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Hello helloo~ Welcome to the unraveling of Foreign Flower's third petal, Tae-Yang! Let's all enjoy the sun on this lovely journey! ;D Who is ready to get swept away by this lovely man? ;) [Recap]~ Here is the Season 2 premiere in case you're wanting to go back and read the previous two petals that are completed! And here is Taeyang's first episode in case you missed it too! > Episode 1 Without further adieu, let's get started! :D *bows*
Episode 2~ “It's okay, oppa. Just say what comes to mind.” You offer a kind smile regardless of the roaring beasts in your stomach. He chuckles nervously, “Would you mind dog sitting for me?” Your heart crashes to a stop. <<What?>> "I have to go to Japan for BIGBANG's promotion for a couple of weeks and my dog, Homie, I've always had my brother take care of him while I am away but he's out of the country with my parents so I have no one to dog sit Homie while I'm gone. Could you-” His cheeks blush darker while he shifted his gaze from side to side before flickering them back to you. “Could you watch Homie while I'm away?” <<Are you kidding me?>> “Of course.” His eyes instantly start to smile, “Thank you, thank you so much. You have no idea what this means to me.” You force yourself to return his smile. “I'll call you later tonight and pick you up so I can give you a quick tour of my place before I leave.” Your heart jumps to life again, “When do you leave?” He takes a sip of his coffee and licks his lips afterwards, “Tomorrow afternoon. We can go over the details later tonight if you'd like.” Your fingers coil around the paper cups, “Okay, sound good.” You pick up the cup and gently blow the steam away then bring it to your lips, closing your eyes for a split second to savor the taste. “.....pretty.....” Swallowing quickly and clearing your throat immediately after, you glance up at Tae-Yang while setting the cup down. “Come again?” Tae-Yang smiles shyly and looks away, “I uh-” His phone begins to ring with the intro of Crayon. He pulls out his phone and stands up, “It's Ji-Yong. I have to take this but um, tonight, I'll see you?” You nod and produce a small smile, “I'll be waiting.” He smiles with his eyes once more then bows goodbye, leaving your office with the door closing gently behind him. Giving in to gravity, you slouch in your chair and bury your face in your hands, releasing a long and heavy sigh. <<I'm so stupid. How could I ever imagine that man to randomly walk up to someone like me and straight out confess his feelings? Ughh! I got all hyped up just for dog sitting!>> You lean forth and rest your burning face on the cool wooden surfaces of your desk. “Well, at least he thought of me, right? Even went out of his way to bring me a tea and all....” For the rest of the day, your brain replays the conversation in your head. When you arrive home, you throw on a change of clothes and look through the refrigerator for something worthy of dealing with your hunger. You lean against the small kitchen island, mindlessly shoving pasta into your mouth. The phone rings halfway through the meal, making you jump in surprise and immediately reach for your phone to answer.
