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Good lord.. The arc I'm in right now is blowing my mind and tugging at the heart strings majorly... I don't even know..: 馃槏鉂わ笍馃槓馃槶馃挃馃槄馃槩
@KurosakiJess there are little chapters that aren't covered in the anime, but nothing major. I just started after he future arc, but went back and read the whole manga later.
im almost finished with it. sooooo gooooood
The anime leaves off on chapter 283 in the manga. You should be fine starting from there.
@KurosakiJess Its Gamma. I remember when I saw that part. BTW, just so you know, the anime doesn't cover all of the manga, so when you finish the future arc, go read the manga.
Yea, I was planning too read the manga afterwards. I have a friend that finished both forever ago and he warned me of that. Do I need to read the whole manga or just start at this arc? @AdamDean
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