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You guys can't tell me that he is so fucking cute?! Personally, One of my favorite photos of him <3 <3 <3 <3 You guys I'm in love I swear to lord~~~ Anyways hope you all like it :D Comment if you want to be tagged to part 12
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*Just in case you all are confused* *PREVIOUSLY*
"My thoughts were intruded. I snapped back into reality as I walked out of the room. I motioned Yoongi Hyung as he nods. He quietly comes over to me as I shut the door behind him.
I began to fall on my knees in guilt,
"Hyung! It's all my fault!" I cried, "I was the one who caused her anxiety!"
"Woah Woah Woah~ Calm down Kookie, Tell me everything."
I continued as my eyes felt grieved, "Well....You know how she is still with Taehyung, She loves him! That's a undeniable fact. But....You may not know this but...Hoseok Hyung is in love with (Y/N)...He has been even before they were together....He confessed to her not long ago...And she messed with his feelings and still had the nerve to go back to V Hyung...I was angry with her...She needs to wake up from LaLa land and pay attention to the real world. So I asked her who she loves more, Hoseok or Taehyung? She started to gasp for air and was turning purple. I never thought it would end like that...I just regret everything...I wish I can just apologize to her..." *PRESENT* *KOOKIE POV* I looked up at Yoongi Hyung; He seemed dumbfounded of what I just have told him. "She went back to V?" He angrily asks. I nod unfortunately. I see him go walk back into the waiting room as I try to stop him. "Wait Hyung~ What are you gonna do?" I concerned. "I'm gonna teach that boy a lesson." He grieved. I just simply follow him. I was terrified. What if he beats him up?! He and I walk into the room to find ourselves looking at V, taking care of (Y/N). She is still unconscious. He holds her hand as he tears up quite a bit. All the other members are nowhere to be found. I was quite feared a bit. Until he starts to speak to himself.
"What did I do for you to end up here? You don't deserve this.. I am very sorry for everything that has occurred lately. It was never anything I could possibly imagine happening. I regret and learned from the decisions I have made. I'm sorry if I came off as scary or protective towards you. I just love you so much. I wish I could go back in time to stop myself for ever harming Jungkook in the first place... If I wasn't so cruel at the moment we could have been off getting married or something beautiful.. I know you can't hear or see me cry but-" He starts to sob a little. Yoongi hyung immediately comforts him without any sort of hesitation.
"Hyung?" Taehyung cries. Yoongi just sits there holding him while humming like as if he were his son. I heard little groans coming from (Y/N). I check on her. She has woken up. "Jun-Jungkook? Wha-What happened?" She asked. I gave her the biggest hug with tears. And I'm awkward with girls. "I am so sorry for putting you here." I cried. I pulled back to see her face. She seemed a little off; confused maybe. "You had a little panic attack." I told her. She stops moving. "I remember now~ You asked me who I loved more!! Hoseok or Taehyung." I nodded. She frowns a little. "What's wrong?" She sighs, then whispers to me, "I know it seems like I was using Hoseok or something but... I do love him but I also love Taehyunggie. It's so confusing but- I don't know if I want to even talk about it.." She says. "C'mon.. Just tell me please.. With a Kookie on T.O.P.?" { I had too xD} "Okay.." She sighs. She takes a deep breath before starting her sentence, " Okay.. I'm not suppose to tell anyone but- -For the past month, Taehyung has.. been abusing me..." I was in complete shock. V Hyung~ An abuser? "Emotionally or Physically?" "I can't say Physically he only has slapped my arm and pinched my thigh.. But Emotionally... It all started a month before you were I guess harmed by Taehyung. No one knows this actually... I am scared for his consequences but here it goes. It was a Tuesday night. We were walking back to his house after a date. He picked me up cutely and like threw me onto the couch. I'm sorry to scar your ears and your imagination.. But I believe that he was horny that night.. He tried to get it on with me. I told him no numerous times but he wouldn't take no for an answer. He kept bringing me down on how I was a bit bigger then him.. He described me as a bean bag pillow that he could rest on. I know this doesn't seem like emotional abuse but he has said worse. I don't want him to get in trouble nor do I want to visit the past." I was stunned. How could V Hyung be so cruel? Especially to someone he loves and that loves him back?! I held onto her arm to made sure she was alright. " I am so sorry. You know... It may not seem like emotional abuse but.. has he ever embarrassed you in front of someone?" She nods. "Has he ever brought you down?" She nods yes once again. "Has he ever made you feel like he is always right?" "Yes.." She sighs. "Then you are being emotionally abused." I corrected. *YOUR POV* You felt a sudden chronic pain in your stomach. You didn't what to do at that time's moment. You thought to yourself, 'What would Taehyung do if he finds out? Would he hurt Jungkook again?' Suddenly, Snapped back into reality; Jungkook asks you a question.
