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Can You Name Korean Cities?

If you're learning Korean, chances are you're interested in visiting, living in, or studying in Korea at some point in your life.

While most people know of Seoul, how many other Korean cities do you know?

Here are two to start you off:

부산 (Busan)

대구 (Daegu)

Can you name more!?

수원 (Suwon) 인천 (Incheon) 대천 (Daejeon) 울산 (Ulsan) 광주 (Gwangju) 원주 (Wonju) and many more lol
Seoul, Incheon, Busan, Icheon, and Daegu
일산 대구 부산 인천 and 서울 are the ones i can name from the top of my head!!
Ilsan, Masan, Namji, Gimpo
some i know by memory are...itaewon, pohang, incheon, ulsan
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