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story if you wish to continue to read this one then the original one feel free. ☡WARNING☡ ▪Smut ▪Angst ▪Rated M ▪Foul language ▪BoyxBoy ▪ReaderxIdol ☠Center With Caution☠ ☞DETAILS☜ What do you do when you find out your best friend is in love with your worst enemy? A story about Bobby and B.I and your involved! 》Need to catch up《 ° Part 14 ° part 13 ° SNEAK PEEK ° part 12 ° Part 11 ° Part 10 ° Part 9 ° Part 8 ° Part 7 ° part 6 ° part 5 ° part 4.1 ° part 4 ° part 3 ° part 2 ° part 1 ° preview
All bobby could do at that very moment was to keep his eyes shut tight as the loud Beeping sound rang in his ears and the reddish light that seeped through his eyelids, flash countless in that quick minutes of his life Bobby swear he stare death in the eyes as his life flash before him. Bobby thought to himself, 'is this the end?' 'Is this really how it's going to end?' 'My life has yet to finish as I still have so many things to accomplish.' so many people Bobby need to forgive and so many apologize he need to say. Bobby refuses to die now, he refuse to leave this world with so much regrets. For if he did, his soul will not be able to respect. Bobby was not ready to leave this world, not without making everything better with B.I again and in that very moment Bobby opened his eyes, to find B.I with tears falling down his pale cheeks as B.I reach out towards him. The sound of B.I voice shaking and cracked with fear as he yelled out...  "BOBBY!!!!"  Bobby spanned out of it as he leaped out of the way and onto the side walk as the car swerves but just then a bus drove by it. The car swerved again as the bus did the same but turned towards B.I directions as the bus tries to avoid the car. The bus driver honks his horn repeatedly. Startling B.I causing him to shudder and flinch as he tripped over a broken gap on the ground and fell onto the big busy street. Bobby heart nearly jumps out of his chest and air in his lungs flow right out of bobby mouth; he gasped. "B.I!!!" Bobby shouted desperately  B.I rolled underneath the bus as bobby tried to stand back up but his body wouldn't move and his feet and knees became weak. Bobby body refused to move a single muscle no matter how hard bobby tried to get up and ran to B.I side his body stay frozen still as his eyes watched B.I dodging every passing car until finally one stops right in front of him.  Bobby ran towards B.I, pulling him into his arms as he held him tightly while pulling him onto the sidewalk. B.I pushed away from bobby arms and look around, he could feel the eyes of people judging them. For a moment B.I felt so uncomfortable. Bobby looks away from B.I and look at the people that begin to surround them. Bobby almost forgotten that he was well known now and catch allot of attention. A couple of teenage girls pulled out their cell phones and took photos while others whispered and throw glances at B.I and snarled at him. Bobby notice and grab B.I by his hand and took off running some girls began to chase after him as they all shouted his name or even called him oppa. The rush of the thrilled raced through out their whole body majing it even more exciting. B.I even began to chuckle a bit this made Bobby heart flutter and his stomach feel weird and warm he enjoyed the feeling. B.I quickly found a small dark alley as he pulled Bobby in and hid behind a trash bin as they both peek out to see if they were seen by anybody but everyone continued running the other way. With a heavy huff and gasp for air as they were out of breath, B.I leans back against the dirty cold wall of a building as he tilt his head back his eyes shut tight as he had a small grin upon his face. He couldn’t believe how exciting it was to run away from people and how much fun he always seem to have whenever he with bobby. This reminds B.I about the night they would sneak around at night at YG training camp and those moments they almost got caught and had to run back to their cabins, it was quit the thrill. Bobby watched B.I throw the side of his eyes he watched as the drop of sweat slide down his brow to his neck, the way his chest moved as he took in deep breathes. Bobby moist his lips as he bite down onto his bottom lip, he wants to feel B.I fresh against his lips again. Bobby Lean in close to B.I their lips just an inch away as they breathed in each other air. B.I eyes widen in shock as he was face to face with bobby the sudden feeling of his hot breath against his lips sent shiver throughout his whole body. B.I caressed bobby cheek as he slide his finger throw bobby hair next. Bobby wasn’t expecting that from B.I he expected a slap in the face or something else that would have hurt like hell. What was this sudden affection bobby was receiving from B.I so suddenly? Whatever it was Bobby didn’t want it to stop instead Bobby wrapped his arm around B.I waist as he pulled him in close their chest were pressed against each other as bobby buried his face