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So, as we all, or maybe not all, may know, Astro is making a comeback with their second mini album "Summer Vibes" which is available for preorder now as we speak! The MV for "Breathless" and the album will drop on JULY 1ST!!! I'm so happy for these wonderful, adorable, goofy, boys which I love to pieces! July 1st come quickly! But not too quickly. Because well.... I'M NOT READY!!!! AROHA loves Astro!!! ❤️


Y'all ready for this?!?!
Just look at how cute they are!!! The picture that made me smile from ear to ear is the second one with my biases Rocky and Jin Jin (yes I have two from this group because I had a hard time choosing😂) but I love every single photo!!! I missed my babies so much! I'm so freaking excited for this and for Astro! Can't wait to see their stage performances! I wish I could see them at KCON though because that is like a freaking dream now for me to go to KCON to see my favorite groups and artists. 😔 But I'm ecstatic for these boys nonetheless. 😊 hope you guys are getting yourselves prepared for this!!! I honestly don't think I will ever be prepared for this! I will post the MV review for this the minute AFTER I see it! It's not gonna be in a bundle just so y'all know. Hehehehehehe. 😈 Have a good day/night loves! Don't forget to follow my Astro collection! Thank you!

*credit to Fantagio Music for photos*