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I thought it was a movie trailer at first goddamn that was so awesome! Best CF ever, I bet it sold a lot, this had better quality than actual movies XD
I thought it was a movie trailer at first but turned out to be a Commercial Film but if it was a movie I would totally watch it
@hobisactualgf thank you, I thought it would be commercial film but again I know nothing about this so I needed confirmation cause I didn't think commercials could be that long @VIPFreak2NE1 and hell yeah it was worth the watch that was hot. Why dinner have this in America?
Looks like it's loosely based off of "The Grave Robbers' Chronicles". It's a popular series of books in China that are being made into movies. "The Lost Tomb" was a web drama to get people hyped staring Li Yi Feng (the first guy) and Yang Yang (the last guy). Lay will be in the prequel, "The Mystic Nine".
@BabydollBre No problem!
For those who don't know it stands for commercial film most of the time its a commercial where there is a story plot not just pure advertisement that usually includes many popular asian stars! Also because of the story it makes the commercial pretty lengthy. :) @BabydollBre
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