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Sorry for not posting for a long time because I been having some REALLY busy stuff like moving from place to place and it sucked cause I couldnt post and now tat school os over and its summer!!! I will be posting regurally so pls show your support lol
what you are wearing and what he is wearing
Maybe after a day later you finally had the courage to get your lazy ass (lol sorry) up because you have been laying in bed for like a week and you know that you needed to fix this because your heart has been hurt a lot which felt a bit from the endless crying, eating and swollen eyes and just being sad but you took a long shower and after you cleaned up around the house to make it look decent and also yourself you decided to text Jungkook to see if he can come over and instantly he responded saying that he'll be over in 15 minutes which made you a bit nervous but you knew that this needed to be done and fixed so in the meantime you prepared yourself for what you wanted to say or what he was going to say ~ Exactly 15 minutes past and you were just sitting on the couch rethinking everything and when you got up to look in the mirror to see if you were fine but you still looked bad but before you could think of anything...... -KNOCK KNOCK- when you heard that your heart started beating fast but you just fixed yourself up and looked around which looks decent and went to open the door you looked through the peep hole and saw that he was leaning his head on the door and when you opend the door slowly he picked up his head but when you saw his also swollen eyes and dark circles under his eyes and he was wearing his big black hoodie and black joggers which made you think that your the reason your both like this but the onlything diffrent was that he had brusies on him "Heyy" he said wealkly with a sort of looking fake smile "can I come i-" before he can even finish what he was saying you embraced him with a hug. He hugged you back even tighter and all the feelings came rushing out but you didn't want to cry anymore. He picked you up a little bit more so he was leaning back and your feet wasnt touching the ground a bit. He then walked in further in the house so he can close the door behind him you wrap your legs around his waist still hugging him. He just held you and walked to the living room and sat on the couch with you still sitting on his lap you guys stayed like this for a while and you didn't want anything else or anyone at this moment you started to nuzzle your head into his neck and then you heard and felt him crying a little. You pushed yourself up and said what's wrong? He covered his face with his hand and slightly pushed you off to the side so he can stand up. "Why are you doing this to me you cant disappear for like a week with no contact and all of a sudden you text me to come over and for the past week i've been in my bed at least keeping contact with people and telling them I'm ok even thoe I'm not and i still fake everything do you even know how much i hated myself for the things i regret as of kissing you and for all the little signs i gave you as in giving you roses i have been crying non stop knowing that you never even knew how i feel about you and you can't just hug me like that because you dont know how many times ive imagined you being in my arms and calling you mine. why do you keep hurting me i dont deserve this or maybe i do because i fell in love with this amazing kind herted girl who i love everything about but i dont even know if she feels the same or maybe just a little. And these brusies with the sca-.... NO never mind you dont need to know about that. But when i kissed you and you ran i felt like you never wanted to see me again and that just tore me apart. I dont want to hurt anymore i just want you to be mine and for me to be yours but i know that will never happen and i just hate everyday i wake up and realize that you arent mine" He then finished as he dropped to his knees with his hand holding his chest while crying his eyes out you then started to cry too and you had no idea how much hurt he was holding inside all this time. You also went on your knees infront of him and said " Im so sorry and i know that saying sorry isnt enough so let me say how i feel and what ive been thinking so please hear me out I am so sorry for being clueless and for not knowing my feelings and im so sorry for hurting you and you dont desrve any of this pain and suffering * you then took both of his hands with yours to place it on your heart but his head was stilling looking down* I didnt mean to hurt you at all and i hate myself for hurting you and for making you feel this way but i now know how i feel about you and it took along time to know that their true because i have never felt how i feel for you for anyone else. But please dont push away from me and i know that you feel like that if you get closer youll end up even more hurt and i wouldnt want that at all. * you then you removed both of your hands away from his but his hands were still on your heart and you put your hands on his cheaks wiping away his tears but his eyes were still closed* He moved his head away so your hands moved from his face and started crying even more -- "NOO dont do this please oh gawd please dont move away from me" you yelled while you but your hands on the sides of his face once again. *he dropped his hands from your chest and landed on your thighs* you then pecked his lips and then started to wrap your arms around his neck and he also wrapping his arms around your waist
I then nuzzled my head into his neck and his arms tighted around me. After awhile i wanted to pull away to see if he had stopped crying because his breathing was almost steady but he just pulled me closer to him and said "No please dont go lets just stay like this just a little longer please i just missed you so bad" "Fine" i said just a little longer but i need to know about the............
Thanks for reading again and dont forget to comment what you guys think and if you want to be tagged or untagged in any future cards the next chapter will be up later or soon
bet she is going to ask about the bruises!! yass! about damn time she explains her feelings for him!!❤❤
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@yaya12 yea lol sorry for the wait ill be uploading more often pls look forward to it and how do you know............
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@JeniseRamos random guess😆
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