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Monster Fancam No.1 Encore full ver. MNET MCOUNTDOWN 160623
Just sharing with you all EXo 5th win encore fan cam
sooo much happened here i couldn't hold my self from sharing it with you all
From jongin shy adorable cute solo stage to D.O and CHannyeol cheering for him
Suho oppa doing his own invented over excited moves lol
and Lay with his cool charismatic moves
they just all look sooo happy I just love them all sooo much
I hope they get more wins too because these are my special awesome lovely sweet precious nd hardworking dorks <3 <3 :D
hahhas LOVE EXO SOOO MUCH <3 <3
Thank you for always working hard for us <3
fighting EXO!!! :)
credit to its actual owners