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His Vapp was the cutest thing ever!!! Other than the cute outfits he tried on he also gave his two cents about his members fashion...He had either gone through their closets before doing the vapp or he was just that observant either way he had put a lot of effort in preparing it for us XD
He was soooo sweet...he complimented each member on their unique fashion instead of saying otherwise...
On the other hand you have the sassy maknae praising while simultaneously insulting Kyungsoo... Credits!
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Kyungsoo is literally me.
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does anyone no the brand baek uses
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@strawberrylover Its called Supreme
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@clandrea170 for xiumin is it nikey lol i am guessing nd thanks so much for making this lol i absolutely love love love leadernim he is the perfect sweetest leader ever and sehunnie with kyungsoo lol XD i absolutely love these boys soooooooooo muchhhh 鉂も潳馃槝馃憣馃槏馃槏馃槝馃槄馃槄
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@sherrysahar Your welcome! XD
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