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I'm Now on Wattpad!
Hey guys, I'm now on wattpad writing a fanfic! It's a multi idol smut fanfic containing language and sexuality. [I have officially come to the dark side of fandom]
Our main character moves to Korea to continue her education at a prestigious Art school in Seoul, South Korea. While living in a guesthouse and earning her keep by working there, she befriends a language tutor who is also a dancer for YG Entertainment. MinHye finds herself job hunting and running across an ad for a "beck-and-call" for an idol group, but the entertainment group is undisclosed.
After a sexy rendezvous in a small dark space at the recording studio with one of the idols she's working for, MinHye is left confused about how to go about keeping their friendship and keeping it professional. Turns out, everyone already knows! And another sneaky suspect is about to join in the game.....
MinHye finds herself experimenting in beginners BDSM with her new lover in order to hold her composure about a scandalous mishap. When she finds herself traveling to Thailand for an "on location" filming with her new friends and family, new feelings begin to emerge and she's finding herself more loyal to one than the other.
This is happening ladies! And I've recieved good feed back from the thunder squad, thus far. So go and read it! Like it! Vote for it! Let me know what you think! COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT!
This is my first fanfic so I am eager to know what everyone else thinks. THANKS!
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@JessWang90 so many people voting for my story! I'm feeling the pressure now! 😭😭😭😭
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@KhrystinaLee Lol that's how it's gonna be Unnie 😂😂
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@JessWang90 I'm figuring that out now! 😥😥
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chapter 6 is on the way!!!
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