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*June 17th, 2026: It's an early overcast morning and a light rain begins to fall on the south side of the City where we find recently promoted Lieutenant Commander Zakku and his close friend and Brother in Arms Lieutenant Ryusuke Tokogawa walking on patrol where Zakku suddenly stops and looks up at the sky, Tokogawa asks* Are you alright Zakku? *Zakku doesn't respond, Tokogawa waves his hand in Zakku's face* Hey I asked if you were feeling alright? *Zakku snaps back to reality* Huh... Yea I'm fine, it's nothing. *Suddenly Zakku's Comm Link rings out* SQUAD C TO SQUAD A, COME IN!!*Zakku answers* THIS IS SQUAD A! WHAT'S YOUR SITUATION, ROOKIE?! ROOK DO YOU COPY!?!* The Soldier Radios back* OUR LOCATION IS THE SOUTHWEST 5TH STREET!!! WE'RE.... OH SHIT, OH SHIT WHAT ARE THESE THINGS!! GET AWAY FROM ME YOU DISGUSTING BASTARDS.... ARRRRRRRGGHH!!!!* Gunshots and another Voice rings out* KEEP YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME ROOK, LET'S FALL BACK FOR N-ACKK! GET OUT OF HERE ROOK I'LL HANDLE THESE THINGS!!!* A group of Familiar Snarls and Growls come through Zakku's Comm Link, Zakku becomes Enraged as Images of the Raptors mutilating his little brother 13 years ago begin to playback in his mind* I won't let any of you get away! Not this time you Sons of Bitches!! Ryusuke!! *Zakku turns looks at his friend, Ryusuke says* Let's do it!! For old time sake! *The Two bump fists and begin making a mad dash for the Battleground, Zakku's mind* No Comrades of mine will Share the same fate as me, I will not let that happen again... *Ryusuke's mind* His facial expressions have changed, He appears to be angry at whatever sounds that came over the Comm! He's trying to keep his anger from overflowing! *Zakku glares at Ryu* Try and Keep up with me, Ryu! You're backing me up this time! Show me how much your training has paid off after all these years!!! *Ryu laughs and responds* Heh, don't have to tell me twice! *Zakku and Ryu finally appear around the corner and See Two of their comrades surrounded By a group of 8 Stage 2 Raptors, Zakku Jumps into the air and Ryu draws his Varanium Sniper Rifle and Fires a Shot Killing the first Raptor* Zakku Calls out from above* HEADS UP ROOKIES, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!* The Ground Shakes as Zakku connects with a Shockwave Fist on the Second Raptors Head smashing it, Zakku's body begins to glow Crimson, He looks up at the 6 remaining Raptors with an angry look in his eyes, The two Rookie Soldiers open their eyes* It's Them... *The second Soldier* Amazing.... the Lieutenant Commander took it down with just his bare hands!! *Ryu Calls out to the two Soldiers as He Fires another shot Killing another Raptor that was closing in on the Soldiers *FALL BACK YOU TWO!!! YOU DON'T WANT TO BE CAUGHT IN WHAT'S TO COME!!!* Zakku turns his head towards the Two Soldiers, His Eye is glowing red* Get out of here while you still can, Once you two make it to LT Tokogawa He'll escort you both to a Chopper and back to the Medical Facility! I suggest you get a move on now.*The First Soldier* Sir, What about you! *Zakku responds in a rather upset tone* I have some unfinished business with these bastards... For something that happened a long time ago, so don't even think about interfering with my fight... *Zakku's power surges as his inner rage begins to surface* GO NOW!!!!! BEFORE I LOSE WHAT LITTLE RATIONALITY I HAVE LEFT! *One Raptor breaks from the begins to chase after the Two Soldiers, Zakku hops into Action and Grabs the pursuing Raptor by its throat and slams it down on the ground* This is as far as Bastards go.... *Zakku's mind* Things will be different from now on... I won't let things end the same way it did 13 years ago...*Images of his Brother, Tears of anger fall from his eyes* I'm going to destroy all of you once and for all! COME!!!
