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Missed some people?
- Would you stay the night with me jagi? - Hoseok’s sudden question made you stop in your tracks. You were playing with the straw of your cold drink swirling it around to move the ice cubes with the motion.
You raised your head to look at him and couldn’t stop the little smile showing on your lips. Hoseok was busy eating his tray of fries so he didn’t really notice you staring.
- As in all night you mean? – you asked and your boyfriend simply nodded, still looking down to his tray. –To do what, exactly? –
Hoseok raised his head this time, quicker than he might have liked. Two fries were still caught halfway between his lips and his expression changed from surprise to a cute fluster in just a matter of seconds.
He stared at you, you were now resting your chin on your palm and your hand was half cupping your cheek. Your eyes were playful and big and you were in the same flustered state as him.
-No, I don’t mean…- Hoseok started to wave his hands in denial, his flustered self becoming worried as well. – Don’t think that way! –
You giggled at the other side of the tiny table, covering your mouth with your hand. – And what you thought that I was thinking? – that question earned another one of Hoseok’s trademark expressions.
-Y/N! – he cried out loud, earning even more giggles from you. –It’s because of what I’ve been telling you - Hoseok lowered his eyes and looked at the table until you reached out for his hand.
-Because of the gala? – you squeezed his hand lightly. Hoseok had been talking with you about this big and important event that BTS had to attend and it happened to be tomorrow. He was worried about the preparations and such but even so, you didn’t really see why it would relate to his question.
-Yes jagi, you know how important it is…- Hoseok was now looking at you with big puppy eyes. –I wanted you to help me get ready and since we have to get going so early, I thought it would be good if you just stayed with me! –
Hoseok explained himself with a bright smile, trying to convince you about it. You knew they were going to be on their own then.
- Please? – you boyfriend leaned to the front, all smiles and charm until his face was at mere centimeters apart from yours. –For your Hobiiiii – He chanted playfully, pouting his lips in a kissing motion.
You laughed and leaned in to give a quick loving peck to his lips. –Ok, for my Hobi. I’ll help you get ready- Hoseok smiled wide and gave a soft pinch to your chin.
-That’s my girl- He approached you for another soft peck that leaved your lips tingling. –I’m so glad you said yes-
You simply loved when Hoseok called you his girl, or his anything for all matters. So when he took your hand and guided you towards the door you followed him with a cheesy smile on your face.
After deciding that you were actually staying with him, Hoseok took you home so you could grab the necessary things to stay the night at the BTS dorm. After shoving your pajamas, toothbrush and the rest of your things inside your backpack you both headed there.
-Are you sure they would be ok with me staying here? - you asked Hoseok by the tenth time already. He just laughed it off, just as all the previous times and put an arm around your shoulders. You were already in front of the door and he was opening it. You had been in the dorm with them before but never stayed to sleep, so your boyfriend reassured you once again.
-Don’t worry Y/N, really- Hoseok let little kisses on your temple making you smile with it and finally opened the door.
-Hyung what took you so long we were waiting for…- Taehyung was the first face you saw after the door was opened, he was standing in front of you, his mouth still open for the sentence he didn’t finish. -Y/N! - he said your name in surprise.
-Y/N is here? - three of the other boys said in unison, and all of them peeked behind Taehyung. There was Jungkook, Jin and Jimin. The latter ran towards the door, pushing Taehyung aside and earning a grumble from him.
-Hyung! and Y/N! - he had a wide smile and pulled you inside. -Come in, come in! -
In that moment, you knew it was going to be by far an interesting night, one didn’t get the chance to spend an entire night with BTS every day after all.
All of the boys greeted you nicely, and whatever fear you had of feeling out of place, was in vain. You ate a delicious dinner made by Jin, and you helped them arrange the table and clean the dishes after that. The night went by playing games and talking about the big even for the morning after from time to time, but everybody needed to get a good rest so when the sleep time came, the question of where you were sleeping was made. And of course, the younger boys didn’t lose the chance to tease Hoseok about it.
-Ah hyung will you share your bed with Y/N? - Jimin was the one asking it, you were standing in the middle of the room that Hoseok, Jimin and Taehyung shared. Hoseok was holding your backpack and he gave a playful kick to Jimin who walked away from him choking in laughter.
-We will have the time of our lives Y/N! This is the best room for you to stay, is all fun in here- Taehyung approached you, putting his arm around your shoulders so full of pride for his room.
-You aren’t staying here - Hoseok said with a little smile, letting your backpack at the side of his bed. At that, Taehyung and Jimin spoke in unison.
-What? - The outraged expressions on his faces ,matched each other.
-You rascals, let Hoseok alone and go to Jungkook’s room - A voice from the door said and when you turned your head you found Yoongi there, resting the left side of his body on the doorframe and crossing his arms in front of his chest.
Hoseok and you started to laugh to the defeated faces they had. -Hyung is not fair! Y/N would love to stay with us- Jimin started to say.
-Yes! - continued Taehyung. -We’re so fun, c’mon hyung- he looked to both of his hyungs but they both were careless to it.
-Go now - Yoongi said and gave them his back, walking away from the door. Jin showed up after him and motioned for the boys to come out, rushing them outside as well.
-Good night love birds! - he said with a charming smile and closed the door to leave you alone.
You felt your cheeks tingling when you finally sat at the edge of Hoseok’s bed, releasing a sigh. You looked down while playing with your hands until Hoseok knelt in front of you and took them between his, and started to caress the back of your palms with his fingertips.
-What is it jagi? - he asked softly.
-I could sleep anywhere, is kind of unfair to take them out of their own room Hobi- he nodded like understanding your worries but started to laugh.
