsugarplum #honeydewmelondrop #sugarlumplump I just wanna snuggle up to him so much!!!!!
@Kpossible4250 OMG yes it was. I liked when he was doing Y.I.X.I.N.G. he is so passionate about music I love that it's too adorable.
@BabydollBre I just love how passionate he was about his music!! I could just listen to him compose all day. And when he started to sing MYM, I'd damn near cried cause it was so beautiful!!!
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