*Zakku Rushes into the Raptor pack and draws his Pistol and Varanium K-Bar* Watch over me! Mom! Dad! Jakku! *Zakku Approaches the first Raptor, It swings it's tail, Zakku Dodges and Shoots it in the eyes, It Roars out in pain as it falls and dies* That was for murdering my Baby Brother* A second Raptor Swings it's claws at Zakku from behind, Zakku ducks under and connects with a powerful kick sending it Flying into a small business building, Zakku Yells out to the remaining Raptors* COME ON GIVE ME MORE OF A FIGHT!!! I DIDN'T SPEND 13 YEARS OF HOLDING A GRUDGE TO BE DISAPPOINTED BY THE LIKES OF YOU!!! GIVE ME ALL YOU GOT! *The Raptors don't respond, Zakku is getting irritated, He dashes in at the remaining Raptors* If you're not going to attack.... *He whips out his knife and slashes two of the Raptors* THEN I'LL TAKE THE INITIATIVE!!! SUCKS TO HAVE FAMILY TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU DOESN'T IT!?! *The 3 remaining Raptors don't respond, it's as if they are looking up at something at the top of the building, Zakku looks up* What the hell are they looking at? *Suddenly the 3 Raptors begin to Bark as they look at the top of the building, Zakku's mind* Tch... Forget this... I've had enough! *Zakku Dashes forward and slaughters the remaining Raptors*.... Worthless pieces of Filth... *Zakku suit jacket is torn, and he is covered in blood, He Radios in to Ryu in a somber tone* Situation Neutralized, Head Back to Base and Report back to the Commander.... No Casualties...*Zakku's voice begins to crack and sob, Ryu responds* Good Job today little brother...*Zakku sits on the curb near a building crying* I did it Jakku... Now you can rest in peace... and not worry anymore... You can leave the rest to me... *Up on top of the building the spirit of Jakku appears, He smiles *Thank you Big Brother... For Everything you do from here on and into the Future! I believe you will bring order and Save All of Humanity.
*A few hours pass and Zakku is in his Commanders office with Ryu, The Commander has happy expression on his face* Job Well Done Lieutenant Commander Jēmezu and LT Tokogawa! Due to your acts of Courage the South Side of Tokyo will Rest easy at night! Your acts of Valor never go unnoticed! *Ryu Salutes* Thank you Sir We will continue to do our very best to win this War! *Commander Takahashi turns to a rather solemn looking Zakku* You know your Father, the Admiral would be very proud of you, You've saved the lives of our comrades and thousands of people! I expect nothing less from The Militia Marine Strongest Bionic Soldier! *Zakku Looks up but doesn't respond, Commander Takahashi motions to Ryu* You're free to go... It would seem that the LT Commander has something he wants to talk about alone. *Ryu exits out the door* I'll be out waitin for ya, Bro. *Zakku nods as the door closes, He looks at Commander Takahashi* I had a run in with the same Gastrea that took my little brother from me 13 years ago... *Commander Takahashi asks* What was your little brother like? *Zakku replies with a small smile* Jakku was a cute, kind, and caring kid... He was very outgoing and always loved going to the park with me and play with Chitoge and I... He... He was... taken too early... by those Monsters... *Commander Takahashi walks over to Zakku and puts a Hand on his shoulder* It's alright, Son you don't have to tell me anything else... *Zakku Wipes his eyes, and looks at the Commander with a serious tone* I'm going to put a stop to this war, I'm going to protect my family and everyone in the City from Everything and Anything! *Zakku walks out the and sees His friend Ryu, Ryu says* I'll fight with you to till the day I die! *He holds out his fist, Zakku and Ryu Bump fists* Hey its your turn to Buy Lunch. Let's hurry before we hit the Lunch Rush! *Ryu laughs and responds* You got it! *They both exit the building and head out into a Busy downtown Tokyo District*
(Here's the New Intro to the new Arc I hope you guys enjoy it, it's from Black Cat) I hope you guys enjoy this Chapter!! Zakku Has finally overcome his Demons of his past and Now He, along Ryu are looking for a way to Finish the Great Gastrea War! What New Encounters Awaits Zakku and His Family!! You can Find out next time on THE BIONIC MAGIC KING! @Aimebolanos @tylor619cruz @SAMURXAI @SimoneSanders @NeckoNecko @DesiphirXIII @littlemaryk @DestinyAgnew @simplynick @Boinx @ZephyrBlaze @SimplyAwkward
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He had Silver hair and Gray eyes😆 he Looked just like me😆
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