into B.I neck. B.I could feel the smile that grows wider on bobby face as bobby nuzzled his nose into his neck; it tickled a bit. “You’re so cute bobby, my cute bunny” said B.I as he ruffled bobby hair. All bobby could do was hug B.I tighter as his face turn a bright red. B.I couldn’t help but find this side of bobby cuter than ever. Bobby pulled away a bit as he face was still close to B.I. Their lips begin to brush up against each other as their body heated up. The feeling of their moist lips press against each other as they add some tongue which caused Bobby to pull him in closer, their pelvic pressing against each other. B.I gasped for air as he moved his face from bobby as he turns to look to his right. Bobby began to kiss his neck as B.I begs him to slow down before he knew it he felt something poking him. He turns to look at bobby who was biting down on his own lips as he stared lustfully into B.I eyes. “We can’t” B.I huff as bobby continued to kiss his lips sloppily “Mmm, not here mhp bobby” B.I moan as bobby begin to slide his hand down his pants. B.I pushed bobby away as he gave him such a teasing look this made bobby even more aroused. B.I look around to see if there was anywhere they could possible go when he remembers they weren’t that far way from his place. B.I grab bobby his hands as he rush towards his place when suddenly it begins to rain. Bobby held on to B.I hand tighter as they continued running with joy while B.I looked up at the sky as they continued to run. the feeling of the rain drops hitting his face never felt so great It almost felt like if all of B.I stress was being washed away and what even felt amazing was the way bobby hand held his so tightly as if he was so scared of losing him and letting go of him, It made B.I feel so secure and wanted a feeling anybody would want to feel. Finally making it to B.I places they rushed inside as bobby shut the door behind them  while B.I slammed bobby back against the door as he begin to kiss him sloppily, Bobby tried to pull off  B.I shirt but struggled as B.I began to laugh with one arm out and the other still on the shirt. They both started to crack up as they tried to keep the mood going until Bobby managed to stumble over the carpet and fall straight onto the ground. B.I couldn’t help but start laughing as he crouch over  Bobby who ended up pluming his face onto the couch; bobby chuckled. B.I rubbed bobby face gently as he stayed laughing while bobby pouted cutely then B.I gently smack his face away as bobby tried to lean in for a kiss. “I love you Hanbin” Bobby whisper sweetly “I love you too Bobby” B.I said passionately


You walked the quiet street of Seoul as you raked your hair back and sigh heavily. Suddenly your phone rings you grab it from your sweater pocket as you read the Caller ID. “Hello?” you answer it “Hey (Y/N) what are you up too?” “Hey Chanwoo nothing much you know walking around trying to clear my head” “Mind if I join ya?” chanwoo said from the other side of the phone “uh Sure but um…” you seem confused “(Y/N) look behind you” You turned to look behind you where you notice Chan woo standing there with two cups of coffee as he smiles sweetly. You smiled back as you could feel your eyes tear up, Chanwoo rush over to you as he hugs you. for some reason after he confess his feeling to you in high school and told you at first it was only because of Yunhyeong ask him to get you to fall for him in order to get bobby to get jealous but Chanwoo begin to grow feeling for you that he couldn’t do it he couldn’t bare to hurt you. you begin to feel comfortable with him. though you couldn’t accept his feeling after finding out the truth you still had strong feeling for him too  but you couldn’t  accept the fact that he was only using you in the beginning. You did however like the fact that he at least told you the truth which made you feel like you can actually trust him into not hurting you and lying to you. “What are you doing here stalker?” you joked as you nudge Chanwoo. “Doing my job and stalking a pretty lady” Chanwoo said as he wiped your tears away. “You flirt” you chuckled “Of course I have to try and win your heart don’t I” Chanwoo patted your head. You nudge him a bit as you let him wrap his arms around you when out of nowhere you begin to cry as it begin to pour. Chanwoo quickly takes off his sweater as he wraps it over you as he pulls you in tightly covering your head with his sweater. He knew how much you hated when people watched you cry. Suddenly you hear the sound of girls shouting and hollering as Chanwoo pulls you and starts running. You quickly look behind you to find a crowd of girls chasing after you two some yelling oppa while other shouting his name. you then feel Chanwoo quickly cover your head again you realize how much he was trying to hide you, you forgot he was famous and if they were to find you two like this rumors will spread and you’ll get attack by crazy fans. “Chanwoo… w-wait… I-I’m getting