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Smut Swearing Rate Mature Angst Comedy BoyxBoy Requested by @FridaOsorio


BTS members Can someone really make Jimin heart go crazy? or was it all just a dream? but what happens when the boy appear again before him and this time he doesn't give him the same vibe as before. has his calm world just became chaotic? enter at your on wish xP
  I remember it clearly, the day I first laid eyes on him. He was dozing off on the bus while listening to music. He look so peaceful while he slept, I never seen anyone as beautiful as him. Ah... how I wished I could have caressed his soft gentle face. He had such white milky skin and such Cherry glossy lips; plump and perfect shaped to fit his face structure. His silky brown lively hair, anyone would be jealous of his beauty. I wish I had the courage to have talked to him that day, to have been able to kiss those lips of his. But I couldn't because if I did he would have woken up from his peaceful dream. It must have been a wonderful dream for him to even smile a bit while he was sleeping.  My name is Jimin, I've have this secret that I wish to tell you, a secret you must promise never to reveal. I'm in love with a boy Name Jungkook he quite younger than me. I met him on the bus everyday on my way home. He seems to be coming from school, by the look of his uniform he was a high school student, in his senior year. My favorite thing about him was his almond shape eyes and that smile he always seem to hide. I never felt this way towards anybody, these feeling were new to Me. my heart beat would speed up, my chest felt tight, my stomach felt Tingly and for some reason my mind would never stop thinking about him. I guess it's what you call love at first sight, I never believe in such a cliché thing until I laid eyes on him. Nobody else but him could make me go insane if I didn't get to see him for at least a day.  "Nobody but you, could ever make me feel like I’m flying"  "What?" Jungkook opened his eyes slowly and looked at me.  I didn't realize I had said that out loud, damn I think I've been caught. I swear I thought he was sleeping. "Ahjussi, you've been staring at me for quite a long time already, could it be that you have fall for me," He said with such innocent eyes. Boy this kid was smart "Wait... Ahjussi I'm not that old" I remarked. "Ah, mianhae (sorry)... Hyung," Jungkook smirked. I never realized such devilish eyes he had until now.  "Hyung don't fall for me otherwise you'll get hurt" Jungkook pouts. Get hurt? I wasn’t sure what he meant, but by the look of his expression he was serious about it. I watched as Jungkook got off the bus, suddenly Jungkook gave off such an uncomfortable vibe, has my angel removed his mask and showed his true form? Or was I just fooled by cupid arrow? Whatever it was I don’t think I can escape it now that I’m in so deep. Narrator pov. Since that day Jungkook began to stop riding the bus home lately, Jimin begin to feel sadden as days went by he felt like it might have been his fault that Jungkook started to ride the bus less. Maybe he scared him off? Or maybe Jungkook was gross out by Jimin? Or maybe he was all part of Jimin imagination. Either way Jimin ponder everyday about Jungkook he wonder if he’ll ever lay eyes on him again or if their path will ever cross again. Jimin knew it was pointless to worry about stupid thing such as love. Jimin had more important things to worry about now that he’s an official trainee under a Bighit entrainment. Jimin told himself it was better this way he shouldn’t get involve with a high school student especially if he wishes to become an idol one day. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be maybe it was just a stupid little thing Jimin heart was feeling, maybe he was just feeling lonely and wanted to find someone who could comfort him and his loneliness. Maybe it was all just a dream a very vivid dream, Jimin look out the bus window where he spotted Jungkook standing beside two other guys one had his arm wrap around his waist while the other over his shoulder. Jimin could feel his heart breaking. Jungkook was right… Jimin shouldn’t have fallen for him because now his hearts in so much pain… 

