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Is there a beauty blogger who haven't tried Dutch braid? I looked everywhere online and that seem to be the "IT" braid o the year. There are many variations or how people styled their hair using the Dutch braiding technique. One of them even earn its name, parting braid.
What exactly is parting braid? It's a braid style using a vertical hairline, creating a strong fashion statement.
For a minimalist statement, follow Cara Delivingne and Chiara Ferragni's trick. You can either part it to side or opt for a simple parting. There are no rules of where you want to position it.
For a a more casual style, get inspired by Australian rapper Iggy and top model Gigi Hadid's chunky parts. A chunky style is easier than to create than the delicate style above.
What do you think about this look and would you try it?
I have medium length hair. I tried the thick dutch braid down the middle and...mehhhh. It didn't look good. With my face shape, the parts should have been diagonal and I should have made the braid smaller. Lesson learned.
The only one that i like somewhat is the small braid on the side part. the others are a no.
I may try them in my spare time...