t-tired” you huff as you begin to run out of breath Chanwoo stop as he quickly lifts you off your feet’s and on to his back as he continued to run. Suddenly you felt your heart skip a beat as you buried you face into his shoulder the smell of his cologne was such a calming aroma. Suddenly you could hear Chanwoo cute giggle as he continued to run  when finally he makes it into a mall and into a clothing store where he finds a good place to hide; in between the clothing racks. You both begin to chuckle quietly when you feel Chanwoo hand caress your cheek as he kiss you sweetly, you gasped and flinch in surprise. “What are you doing?” you ask underneath your breath “I’m sorry” Chanwoo apologized “Its okay it’s not like I’m cheating anyways” you rolled your eyes as they begin to gather water “What happen? Did you two fight again?” “It’s more like he cheated on me with my brother boyfriend” you response so bluntly “What!? Donghyuk gmph” you covered Chanwoo mouth as he gasped loudly “Shh we’ll get found dork” you shushed him “ but bobby cheated on you with whom?” he asked “Who do you think Chanwoo” you cooed “Will I don’t know that why I’m asking” Chanwoo sass “Smart ass” you chuckled “Who was it stop avoiding it (Y/N)” Chanwoo brushed the hair on your face behind your ear. “Its was” you gulped “His ex”  Chanwoo eyes widen as he gasped again “Wait he back!” “Chanwoo shut up! And yes hanbin back” you shushed him again  Chanwoo lean in close to you as he whisper into your ear. ”sorry” You pushed him away playfully as you said “Why can’t I find my happy ending Chanwoo?” you looked over at Chanwoo who stared at you with such loving eyes. “You will one day when you finally let me into your heart” Chanwoo said smoothly You giggle as you gently patted his chest as he grabs your small hands as kissed it romantically. You begin to blushed again but this time as red as a tomato. “Will you let me be your happy ending?” Chanwoo asked you out. You smirk as you lean into his chest as you slide your hand down his face. Chanwoo looked confused he wasn’t sure if that was a yes or a hell no. he shrugged as he wrapped his arms around you, stroking your back as he comforts you. Tonight was the craziest night of your life yet a very memorable night filled with both pain and gain, with happiness and surprises, with twist and turns. Fate works in such mysterious ways in  such fuck up yet wise ways. They say destiny like to make path cross just for fate to change its mind and break a couple of hearts but hey people enter your life for a reason to teach you things and to make you stronger and these people sure did taught you a thing or two. As months went by you begin to let Chanwoo into your heart as he slowly started to win your heart and make you feel so happy and wanted and loved. Bobby slowly started to talk to you again as you begin to realize he was like a brother to you who you could never hate and at the same time you couldn’t see him as a brother any more because of so may things but he was your best friend. As for dongyuk and B.I they work it out as donghyuk started dating B.I sister who was a couple of year older than him but he did say he liked his woman wise with experiences. At first B.I wasn’t comfortable with it but slowly he began to accept it seeing how happy his sister finally was and how sweet Donghyuk treated her. One thing they both made sure to never mention to his sister was the fact that they ever dated otherwise that would make thing awkward for them all because how would you feel if you found out your younger brother had a thing with your boyfriend you wouldn’t right. Oh let’s not forget to mention B.I officially a ikon member and they officially debut which means yes your relationship with Chanwoo was kept a secret for quite a long time but eventually it was discovered and Chanwoo didn’t want to hide any more as year went by. Ikonic were accepting of it and loved to see you two so happy together, oh did I forget to mention you’re a solo artist of YG as will you are an actress who is loved for your great acting and talent and your caring and sweet manners. And another thing jinhwan still couldn’t be with June because one June said he wasn’t gay and another thing he loved himself way too much. But they stay as really close friends that made it look like they had a thing which secretly they did yet June refused to accept it jinhwan didn’t bother with it because he knew  his love will slowly work its way towards June. As for Yunhyeong he came to accept Bobby and B.I but he still flirted with B.I which piss bobby off but B.I would tell him to come down because their just really close friends just like (Y/N) and him are. Everything was finally going so smoothly for you and bobby and B.I just like before even better now that you and B.I actually talk a lot more. You loved how everything was becoming like the way you had always wish it to be but yours bobby and B.I happy ending was just to have its ending.


