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Pairing: Jimin x Reader Word Length: 2,051 Hope you enjoy this chapter :3
(Y/N) P.O.V "How's the peppermint?" Asked an officer, the one that was with the rude asshole that threw water at me. "Does it matter?" I say sounding a little annoyed. He's probably just an ass like the other. "Hmm maybe not?" He said chuckling. I smiled a bit. "Well what's wrong officer? Changed your mind on not pressing charges on me?" He laughed. "You're pretty funny." "I get that a lot." "Also I'm not an officer. Not yet." "No wonder, I thought you looked way too young." I say scanning him up and down with my eyes. "Think so?" He says with a smile. Hoseok's P.O.V I received a call from Jimin stating that (y/n) is safe, she's apparently at the police station. He didn't give much detail after but I'm heading there. The closet police station should be near the ice cream shop, which is where we sort of separated. I hope she's okay, I wouldn't want her to be injured because of me. * * * Before walking inside the police station I wait for Jimin to arrive. I could of course just walk in on my own but she called him and she's expecting him not me. A couple minutes later I see a sweaty smiling Jimin. Is he that happy about finding (y/n) or ? Whatever, doesn't matter. "You're late." I say while placing my hand on the door's handle. "I got a little side tracked on the way here." He says while rubbing the back of his neck. "Something more important than making sure (y/n) is safe?" "No it's uhm not that!" "Sure.. " I say trying to sound a bit suspicious. "Anyway let's go on in." As we make our way in I scan the room to find (y/n), nothing. No sign of her. I walk further in and look to the right and see a guy next to (y/n). Who's he? I couldn't get a look at his face due to the fact that he's facing (y/n). I slowly walked up to them, but then there's Jimin who's now ahead of me. "Oh you're here." Says (y/n) with a smile. He ignores her comment, grabs (y/n) by the wrist and pulls her towards him. Never have I seen Jimin like this. "Let's go." He says pulling (y/n) along. I can see (y/n) struggling to get away from his grip. "What the hell Jimin?" She says still trying to break free. Jimin's P.O.V I couldn't bare to see (y/n) next to a guy that I didn't know. I couldn't help but feel a tint of jealousy. She's my best friend and no one else's! I don't mind her hanging out with the guys because I know and trust them but this guy, I don't know or trust him! I grab her wrist and pulled her towards me earning me a small glare from the guy she's next to. I may be overreacting but I don't care. "Let's go." I say while pulling her along with me. Not even sparing the guy a glance no more. "What the hell Jimin?" (y/n) says while trying to get away from my grip on her. Not even looking back at her I keep walking towards the exit. Hoseok just standing there his face showing a small amount of amusement. Outside of the police station I let go of her, (y/n) rubbing her wrist a bit. Seeing as I left a red mark I felt a bit guilty. "Can you fucking explain what's going on now?" I didn't speak nor did Hoseok. I just kept staring at her. "Hello? I'm talking to you guys!" "I'm sorry." I spoke up. "You didn't have to react like that." "What do you mean? Some random guy is just there, you kept smiling and so did he. What did you want me to do? Just stand there and do nothing?" She stays quiet and so do I. "Well I'll be leaving now and I'll let you guys talk this out." Hoseok says changing the mood a bit, he walks up to (y/n) and hugs her. "I'm glad you're okay. Had me worried for a moment." "Sorry Hobi I'll talk to you later." "Bye guys!" He says waving. I wave back at Hobi and say goodbye just like (y/n). As soon as Hobi left (y/n) continued talking. "Yes you should've done nothing. He didn't do nothing wrong. We were just talking." "Didn't look like he just wanted to talk." "Look Jimin. You had no right to pull me out of there like that." "We're best friends. Isn't that enough?" "Best friends? For a moment I thought I was something more." "Something more?" (Y/N) P.O.V "Best friends? For a moment I thought I was something more." "Something more?" Is he that dense? You're such an idiot Jimin. For a moment... I thought you actually had some sort of feelings for me. I guess I was wrong. "Look. Let's just forget this all happened. I'm not at all mad." I say a few tears threatening to come out. "(y/n)." "Really. I'm not mad or anything. So let's forget all this happened. Okay?" With that I walk away like nothing really happened. Next thing you know a couple of warm arms are around me. "I can't ignore what happened. I'm really sorry." With that I felt a small tear roll down my cheek, quickly wiping it away Jimin let's go of me. "Just forget about it stupid." I say slightly punching Jimin's arm. "Okay okay." He says while pretending to rub in arm since it's in "pain". * * * As soon as I opened my house door I was welcomed with a huge hug from my mom. Right. I was supposed to be back before she went to work. "I've been worried sick! Why wouldn't you answer my calls!" I ignored her question. "What about work?" "Is that even important right now?" "Yeah really important. You know how your boss gets when you miss a day even if you call that you're not going in." "That's my problem not yours. Look at your knee! It looks terrible and those hands! You're