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Violence Foul language fantasy Angst sorry no smut romance


(Vixx X reader) hybrids were made but three went missing and who killed Dr. Su? could it be his own creation of hybrids or someone else who was out to get him? and what happens when you fall in love with a hybrid and you cant tell if he good or bad? can you really trust him... or fear him? 》other parts《 Part 2 part 1

    Past time

The sound of the air ripping as a fuzzy figure runs at full speed as three blurry figures running after it.  The figure leaps in to the sky as he twirled tossing what look like shards of glass. The three men that chase after the mysterious figure dodge each shard as they jump up towards him, one coming from the left and the other from the right while one appeared in front of him. They all take charged him, knocking him towards the ground at full speed causing the ground to tremble.  “Ravi!!!” the mysterious figure howled in despair A sudden figure jump up out of nowhere running a full charge, so fast you couldn’t see where it was coming from all that was seen was each men go flying at different directions as they shout in pain and agony. The mysteries figure slowly stands up, breathing in heavy and sharp breaths as it grips at his stomach. The other figure that appear stop in front of him as he stare down at him with such an intense look in his eyes.  “Long time no see N” the boy said with such a cunning smirk “You” N cringe his teeth as he glare at the boy in front of him “Aw is that the way you greet your brother who you haven’t seen in so long”  “You are not my brother!” N barks in anger as he clenches onto his stomach  “You seem in pain…hmmm” the boy with dark hair and cat like eyes utters as he grab N by the neck and rushes him into the ground. N grunts in pain as he was already in pain and low of stamina, but with the little energy he had left he kicks the boy in the stomach pushing him.  “This is how you welcome family!” the boy spits a bit of blood as he wipes his lip with the back of his hand while he approach N with so much anger in his blood.  “You are not family! You just a street rat, at mistake that was never meant to even be made! You are the real monster from all 6 of us! He should have ended you the moment you went chaotic!” N slur  “I’ll fucking kill you!!” he charge but before reaching N someone quickly rushes him knocking him off his feet.   “R-Ravi!!” N utters in pain as he falls to his knees coughing up blood.  Ravi rushes to N side as he helps him up then walks him towards a tree as he leans him against it. Ravi lets go of N and turns to approach the other hybrid but before he could N tug at his sleeve giving him a pitiful look in his eyes. Ravi yanks his arm away from him as he continues to walk up to the boy struggling to stand up from the ground. Suddenly Ravi stop half way there as his eyes widen, he could believe it.  “Its you...” Ravi mutters  “Ehe, hello there Ravi” the weak boy smirks  “L-Leo why?”  “Why not huh! Answer me that!” Leo growled as he ran up to Ravi  “Why must you let them get to you” Ravi ask with such a weak and low tone of voice “They called us a monster and I’ll show them a monster” Leo pushed Ravi “Don’t tempt me Leo” Ravi warned  “Or what huh what is a hybrid with no power going to do huh” Leo taunts as he shove Ravi even harder “What makes you think I’ve lost my powers huh, and I wouldn’t be talking for a hybrid that was never fully completed,” Leo clenched his fist in anger at Ravi remark  “You were born with nothing but glitches and flaws you’re a useless hybrid Leo so why not be a good boy and let me finish what our creator should have done a long time ago!” Ravi tackled Leo to ground as he smacked him throw the floor trembling and crushing through it causing a crater.  Leo kick Ravi as he leap into the air but Ravi grab him by his foot and toss him back into the ground Leo grunted as he tried to quickly run away from him. Ravi grabs Leo by the hair as he knee him in his gut forcing the air out of him. Grabbing him by the neck as he lifted Leo off the ground the look in Ravi eyes sent shiver down Leo back. Leo struggled around to break loose but that cause Ravi to grip onto his neck tight, Leo grab Ravi hands as he grasp for the little air that escaped.  