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Let's play a game, shuffle music

so this is the shuffle music game, do what the instruction says, just put the music on shuffle and answer the question. easy and simple but so fun!!! and so, my results!!! I die - in the club (2ne1) [haha, well I guess no clubbing for me] 2.describes your love life - it's love (Sugarman ikon cover) [ooh this works well] that will play on your wedding day - insane (ailee) 4.add "in my pants" at the end of this song. - howls moving castle [] 5. this song will play at your funeral - so beautiful (bigbang) 6.add "with a shovel and screwdriver" to this song - miss right (bts) 7. song that describes your week - doom Dada (top) 8. your theme song- reset (tigerjk) will play when you think of someone you love - don't hate me (akmu) will play when you miss someone - back in time (bii)
1. Nine in the Afternoon by Panic! At The Disco 2. To The Light by Ft Island 3. Lu by Luhan 4. Black Pearl in my pants 5. Love me right by EXO 6. Can't Nobody with a shovel and a screwdriver 7. The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls 8. Zero by BAP 9. NO by BTS 10. Shadow by Ft Island
1.) Lie by Exid 2.) Lucky One by Exo 3.) Somebody by 15& 4.) Young Forever(In my pants😂) by BTS 5.) Dont tease me by SPEED 6.) Superfly(with a shovel and screwdriver) by 24k 7.) Rhythm Ta by iKON 8.) Alphabet Boy by Melanie Martinez 9.) Perfect Man by BTS 10.) Monster by EXO
1. Lost child (Han Seo Yoon) 2. The answer (Kim Sung Kyu) 3. Good boy (Taeyang & G-Dragon) 4. You know in my pants (Jay Park) 5. Crooked (G-Dragon) 6. Gutter with a shovel and screwdriver (G-Dragon and T.O.P) 7. Only you (Sung Hoon) 8. All in (MONSTA X) 9. Sober (Bigbang) 10. My type (iKON)
I'm definitely going to be doing this. thanks for tagging me :)
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