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Thank You, Vingle
Before we begin, I want to clarify that I fully understand that everyone in the world has problems. Today I will be sharing something I've been going through since December with those who care. To be frank, this is very deep and detailed, yes it has to do with anime, and it also has to do with all of you. So I do ask for your time, but understand if it's not worth it.
Just so everyone knows, this is what we're working with. My name is Marshall Warren Paul III. Others know me by Attribute Master, Angelus Lapis, or Imagide online. Much like all of you, I too love anime and consider myself an otaku. Though I'm not the greatest or most dire hard, my passion for it is strong. Now that that's over, let's get down to the real problem at hand.
This was the love of my life for four years. As time goes by its true when they say people change and I guess we eventually just grew apart. The relationship ended and I personally believe it was on both sides that it failed but it is what it is. We had the world in common, including our love for anime, but when it came down to things she would say left and I would say right. Last year we went to Otakon together and from there I could tell what we had was coming to an end.
December and January seemed like an eternal hell for me myself and I. Locked within my own mind questioning myself if I'd ever find someone who'd love me again, if what happened was all my fault or a mistake, and if I could even go on. There were two things that kept me going. My best friend who was 100% there for me when not many were, and all of you here on Vingle. Though you may not have known it, I joined Vingle around the time of t break up if not a little before but it was the posts that all of you made that captivated me and kept my mind occupied and for that I thank all of you so much. Over time I realized everything happens for a reason and it was most likely for the best.
As February came around I wound up in a relationship with my first highschool girlfriend. My best friend warned me that the relationship wasn't the best idea but I had no ill intentions and had high hopes for it working, but atlas I was wrong. Realizing she had 0 interest in anime didn't bother me at first but over time I realized the relationship was far worse than the last and that I was just being used to cope from her last relationship. Half of what she told me was a lie and it was almost impossible to determine what was what, so I maturely ended things.
Happiness has flooded through me realizing a break from relationships would be the best thing for me for now and that I should just relax and try to get through life. Especially at this time in ones life. As much as I hate to admit it I am an adult, and I need to make some progress in my life. My problem with myself is my minor anxiety. I can't get the thought of "never being able to find a beautiful girl who will love me for me and preferably enjoy anime" out of my head. But life is a mysterious fickle thing and who knows what's in store for any of us. This brings us to the end of the story. Thank you for listening if you made it this far, and thank you for being vinglers. I have over 300 images saved on my phone from this app that I wouldn't have if it weren't for any of you. To express my appreciation I'll repost my 10 most favorite.
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@KurosakiJess @ZephyrBlaze @hikaymm Thank you to all of you for being so kind and understanding
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@Imagide I've been through this recently but my crush was 10 years and she finally drifted away from me. I confessed to her finally and she turned me down. I was depressed and like you I turned to vingle. since I joined vingle I've change from worse to better. I'm a more caring person and I love helping people. my kik is the same as my vingle name and I'm here for you if you need to talk. don't be shy man I'm willing to listen till then. good luck
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i love ya dude. you've been through the worst of it. and the best part is that it can only get better from here. :) and one of these days we'll meet. :) I can't wait bc ur awesome and encouraging and kind and what every person should be.
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@senpaiaika oh hey you made an account XD and thanks <3
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yeah haha :) no prob ♡
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