Ravi blood shot eyes that belong to a monster a demon grow deeper and dark with so much hate, this men who hold Leo by the neck is not the Ravi N knew this was the demon within him that carved the smell of death. N rushed to Ravi grabbing him by his arm and pleads him to let go of Leo but Ravi ignored him as he glared deep into the pale and blue boy.  “Ravi Don’t gives!” N cries out “He should have killed him that night he tried to attack the professor” Ravi mutter under his breath as he tighten his hold  “Ravi please it not his fault it was just a mistake!” N shouted  “CREATURE LIKE SHOULD NOT EXSIT!” Ravi growled  “Creature like US!” N remarked  Ravi begin to slowly snap out of it but his hand still on Leo neck, N notice Ravi hold slowly loosen as Leo gasped for air.  “Don’t let the monster inside of you win Ravi don’t give in” N said in a panic  Ravi loosens his grip more as he slowly brings Leo down to his feet. N lets out a heavy sigh as he crouches down next to Leo who is gasping for as he holds onto his throat. Ravi looks at the weak boy as he feels the sudden void with him again. Ravi felt guilt and regret, anger and shame he almost took another life again. “Again… he almost win again” Ravi whisper under his breath as his eyes become sadden and teary  “its not your fault we all deal with this Ravi we are monster no matter how much we don’t want believe it” Leo cooed with a weak tone of voice.  “You don’t understand Leo! Have you ever seen someone beg for their life have you ever felt feeling of warm blood spilling all over your hands have you ever tasted the flavor of human flesh!” Ravi shouts as tears fall  “Ravi you didn’t mean to you had no control” N trys to comfort him  “Can you imagine trying to close your eyes but every time you do you see their agonizing face the sound of the pleading and screaming ringing in your ear!” Ravi drops to his knees has he begin to remember the night he found out the love of his life was killed. He remember how that was the night he went berserk and hunted down the man who killed her. Leo watch as Ravi cried in so much despair he couldn’t understand how Ravi could actually feel sorry for humans their meant to die one day so why does it matter at least that what Leo thought.  But what he didn’t understand is how much a human life can be so precious and how important it is Leo lived for so long yet still couldn’t understand the real meaning of a human being life maybe because he spent his time play games and messing around. Leo wasn’t the type to socialize and never actually got attach he knew everyone was going to die and leave him behind so never bother to actually make any friends.  “Who cares they die anyways” Leo remark  “There a difference Leo! From dying and being killed!” Ravi glared at Leo  “He deserved to die!” Leo hollered  “BUT THAT LITTLE GIRL DID NOT!” Ravi throat tighten  “w-what?” Leo gulp,  N look away as he could still remember the look on Ravi face the way his hand tremble as he held that little girl in his arm, his loud painful cries and the way he held onto her as tight as he begged her to open her eyes. Ravi never meant for her to lose her life so young he didn’t know she was there; he didn’t want her to die. Ravi cried to her as he apologies telling her he was sorry how he wishes he could make the pain go away. What hurt Ravi the most was the fact that she touches his face with her cold small hands and smiled as she whispered to him, “Don’t let the monster within you win, don’t give in” and with her last breath of life she slowly drifted away.  Every night Ravi cried to the moon as he begged it all to be some type of nightmare, he wished that he could end his life, he even tried to take his own life so many times but no matter what he just could seem to die. N watched as every night Ravi died more and more inside as his smile vanished and pain grow he wish he could help Ravi but there was nothing he could do.   “She would’ve just been a nuance to the world anyways” Leo said coldly  “How dare you say something so cold she wasn’t supposed to die!”  “So why did she jump in it she knew it was dangerous!” Leo shouted back at Ravi “BECAUSE SHE TRIED TO SAVE HER DAD!!” Ravi cooed as he choked with tears  “One day Leo you will realize the pain of losing someone you love or the shame and guilt that will eat you alive the moment you take someone life” Ravi address and assured Leo as he stood up and walked away N following behind him.  “Tsk yeah right as if I’ll ever fall in love” Leo smirk as he took off into the sky and flew away. 

