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Do you have a parent that's been trolling you since long before the internet was even invented?

My dad used to give me coal for Christmas, wait for me to open it and get a huge laugh at my "WTF DAD!!" reaction, and then casually steal the coal back so he can rewrap it and give it to me again the next year. You have no idea how many consecutive Christmases I was being given the SAME EXACT BAG OF COAL just so he could laugh for 30 seconds.
@danidee pops likes to throw dead roaches at people
My dad loves to troll. And then, he passed that troll gene to my middle sister, which, was the biggest troll of all! If there isn't Vaseline on all the door knobs and toilet seats, then I'm seeing face swapped pictures of me and other family memebers on gorillas and other ugly beasts on Facebook. Lol, but its not in a mean way, since only close friends and family can see. But still...
@YumiMiyazaki LMAO FACESWAPS. That's so mean. I remember when my Dad had Facebook, he was a huge troll too. Every time I made a FB status, he would say something sarcastic to make fun of what I said.
lol that's so screwed up
my dad hasn't done it to me recently lol but whenever a family member leaves there phone out or Facebook open on the computer he loves to make believable Facebook posts lol whether it's hey I'm pregnant and such haha
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