“Hello?” Your say sharply. <<Damnit. Breathe girl, breathe.>> “Ah, hello. Sorry, is this a bad time?” Tae-Yang's voice flowed through your head. “No no, I'm just finishing up dinner.” “Oh.” He stays quiet for a few seconds over the phone, then clears his throat. “Um, are you still willing to watch over Homie for me?” “Yes, of course. I've been waiting for your call.” <<More like I've been distracted with you in my head all day.>> His soft chuckle causes shivers to run down your spine. “Okay, I'm on my way. I'll see you soon.” The smile in his voice infects your own muscles with a smile too. “Okay, I'll be here.” The line cuts off. You set your phone down and stare at the blank screen, paying no attention to the dorky smile that had taken over your face. <<Better than nothing, right?>> You finish dinner and wash the dishes, then march into your room to grab a pair of sneakers. A gentle knock on your door accelerates the beating of your heart. You look through the peep hole and see Tae-Yang standing on the other side with his hands in his pockets, looking away from the door. “Hey.” You say as you open the door. “Hey.” He responds, eyes smiling brightly. “Ready to go?” With a single nod then a glance back to double check that the door was locked, you follow him out to the curb. Tae-Yang grins at you then walks ahead and opens the car door. You dip your head as a thank you and climb in. Tae-Yang closes the door then hurries to the driver’s side to get in and start the car. The ride to his house was full of multiple roads and turns, making it a lengthy drive but the soft R&B that poured out of the speakers helped set a comfortable mood around the silence. You stare out the window, catching the bright Seoul lights, awing in the safety of your head. <<I don't think I've ever seen this part of Seoul before..... maybe I should get out more. Or maybe I should buy a car to help me get out more. Walking can only do so much.>> He pulls into a small garage then jumps out of his side and hurries to open your door again. “I live pretty far from YG so I hope you don't mind traveling.” He says, guiding you out of the garage and up the stairs to his apartment. “It's okay, I'll figure out the bus routine to get up here and back.” He opens the door slowly and flicks on the lights, out of nowhere, small taps on the hardwood floors begins to echo throughout the apartment, inching closer and closer until a wrinkly dog appears and runs to Tae-Yang. Tae-Yang picks up the dog and greets him with a scratch under the flappy ear. He turns to you and beams, “This is Homie.” You grin and wave at the wrinkly dog. “Hi Homie.” Homie wiggles in Tae-Yang's arms, making Tae-Yang put him down. You watch as Homie trots over to the dining table and hides behind a chair. Tae-Yang chuckles, “You'll have to excuse him, he gets shy around girls.” You giggle. <<Like owner like dog.>> Tae-Yang shows you around his place, going over where things were stored, where the spare key was located, and even pulling out a few of Homie's favorite toys. “....and the bathroom is just one more door to your right from here.” “Got it.” He opens a door and switches the lights on. “And this is where you'll be staying. My brother had a few things laying around from his last visit but I just put those in a box and shoved it in the back of the closet, so everything should be cleared out for you.” You blink twice, “What?” Tae-Yang turns to you, “What?” “You said this is where I would be staying, right?” He nods, “I tried to clean it out as much as I could in the little time that I had. I'm sorry.” “I don't understand oppa. Why am I staying here? I thought I'd just be checking up on Homie?” “Aishh.” Tae-Yang lowers his head and licks his lips. “I'm so sorry. When I asked you to dog sit, I thought you caught on that house-sitting was included.” Your eyebrows shoot up in surprise. “H-house-sitting?” He sighs deeply and looks up, “I really am sorry. I should have clarified myself earlier today when I asked you for this favor. It's okay if you can't do it, I know I'm asking for a lot and-” “Oppa,” you interrupt him. “It's okay, I can do it. Just kinda caught me off guard.” <<For the third time today if I do say so myself.>> He smiles, “Thank you. I promise to make up for it when I return. I owe you big time for this.” A smile sprouts across your face. “It's okay, no need to worry about it.” He finishes showing you the rest of the apartment then quickly says goodbye to Homie before following you out of the door and back down to the garage. “I'll drive to YG so I can tell you how to get there from my place without getting lost or stuck in traffic,” He says after climbing in. “Are you sure? I think I should look up the bus routes instead-” “Bus routes? Why would you do that? I'm leaving you my car here too. That way it's easier for you to navigate around and it won't put you in dangerous situations.” “Oppa, it's okay, I've been getting around pretty well without a car.” You reply. His voice softens, “Still, it wouldn't be gentlemen-like if I let you walk around like that knowing my car keys are only collecting dust. Please, use my car as well.” You sigh, “Okay fine, but only to work and back.” His lips twitch into a small grin. You mentally make note of the route he explains and the tips for dodging the traffic build up. Avoiding the highway, choosing the back streets, remembering certain landmarks along the way. After making it to YG, Tae-Yang drives you home and walks you out to your doorstep. He stands there with you, smiling shyly in silence until he licks his lips and shifts his gaze to the main door. “Don't you ever feel lonely? Living alone like this?” Your face pulls up half of your lips for a half smile. “Occasionally, but it's okay. I have you and the other members to keep me company from time to time. Not to mention all the great people I've met at work.” “But it's kind of dangerous for a pretty girl like you to live all alone though.” You giggle, “Nothing has happened to me thus far, so it's okay. I'm careful.” Tae-Yang looks at you and smiles shyly, “I guess you're right. I'll let you go, I have to return and finish packing. Thank you for doing this for me.” You bow goodbye and watch him walk back to his car and drive away. You head inside and close the door tightly, then head into your room and grab a small suitcase to take to Tae-Yang's house. After packing, you turn off all the lights and crawl into bed, remembering the details of his apartment as you fall asleep.