One year later

Monday morning. “Aish!! YAH!” a pale skin boy with a half awake look on his face shouted. “Suga! You need to wake up already!” Namjoon demanded as he pulled Suga from his feet. Suga grab onto the bars of the headboard of the bed as Namjoon flopped down onto his butt and pushed his feet’s against the footing of the bed, while still holding onto Suga ankles. Namjoon pulled using all his strength to try to get Suga out of bed but gave up as he let go of Suga and he took in a deep breath and stood up stomping both feet’s onto the ground. “That is it! I’m done being mister nice guy” Namjoon huffed as he rolled up his selves and pounce onto Suga. Namjoon pinched both side of Suga cheeks gripping onto them tightly. “Ow! Ow! Okay! Okay!” Suga whined. “Get up I’m not playing anymore!” Namjoon ordered as he let go of Suga cheeks leaving them rosy pink. Meanwhile in the living room were V, Jhope, Jimin and Jin waited patiently for Namjoon to turn with Suga to tell everyone the big announcement he had. Suga walked into the room with a blanket wrapped around him and over his head like a hoodie. He galumphed over to Jin on the couch as he snuggled into his arms. “Eomma, Appa was hurting me again!” Suga whined sarcastically. Jin chuckled as he gently nudge Suga, pushing him towards Jimin side, Suga shrugged as he laid himself comfortable, his head onto Jimin lap as Jimin stroked his hair gently while Suga rested his legs upon Jin lap. Namjoon sighed in exhaustion as he raked his hair back while Suga stuck out his tongue at him. “Yah! If you listen and got out of bed when I told you I wouldn’t have had to pinch your cheeks” Namjoon shouted as he slaps Suga legs off of Jin. “If you did it nicely maybe I would have gotten up” Suga talked back. “ANYWAYS! You had something to tell us?” Jin cut them off as he pulls Namjoon down to sit in between him and V. “We don’t fit Jin” V complain “Okay then move” Jin scoots V off the couch. “Anyways!” Namjoon stand back up as he claps his hand together. “As you all know we’ve been told that there will maybe be one more member joining us” Namjoon explained. “Why? We’re fine the way it is now” V blurts out “I have to agree with V on this one, I don’t really think we need another member.” Jimin said. “Meh… it’s 50/50 with me so yeah” Jhope shrugged his shoulders as he lean back “We already don’t fit in this couch and this small dorm do we really need another guy to make it even more crowded” Suga complains “Do you know how old is he?” Jin asked “Um what I overheard he younger then V and Jimin” Namjoon guess “Oh great as if it isn’t loud enough with V and Jimin oh and let’s not exclude Jhope now we getting a baby to join us that’s just perfect” Suga said as he sat up. Jhope jump over Jimin and punch Suga on the arm, Suga shouted and jump over Jimin next as he tackled Jhope and wrapped his cover over him. Jhope wiggled around as he tried to push Suga off of him. Jin goes over to them and grabs Suga by the ear and drags him back to his seat and signals Namjoon to continue. Namjoon starts explain why the manger had decided on adding another member and how it might help improve the group a lot more. The other members grunted and whine and complain while Jin back up Namjoon decision one hundred percent. Suga ask why would Jin agree on this sudden change, Jin explain that he felt Namjoon would only agree on this if he knew it would help the group a lot more. Jhope pause and thought for a moment and started to agree V just nod his head following whatever Jhope said. Suga stood up and stomp his foot onto the ground as he cross his arm in front of him and just as he was about to complain again a suddenly a knock on the door was heard.  Everyone stayed quiet as they turn to looks at the door; the room became silent and tenses each member glancing at one another.  Once again another knock was heard from the front door Suga nudge Jimin, pushing him off the couch and onto his feet.  Jimin falls to his knees; he quickly stood up and runs towards Jhope, pulling him onto his feet too. Jhope pokes V on his side, startling him V Jumps up a bit and then stand up as he nudges Namjoon and look at Jin who just sat there calmly. Another knock was heard on the door starling V Jhope Jimin and Suga causing them to run behind Namjoon and try to hide. Namjoon stretches the back of his head then started to approach the front door, Everyone huddles up close each other as they started to intensely look at Namjoon  who walked up to the front door and slowly started to turn the knob. “Is it the manger? Are we in trouble? Is it a crazy fan again?” V asked in a whisper “What fans? You don’t have any fans” Suga nudges V “And why would we be in trouble? What did you do this time?” Jhope asked V “Nothing…” V responds suspiciously “Seriously what did you do V?” Jin stood up as he walked over to V In that moment Namjoon opens the front door as everyone was to focus on V and trying to figure out what he did wrong. Namjoon welcome the young boy with dark brown hair and dark eyes as he entered the dorm. Namjoon scanned the boy as he looked like he hadn’t been sleeping for days and by the look of his skin this kid must have never left his house or room because he was pale, like super white.  Namjoon cleared his throat causing all the boys to stop their burking and turn to look at him. Jimin eyes wide as his jaw drop open he couldn’t believe his eyes. “Guys let welcome our new member” Namjoon said “Hello I’m jungkook nice to meet you all” Jungkook bowed as he glance over at Jimin he remember that face anywhere Jimin gulps as he notice the way jungkook and the way he stared straight at him he felt a weird vibe out of him. Today will be the day everything that was once so calming will soon become chaotic. Meanwhile V eyes were drawn to the young boy who had such devilish eyes and such an alluring smile, did V heart just skip a beat or was he just losing his mind. Jungkook notice the way V started so intensely at him jimin notice to the way V seem so amazed by jungkook he didn’t like it one bit, jimin glare at V as V notice the way jungkook stared at jimin causing him it feel a bit uneasy towards him. It seem as a love triangle was just created and it seem someone was actually quite fond of it. “Will this is going to be fun” jungkook whisper under his breath with a smirk upon his face. 
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wow a love triangle and v my bias is in oh yeah *eats popcorn*😍😍😍this is going to be great
@VIPFreak2NE1 lol xD I still need to work on the next chapter lol
well damn. the tension just got real😨omg I'm not ready😖
@twistedPuppy yea lol sorry for not making sense
@BetseyBleau will I hope you lookforward to the rest
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