"So, since he is by law an emotional abuser, Are you going to leave him?" You paused. It felt as somehow time has stopped, Thoughts have been shut down. You couldn't just break it off with Taehyung; But can't leave Hoseok. "I don't know... I have to think about it." You stuttered. "Where did the members go?" You asked. "No idea... It's just me, Yoongi and Taehyung." You pull out your phone. You scrolled through the contacts to find Hoseok. You texted him, "Hey where are you? We need to talk." He doesn't respond. You try to call him but nothing worked. The thought of feeling being forgotten has surfaced. You heard a ring in your ear. You checked your phone. It was Hoseok! You picked up, "Oppa! Where are you?" "Look... I can't talk much right now.. Just meet me later at the dorms. I'll see you later." He hangs up. You felt your heart tore apart. Even though he hasn't done anything wrong. You just felt empty inside. Like the feeling when no one laughs at your jokes, Don't you get the feeling of being empty and felt stupid? The door knob starts to make a few sudden noises. You look to see Taehyung and Yoongi walk through the door. Taehyung holds your hand as he asks you, "Hey Beautiful how are you doing?" You shrugged. "I'm okay. Did you eat at all today Oppa?" "Yes I did." He smiled. "Are you okay Yoongi?" You asked him. He nods with his signature judging like face. "So (Y/N)... Isn't there something you want to tell Taehyung?" Jungkook reminded. You look over at him, staring into your eyes. "Taehyung... You know how much I love you so much and I will always have you in my heart but there is something we need too talk about." "Sure what's up?" He blushed. "Well uhh..." You stopped. "Can you guys give us a moment?" You politely asked. Yoongi and Jungkook both smile and walked on out into the waiting room of the hospital. "So.. All the things that had happened lately as affected us dramatically and while we weren't in contact... I umm... I don't know how to say this without hurting you but hear it goes... I hooked up with Hoseok and he confessed his love to me and I think I really like him for awhile... I am so sorry!! If you don't want to see me again it's alright!" Taehyung sits there with no emotion. "Umm excuse me." He says. He walks out of the room with no sound. Jungkook soon walks in with a shriek. "How did he handle it?" "Umm I'm not sure.." You muttered. "At least you did it and I am proud of you." He says as he smiles. "Yeah..." You frowned.
"You okay?" He asks. "I need to tell Hoseok about everything and I am very worried on what is going to happen to them." "Well.. Whatever happens I'll be here with my hyungs and we will be by your side to comfort you throughout the journey." "Thank you Kookie~" You blushed. He smiles back at you with a pride glow. Suddenly there was a scream. Jungkook looks around as the door handle starts to jingle... The door opened to be a bloody nose plus a black eyed Hoseok... "Oppa!" I shrieked as I hugged him. "What happened?!" "He hap-happened." He stutters. You look out through the door to see Taehyung angry. His fists clenched, Teeth grinning back and forth. "I am sorry..." He whispers.
First I want to say.. No one in this world deserves to be physically or emotionally abused by anyone!! If you know you are or know someone who is then contact someone! Let that person know! I fear this type of situation everyday. I love you all so take care be healthy~ Stay strong~ You all are perfect~ And I hope you liked the story <3
馃槩馃槩馃槩...No words anymore... just tears...馃槶馃槶馃槶
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