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It's getting hot in "hair." Wedding season is picking up again and will not slow down unit until after 3 months. July is also a popular month for brides to tie the knot, so it's a good time to just cover some of the gorgeous trends this year. The make the card easier to search for I'll be splitting it into three series (long hair, mid-length hair and short hair).

Glamorous Thick Curls

Having a wedding at the beach? Go for large bouncy curls. While beach waves looks lovely on the beach you want to look polish for your big day. If you have thick hair, try adding an embellish clip or pin to keep the hair off your face.

Loose Braid

Who doesn't love braids? Long hair is perfect for the boho chic style. You can make it edgy or keep it elegant. The best way to go about braids is to give it extra texture and volume from teasing.

Half Up Half Down

This is the biggest trend this year even and we see non-brides working this hairdo in festivals. To keep it classy, ensure the top is slightly volumed to add femininity and elegance.