-They will be fine don’t worry! they’re probably messing around with the maknae already- Hoseok stood up and released your hands. -And they deserve it, for teasing us so much-
You giggled to his words, you knew Hoseok loved to tease Taehyung and Jimin just as much but you didn’t say a thing.
-Now I’ll leave so you can change and we go to bed ok? - you nodded and your boyfriend walked out of the room.
You quickly put your pajamas on and brushed your hair a little bit. -I’m done! you said, opening the door. There was Hoseok waiting for you, he had changed to to more comfy clothes, a loose white t-shirt and black sweatpants.
-Great! - he said happily.
Hoseok took your hand and moved to his bed, he climbed it and shoved the sheets aside without releasing your hand, so when it was all ready he tugged at it. -Come jagi- he leaved a space next to him and you willingly took it, snuggling against your boyfriend’s warmness right after. He placed the sheets on top of you and surrounded you with his arms, placing his chin on top of your head, whispering good night after giving a soft peck to your forehead.
By the morning, Hoseok woke up before you and started to play with your hair to wake you up, combing it softly. He was so happy to have you there, since they had to get ready on their own for this time he knew he needed help with it, and there was no one better than you for that.
-Rise and shine jagi - he whispered when you moved a bit, reacting to his caress.
Hoseok kissed your forehead and then both of your cheeks until you opened your eyes. -Good morning- you said drowsily blinking twice to the brightness of the morning.
-Good morning my sunshine - this time he hugged you so tightly, you giggled softly into his embrace, flustered by his words and mimes.
-Hobi! - you said, but hugged him back nevertheless.
-What?! - he asked laughing, knowing what you meant but playing dumb. you slapped playfully his shoulder and he curled up with a fake pained expression.
-Ouch! - that learned even more giggles from you and he took both of his hands inside his, placing a loving kiss on top of them. -C’mon, we have to get ready-
He stood up and you observed him going out of the room, unable to move because your legs were feeling weak and your heart was beating like a wild beast inside your chest.
The morning was passing in a big blurry mess for you, all the boys running from corner to corner of the dorm with the preparations, getting ready, gathering their outfits, shoes and everything else.
You were sitting in the living room, laughing to the mess, giving them advice with the style from time to time, but they were all so handsome that they didn’t really need much.
-Oh suits, I like that - you said when you saw them pulling out their suits, and now you were anticipating your boyfriend’s look.
As on cue with your thoughts, Hoseok came out of his room wearing part of his suit already, the perfect black pants, and a pristine white dress shirt. He was holding the jacket with his right hand and his tie was hanging carelessly around his neck when he approached you. You smiled to the sight, even not fully dressed yet he looked stunning already.
-Jagi I need you - he had a shy smile on his face now. you jumped to your feet and he leaved the jacket on the back of the couch carefully. -Can you help me with my tie? -
You laughed softly to that and approached him, your hands instantly holding the black tie. -I can’t believe you don’t know how to do your tie- you said teasingly to him.
-It’s not as easy as it seems! - Hoseok said to defend his pride.
You buttoned the last button of his shirt and started to do the task. Your hands moving the thin tie skillfully to achieve the right knot with it. -Is this why you told me to stay with you? -
Hoseok couldn’t help but laugh at that question and his ears were starting to get red. -Maybe…-
-You totally did it! - you said laughing and tightening the knot. -Is ok though, I like to help you with it- you took the jacket that Hoseok leaved on the couch and put it on him, smoothing it on his shoulders and arms.
-You’re the best jagi - Hoseok said with dreamy eyes, he felt so lucky for having you.
You took a step back and looked at him now with the entire suit on and your heart fluttered to the sight. -You look so handsome Hobi- you said, and Hoseok smiled while showing himself off to you.
You were about to tell him to stop but in that moment you noticed that the rest of BTS was standing not so far away from you, staring with little smiles on their faces. They all were in the same state that Hoseok was before, with their ties undone as well.
-Y/N should help us with our ties too! - Jimin approached you with a jump. You looked back at Hoseok who was staring at Jimin but the latter didn’t really back off. -C’mon hyung! - He said with a cute face. You giggled by Jimin’s antics, as always.
-Come here- you said to him and did his tie just as perfectly as hoseok’s one. Then you stared behind Jimin to the other boys who walked over to you and formed a line so you could do their ties as well.
The last one in the line was Jungkook, and when you finished with his tie he greeted you with his pretty bunny smile- -It’s always so good to have hyung’s girlfriend here - he said thankfully, now looking at his recently done tie.
-Yes, Y/N is the best- Namjoon added behind the maknae, checking his tie up on the mirror.
-Thank you Y/N!- They all said to you and Taehyung who was closer to you than the others was going for a hug but was stopped halfway by Hoseok’s arm.
-Ok enough for today, Y/N is my girlfriend now excuse us- Hoseok pulled you away from the boys, and you laughed. He could be so cute when jealous, even though he didn’t even had to be it.
-Is ok Hobi, I’m glad to help- you pulled at his hand and made him stop to look at you. Standing on your tiptoes you placed a tender kiss on his cheek. -You’re all on point now- you said and Hoseok’s smile was back again, just how you liked.
-But me more than them jagi! - he said as faking annoyance but his smile betrayed him. You giggled and hugged him, resting your face against his chest.
-You more than them Hobi, of course- you looked up to him and met his kind eyes. -You’ll always be my favorite one-
-And you’ll always be my favorite one too- his head moved down to search for your lips and you closed your eyes when you felt the soft pressure of his lips against yours.


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