You walked with Chanwoo around the park as the rest of the member ran around like idiots. Chanwoo suddenly stop you as he turns you to face him he take a deep breath in as he leans in to kiss you the sunset was just setting which made it even more beautiful. Suddenly it becomes quiet as Chanwoo gets on one knee as he pulls out a small black box you begin to tear up as your heart begin to beat super fast. “(Y/F/N) (Y/L/N) will you be my princess and become my happy ending?” Chanwoo proposed You gasped and jolted as you become startled by all the other members shouting with joy and cheering throwing confetti. You chuckled as you nod yes with tears streaming down your cheek. Chanwoo stand up to hug you but before he knew it bobby and B.I had already started hugging you as they jump up and down hugging you tightly you chuckled as you hugged them back. “You are getting married lets go pick out your dress?” jinhwan pulls you away B.I follows along happily “Let’s get a sexy one” B.I mentions, you chuckled “Wait for me” Bobby tags along “WAIT! I just proposed guys hold the fuck up” Chanwoo shouts Everyone stops and looks at him with confuse look upon their face they had nearly forgotten he existed. You quickly rush over towards him as he lifts you up and spins you around. You smiled as you kissed him. Bobby hugged B.I when suddenly he drops to one knee and proposes to him B.I burst out laughing as he shoved his face away and walked away. Everyone started laughing as bobby got up chasing after B.I who started running away from him. jinhwan gave June a needy look but june just rolled his eyes and walk away as jinhwan Jump onto him back. You smiled as you watched as everyone were still dancing and cheering for you both while bobby was off trying to convince B.I to marry him too. It was officially your wedding day and everyone was there all the YG artists all of BigHit artists even some of SM since your good friends with some as well as Chanwoo, even block b come to crash the party. Everyone cheered so happily for you guy while Mino and taehyun patted Chanwoo back as they gave him a thumb up and hugged you. You wear a beautiful long white silky dress as the veil covers your beautiful face you back was exposed as the tail was long and wide you wear long while gloves that fit your small perfect hands. Donghyuk walked into the dressing room where you waited patiently he quickly hug you tightly as he felt so happy to see his sister officially becoming a bride.  Finally it was time for Your step father to walk you down the aisle as your mother shed tears of both joy and sadness Bobby also tearing up as B.I watched him with a what the fuck look in his face then  started clapping for you  so happily. Finally the priest ask you if you wish to be married “I do” Chanwoo response as he stared into your eyes “I do” you said back happily. Everyone stood up from their seats as they cheered with joy, shouting out both your name as bobby and B.I run to you and hug you both “So you’re going to name your first kid after me right?” bobby said “What the fuck no bobby the kid being name after me right” B.I said “Fuck you both the kids going to be name after its daddy” Chanwoo correct them both You chuckled as you agreed with chanwoo, both bobby and B.I whined as the let you go and pouted. “(Y/N) you should also carry mine and B.I kid” “Seriously bobby you need to shut up” B.I address “Seriously bobby stop talking dork” you pushed bobby away gently as you chuckled. You smiled happy as you turned and toss your bouquet everyone rush to get it but the lucky one was June who toss it back as you chuckle and toss it again B.I catch it as his eyes widen as Bobby quickly pick him. B.I start to shout as he yells no and to be put down everyone start to laugh as bobby just continued to carry him like a princess. Your wedding was quit the wedding you wouldn’t want it any other way. Love can be the most beautiful thing yet the most painful thing either way its need and wanted in your. You may hit many bumps as you drive down the road to your future, as for the word sorry it will be said and heard no matter what and apology can be the most sincere thing a person can hear yet the most lie and meaningless word just as love and hate “I’m Sorry” are the other words that you’ll continued to hear throughout your life. But no matter what you learn to forgive and forget because no matter what an apology will always just be another I’m sorry no matter what you learn to accept them no matter how much you hate it you grown to learn from it. becausing if you never let go of a of something that hurt you it’ll forever stay hurting you. “I’m sorry I ever meet you (Y/N)” B.I whisper to you as you all took a photo together “I’m sorry I ever meet you too hanbin” you chuckled “I’m sorry I’m in both of your life” Bobby butts in “Your forgiven bobby” you and B.I said in unison as you started laughing. Today you finally got your happy ending both you and bobby and B.I
sorry if the ending was rushed I kinda rush it lol but I hope you like it I have many other fanfic to write that I've been working one I hope you guys end this story. 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