going to tell me everything young lady." * * * I had just finished explaining everything to my mom about what had occurred to me, except the part about Jimin basically dragging me out the police station. I plopped myself on my bed and thought of what happened at the station with Jimin. I honestly felt so stupid thinking maybe he was jealous and could possibly have feelings for me. We're just best friends and that's all that I'll be in his eyes, just a best friend. I admit I do have feelings for him but he never showed any emotions related to liking me. That's why earlier I thought he may like me but as always I was wrong. You know what, let's just stop thinking about this, it's bring my mood down. I reached in pocket hoping to find my phone but my stupid self remembered that I had lost it. What will I do now without it? I'm basically nothing without my phone! Sigh. I stared at the stack of books that happened to be stacked from largest to smallest. Are they what I think they are? No it can't! I dashed to the other side of the room, hoping not to wake my little sister. Yes, they're school books. Jesus fuck I forgot I had homework! I grabbed my laptop, opened it and started typing the final draft to an essay. I turned on the printer near the shelf and connected a cable to the computer. Before printing I checked if I had ink and paper, which luckily I did. It took me about 15 minutes to finish typing the essay, I started printing the essay but ran into a problem. The freaking printer stopped midway! I was about to pull the paper out but remembered what had happened last time. I ended up breaking it because the paper got stuck, so I opened the printer and basically ripped the paper out. Which turned out to be a bad idea. The printer never worked again until Jin came and.. Jin! How come I didn't think about him! I saved the file of my essay, opened a new tab and searched "friendtalk" which is where you can talk through video or chat with friends. It's actually pretty popular. I don't use it much, only when I need some help like right now. I quickly logged in and started a call with Jin. Hopefully he answers! I put my hands together and closed my eyes in hope that he would answer. "I didn't know I was in a church." I shot my eyes open and saw a laughing Jin. "Oh haha very funny Jin." I said trying to sound a bit annoyed. "I'm joking. What's up?" "Jinnie you know you're a good guy right? And you're really good looking! And that you love your friends. And you know that one of your friends loves you more than the others right? And that friend is me. And—" "I do know I'm a good guy. I am pretty good looking. I do love all friends. But where is all this coming from?" "IbrokemyprinteragainsoifyoucouldpleasefixitIwouldbegrateful." "Say what?" "I... Broke my printer.. Well not really. Well sorta and homeworkneedstobeprinted." "I think I've heard enough. I'll be right there." Jin said chuckling. The call ended and I waited for Jin to arrive. His house is actually pretty close to mines which is great! I'd say Jin is my second closet friend. He always knows what to say to cheer me up, always there when I need him, and definitely a good printer fixer! * * * "(y/n) Jin is here!" Yes, my mom knows Jin, how? Long story short his mom and my mom are friends. How did that happen? God knows. "Coming!" I yelled back. I right away regretted it, I had forgotten my little sister was sleeping. Luckily she didn't wake up. When anyone wakes her up she gets really grumpy but I mean who doesn't? Making my way out the room I see Jin sitting down having a conversation with my mom. "Hey Jinnie!" "Hey (y/n)." I walked over to Jin and sat next to him. As soon as I sat down my mom decided to leave. For a while me and Jin sat there without saying a word. "So.. What was my mom talking to you about?" "Oh. Uhm nothing important." He said with a small tint of blush on his cheeks. "Is that so?" I said readying my hands to attack him. "It's really not important." He says backing away, catching on to what I'm about to do. "Liar." I tackled Jin to the floor and started tickling him, he started to laugh so hard tears were forming in his eyes. Seeing him like that made me laugh myself so I stopped tickling him without knowing. "Payback!" He says while getting up and tickling me back. "Jin! S-stop oh my god!" Jin's P.O.V "Jin! S-stop oh my god!" She's way too ticklish, especially on her stomach. So there's no way I'm stopping now. I soon see a few small tears strolling down her eyes so I take that as a cue to stop. "You.. little... asshole." She says in between a few laughs. "Hey you started it." I say laughing. "It was your fault." (y/n) says while wiping her tears. I stood up and dusted myself off. "Help me get up Jinnie." (y/n) says with an innocent smile. "I don't know if I can trust you on this." "Oh come on what will I do? It's not like I have the strength right now to pull something off." "Right.." I guess she does have a point, I mean it's not like she's got the strength to do anything. I extend my arm towards her, she takes my hand and yanks. I closed my eyes prepared for the impact I was about to take. Rather than an impact I felt something.. More like someone below me. I open my eyes... And without a doubt it's (y/n) below me. Now how'd I get myself in this situation..
Thank you so much for reading! Hope you really liked the chapter. (I'll also be editing chapters 1, 2, & 3.)