You spend all morning the next day distracted with the thoughts of living in Tae-Yang's apartment. When you leave work, you catch the bus up to Tae-Yang's place and grab the spare key he left hidden for you underneath a small pot. Once inside his house, you greet the shy Homie underneath the dining table. You grab Tae-Yang's car keys and descend down to the garage, jumping in the car to go fetch your suitcase from your house. After moving back and forth and setting up the guest bedroom, you take a seat on the floor to rest. Soft tapping echoes down the small hallway. Homie appears by the doorway and stares at you, shifting around as if to be contemplating whether or not to approach you. You smile and wave your hand at him, “Come here puppy, I won't hurt you.” Homie's ears perk up as he slowly walks to you until his nose touches your hand. He licks your fingers then takes another step to sniff you out before climbing onto your lap. You giggle, “Good boy.” Staying in Tae-Yang's apartment helped settle things into a comfortable routine. You'd wake up to Homie's soft snores, shower, kiss the puppy goodbye, go to work, come back, greet the puppy with scratches and kisses, cook dinner, and conclude your day with watching television with Homie resting on your lap. A structured routine that had filled you with an unexplained sense of happiness. You lay your head against the couch as your fingers stroke Homie's back. “Your dad is supposed to come home today. This means it'll be our last cuddle time together.” You say softly. You feel Homie's ears twitch underneath your touch, then his head shoots up and looks towards the main door. You turn your head just in time to see Tae-Yang walk through the door. Homie jumps up and runs to him. You get up off your feet and walk over to the smiling Tae-Yang, bowing your head as you welcome him back. He looks up at you and smiles shyly. Your eyes widen at the paleness of his face, “Oppa, are you okay? You look really tired.” He stands up and nods, “Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little of out it is all.” He takes a step forth then quickly stops to steady his balance. “Oppa, you need to lay down.” “No, it's fine. I just need to-” His arms reach around you, you grab him just in time to catch him as his knees gave way underneath him. You gasp, “Oppa!” Tae-Yang coughs, “Help me to my room, please.” You slip under his arm and pull him up to his feet, taking small steps until you're able to set him down gently on his bed. “I'm going to call the doctor-” “No.” He says abruptly and reaches for your hand. “Just, stay here with me...... please.”
Omo! :O (What a cute puppy! Awww! Homie! Hunting for these photos made my heart flutter<3 <3) What's wrong with Taeyang? Why won't he let you call the doctor! How is he going to get better?! :O And what about Homie!! Dx Hehehe, guess you'll have to find out in the next chapter on Thursday! ;) Tell me what you think thus far! :D I love reading comments! x3 And thank you for all your support! It truly means a lot to me<3 <3 <3 See you all soon! :3 *bows*
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Aww! I didn't know Taeyang had a dog. I'm looking forward to this story since it was Taeyang I was imagining from the beginning 😆.
u stank for ending this as a cliff hanger! 😭😝😑😆 imma get u
Aww!! Puppy!!! But what is wrong with Tae?! You can't just leave us hanging like that! Noo!! I need to know!!
homie is so fricken cute.
it's slow going for me... since I work 12 hours a day trying to find time to even pee is hard!!! girl this is good! and what happened o my son n law Yongbae!!!
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