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*V: smacks Baek's butt (congratulating)
Baek :*shakes hand* After: *Tae leaves and mingles w/ other peeps but comes back to Baek again*
Look what he does again 馃槀 * smacks butt*
Poor Baek feels harassed lol jk Can you blame V? Baek gots the booty 馃崙 Maybe w/ V's help Xiumin can really become an uncle 馃槀馃槼 *漏 and credit to owners *comment if you want to be added to the Army, I GGOT7, or Sugamommas squads taglist Army @kimnam94 @mrsyookihyun @pharmgirlerin @taehyungv @khouyang @lovelikematoi @chelseagarcia
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@senia lol XD
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v just addicted to the booty.... I understand
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馃槼馃槺馃樀馃憖The stages of my looking at these photos.
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@callmemsdragon lol me too
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@KimJigum It's my two main biases from both groups together!
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