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That quickly shut him up because he knew that she was right and not only him but all the citizens of the Unites States do not know what really goes on behind closed doors. They only tell us what they want us to know the rest is a mystery. Lucy taps Jake on the shoulder, “If she really wanted to hurt us she would have done it the second I opened the door and she would not have bother to explain all that. If you want to put it in simple words you are asking for help?”Her eyes widen in happiness that one of them could figure it out or pretty much just use their brains. “Sorry for judging you.” She waved if off “Do you have a name?” she chuckles at how the question was asked “I do. I just do not remember it, since it’s been a long time since I’ve used it so instead use my codename Chaos. What will you two names be?” “I’m Lucy and this is my best friend Jake.” Chaos nod to each of them.“Nice to meet you both and thank you for not calling the police” Lucy nods “So how do you plan on fixing your wanted status?” Chaos walks into the warm color living room taking a seat on the soft earth tone couch. “One thing I have to find out is what was in does files” Chaos leans backwards letting a sight escape her lips. “Are we really going to help her! A complete stranger who we do not know plus she is in your house and you are treating her as guest!” Jake tried to knock some sense into Lucy who was keeping busy with pulling some cups out from the cabinet. She slams the cup down on the counter, “Yes I am and I did ask for something exciting to happen so instead of me mopping around from the lack of parental love. I will jump right in this dangerous situation.” Jakes grabs her by the shoulders, “You might die!” Lucy shrugs his hands of her.“And? We all going to die someday.” Jake sights seeing no way to convince her otherwise also he was also curious about her. Lucy finishes pouring the soda into the cups, before taking it to the living room with Jake right behind her. She puts the tray down on the coffee table. Chaos straighten up to grab one of the cups, she says a quiet thank you to Lucy whose cheeks got a rosy tint to them.“How do you plan on checking or finding out what was in the files?” Jake asks drinking some of his coca cola. “Do any of you have a laptop?” Jake takes off his backpack checking for something but came out empty handed. “I forgot to bring my laptop.” Jake shook his head angry at himself for forgetting. “I’ll get mine and please behave.” Mostly to Jake who mumbled an “I will try” Lucy made her way upstairs a little slow because of her mind wondering why her heart was beating really fast when Chaos said a simple thank you.
😲😲😲😲😲 then she...OMG this is sooo interesting now I really can't wait for the next chapter
@SindyHernandez Thank you :) and Chaos is a female.
this is getting good I love it already I can't wait for the next chapter 😁😁😁 question is chaos a male or female?