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Mac N' Cheetos: Fast Food's Latest Monstrosity?

Okay, so I get it. It's probably super difficult for some fast food joints like KFC, McDonalds, and Burger King to come up with new ideas after being American staple restaurants for the past 50+ years.
However, Burger King, I'm singling you out on this one:

Mac N' Cheetos?

Macaroni and cheese stuffed Cheetos?

(That awkward moment when BK is deliberately pandering to the stoner demographic.)
So basically, for roughly $2.50, you get a pack of five of what looks like a strange cross between an actual Cheeto and a mozzarella stick. From the reviews I've read so far, its outer shell is actually surprisingly thick, crunchy Cheeto while the inside is more like some creamy Kraft macaroni.
The product is available in stores for the next eight weeks, or as the bloggers at Kotaku more perfectly summed up, "plenty of time to make bad decisions."

Now it's your time to confess:

Which one of you actually WANT to try these?

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that.....that sounds disgusting lol >_< maybe its cuz im not a big fan of mac and cheese anyway? entirely my opinion though. im glad you like it :) @xuannhi26
I volunteer as tribute to try this wonderful and hopefully delicious monstrosity!
Oh no no no, I wouldn't xD
I want to try it, but I don't know if the BK near my house has it 😢😢
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