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*Dakota hops from tree to tree* Dakota:Yahoooo! Oi! Natalyn you should try doing this!*stops on a branch and looks down at Natalyn* Natalyn: *pant pant* I hate it when you go up in the trees like this! I love running but chasing after my little sister is quite exhausting....*sits beneath the tree Dakota's perched on* What are you a bird now? *giggle* Dakota: Hey! I'm not a bird! I'm a wolf! *climbs down the tree and lands next to Natalyn* Could you at least appreciate that we made it to our destination? *points in an open area*
Natalyn: *sigh* I wish the gardeners kept our house cleaner... *hops down and turns into a wolf to get down easier* Dakota: Hey no fair *runs and jumps into the air also transforming*
Dakota: *growls, stops at the door of their house* I heard something... Natalyn: *puffs out air* I'm sure it's just a squirrel or a deer...
Dakota: It's not I can smell someone... *slowly approaches the rustling bush*
Natalyn: Dakota! *walks behind her* What is it that it's so important here that you aren't coming in?
*Faith comes out of the bushes* Faith: *whimpers, scratched* Ow ow ow! That was one hell of a fight! Natalyn: *sigh* It's only Faith Dakota *walks to the door steps* C'mon Kota let's head inside... Faith: *walks beside Natalyn* What's up Nat? How was the exploration? Dakota: *runs to the door step* What's up with you Faith you look beat... And what fight did you get into this time? *opens door* Natalyn: You are our cousin which means we are your family tell us Faith *walks inside*
Faith: *sigh, walks in after Nat* I got ambushed by Jasper, Ashton's younger brother... I don't understand why he's got a grudge against my kingdom but Ashton doesn't... Those two may be brother but they 're so different... Dakota: Right I forgot about that...Hmm as the Princess of Tsumboki do you want me to talk with them? Natalyn: Ahem! I think I should be doing that... I am the Queen... You may be my sister and royalty but I am in higher command... Dakota: So? I'm the Princess I still have command of our guards... *turns back into a human* Natalyn: *does the same* Faith: *also does back to human form*
Dakota: We need Doctor Kendal! Dr.Kendal: Yes Princess how may I help you? Dakota: *shoves Faith in front of me* Faith: Hey! What are you!? Dakota: Take her to the medical room and tend to her wounds please. Dr.Kendal: Yes M'lady *faces Faith* Please follow me to the medical room. Faith: Ok *follows*
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Well did you enjoy the first chapter?
I hope you did! I'll be writing more soon!
See you in the next card!
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@BlackoutZJ I AM your daughter sometime if the parent and child bond is strong enough they think a like
@NeckoNecko Ha Yea that's true it's a good story Akiza-chan😆
i enjoyed it👍
@BlackoutZJ thanks dad
@DevilsSon Glad you did