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I've always had a thing for wizards. Blame it on being obsessed with the Disney movie 'Sword in the Stone' as a child, but damn, white beards and sorcery were my thing.
Are you guys into wizards too?

Then I've got to know: Who do you think would win in a good old-fashioned wizard duel - Dumbledore, Gandalf, or Merlin?

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@danidee I should right?馃榿馃榿馃榿with explosions and horse chases and automatic crossbows...I could call it Dirty Frodo and he could tell Gollum to make his day
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@danidee Indeed I was, also a huge fan of Camelot and all the jazz in general. ever read Simon Hawke's Wizard of Lovecraft Cafe series??? Merlin has got it covered
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shen 馃憣馃挄
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If it were to be a test,Gandalf would probably proclaim that the others "SHALL NOT PASS"
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Omg I've just started watching Merlin but he's the best I swear...
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