Present time

“Okay world today the day I shall concur you and become a very power woman!” (y/N) said as she balled up her fist and swore on it.  (Y/N) took a step outside of her house and begin to march her way down the street suddenly she remember she had no shoe on and forgot her backpack and wallet… and cell phone. She rushed to her house in a hurry when she remembers she had locked the door and forgot her house keys too. She grunts as she bangs on the door calling out her mother’s name, (Y/N) couldn’t believe the day had just started and she already messed up, it’s as if she curse with bad luck or the world just hates her and find it funny to make her fall and trip. Finally (Y/n) mom opens the front door with her shoes in one hand and her backpack in the other.  “Oh thank you mommy! I knew I could count on you!” (Y/N) jumps with joy  “Mhmm everything else is inside, already 20 year old and you still as clumsy as ever” her mother chuckles as she ruffles (Y/N) hair.  “Well today those habits will change because today I am officially a grown young adult!”  “Well good luck out there young adult” her mother chuckled as she watched (Y/N) walk down the pouch.  (Y/N) walked with her head held high and feet firmly on the ground she was filled with confidence and courage, she swore that she would come to conquer this world no matter what. She swore she would never trip or fall ever again but sometime stuff like that take time to get it right… (Y/N) steps on her untied shoelace causing her to trip and hit the ground. She sat up and held onto her knee that was scraped a bit. (Y/N) cringe her teeth while she rock back and forth as she continued to swear and damn the world. She promised herself should wouldn’t fall today there went one promise she couldn’t keep. (Y/N) stood back up as she dust herself off when she look up, she saw the bus she was suppose to take, drive right pass her. (Y/N) shook her head and started to run as fast as she could try to make it to the bus stop before the bus did. Almost close to the bus stop (y/N) start to smile happily but out of breath, but she didn’t care because she made it to the bus stop before the bus. (Y/N) Jumping with joy and high fived herself while she wait for the bus but before she knew it, the bus read ‘out of service’ (Y/N) drop down onto the bench, she slouched, she ran all the way there for nothing. Today sure doesn’t seem like it’s her day, it’s her 20th birthday and nothing but bad stuff seem to be happening already. First she forgot her shoes and wallet and keys second she trips and rips her jeans third she ran for no reason and on her way to collage some big’o dog that look like it could be a bear chased her all the way to school let alone it started to rain along the way and she almost fell inside a puddle of mud.  “What wrong did I do in my afterlife to deserve these type of things” she cried to herself as she walked into her new class.  Oh that right its her first day of collage and she clothes is wet she jeans are rip her shoes are muddy and her backpack is a bit torn up because of the dog oh yeah and her hair a mess. What a great way to start your first day of collage and on her birthday. What more can go worse right? (Y/N) walked into her class carefully as she bow down a bit, all eyes were on her as she walked in and looked for an empty seat. She could feel the glares of people staring so intensely at her and judging her.  (Y/N) slouched as she made her towards the desk all the way in the back, along the way she stumbles causing everything in her bag to fall out. Everyone start to laugh some girl even called her a loser, while others just point and laugh, yup things definitely got much worse. (Y/N) started to pick up her things but she couldn’t get everything because she couldn’t bare the pain in her throat as she rushed to her desk and put her head down as tears began to slip. she mess up today she tried so hard to make things go so perfectly but its like everything just doesn’t work out well for her why is it that she has always seem to become ‘the loser’ its like everywhere she goes she always seem to make another mistake.  “Why can’t I ever do anything right..” she sniffled   “Hey did you drop this?” a boy with a light tone of voice whisper  (Y/N) looks up to see who it could be as she rubbing her eyes to fix her vision. She started to see him more clearly, he had such a sweet smile and small yet diamond shape like eyes and his lips were a fade shade of pink. He had such a sweet scent that lingered (Y/N)begin to blush as his face was quit close to hers.  “Is this your pencil?” he ask again (Y/N) nod her head as she grab her pencil from his hand, his smile quickly disappears as he reach over toward (Y/N). She flinched and closed her eyes then suddenly she feels a cold hand touch her cheek and gently caressed it. (Y/N) could feel her cheek heat up as they started to turn a rosy shade of pink and her eyes slowly widen as they glance towards him.  “Why were you crying?” he asked with a concern tone of voice  “Um, I don’t erph… I wasn’t crying” she said as she removes his hand from her cheek.  “Are your knees okay?” he ask as he looked down at her bleeding knees “I’m fine” she cooed  “Just leave her alone she so snotty being rude to someone who is trying to help her” a girl comment “Yeah what even rude is that he the professor” a boy back her up.  (Y/N) eyes wide as she quickly stood up nearly stumbling over her desk but the professor catch her fall. She quickly pulled away as she made her down to the door, running out of the class room as her face change color into a bright red. (Y/N) race down the hall as she padded her burning red cheeks as she wiped her own tears away, she couldn’t believe such a cute guy like him could be the professor. He was young looking to be a teacher, ‘actually knows that you think about it how old is his anyways?’ you thought to yourself as you made your way towards the bathroom.  “Wow! Excuse me wrong way girly” a guy with cat like eyes said  (Y/N) look up the ground and at the pale skin dark hair boy who stood in front of the bathroom door, she didn’t realized she was about to enter the boys bathroom.    “Oh my god I can’t believe UGH! Why do things like this keep happening to me and in front of cute guys!” (Y/N) whined.  “What?”  “Nothing you wouldn’t understand” you waved your hand in front of you as the other was placed on your forehead.  “Ah I see hmm, what’s you name?” the boy lean close “m-my n-name…” she stutters nervously The boy nod his head yes as he titled it to the side a bite, (y/n) begin to blush as his face was just a inch away from hers. She couldn’t believe who beautiful this guy looks and such an angelic appearance he had. His eyes felt as if they could pull you in. she shook her head as she push him away. The boy looks confused by her sudden reaction.  “I’m sorry I just can’t-“ she was cut off by his sudden touch; placing his hand on her cheek. “You look strangle familiar to me” the boy whispered to himself  “LEO!” a sudden voice echoed through the hall You turn to look behind you and notice it was the professor, you look back at the boy name Leo who just flashed you a smirk and what a devilish smirk that was. Leo moves you behind him as he waves at the professor who quickly approaches you two, something seek off suddenly.  “Hello N” Leo greets him with a deep tone of voice “N? That your name sir” you asked N N turns to look at you with a smile that quietly vanishes as he turns to look at Leo. You became a bit confused as you weren’t sure what was going on. Does he hate Leo? But how can a teacher hate a student right?  “Aren’t you supposed to be teaching a class Leo?” N nudged Leo a bit with his shoulder causing him to stumble just a bit back.  Leo raked his hair back as he grunt a bit and stomp his foot, he look like a piss off child who didn’t get their candy from the candy shop.  N just rolled his eyes as he placed his hand on his hip while he looked at Leo then suddenly starts to look over at (y/N). He stares at her as if he trying to figure her out, almost as if she’s a puzzle that he trying to solve but is have trouble in finding all the missing pieces. (Y/N) clear throat causing N to snap out of it and looks around a bit confused Leo give him a slight nudge as if he trying to signal something in secret to him. N just nod his hid a bit trying not to be obvious, N smile at (Y/N) and waves as he hurry away from her as he rushes down the hall. Leo looks to his left then right than slightly bows and then follows behind N in a hurry. (Y/N) roam around the school as she got to know it better she was to embarrasses to go back to class. She walked won each building halls as she which out the school library and computer lab she even wander into the science lab which was actually quite interested in. she then walked outside to the P.E field (Y/N) was in awe as she look out towards the wide field and big ground that filled with such greenish grass and what beautiful of a green color it was so fresh and spring like and even the bright blue sky with such fluffy white cloud just made the scenery look even more amazing. Suddenly she notices a figure running around the field in such great speed. His long legs that leap over the small obstacles and the way his body form was so perfect and firm the way his slim tall body would sprint at such speed and such great length he would jump his body form was perfect he look full of energy it almost look like he was practicing for a race or a marathon. (Y/N) try to get a glimpse of the runner face but his hood cover it so well it was hard to get a good look at him suddenly the boy trips and rolls onto the ground (Y/N) jumps out of her seat as she rushed over towards him but stop as she watches him get back up and start running at a faster speed so fast it started to look like flash running. She was amazed and weird out at the same time she wasn’t sure if it was really the guy that fell or was it her that actually tripped and hit her head because (Y/N) felt like she was losing her mind.  “Ravi!” (Y/N) hears N voice “Its him again” she said to herself as she makes her behind the belchers and hides as much as possible.  “What is it N?” the runner name Ravi asked  N called Leo over as Leo looked around in a specious look.  N says in a low tone of voice “I think I found her”  “Her?” Ravi says in a confused tone of voice Leo walks closer to them and response with a serious look “as in her rebirth self” he looks around  Ravi still looked confused as he raked his hair you tired to get closer to get a better hair because they started to whisper causing it hard for you to hear them out clearly. You tried to stay low and quiet as possible but ended up tripping and making noise. You quickly roll over underneath another bench that block the front view which made it better for you to hide. You start to hear foot step approach you closer and closer you begin to breathe heavy as you quickly start to panic but try to keep calm at the same time.  “Leo forget it might have just been a bird or something” Ravi quickly say “Anyways we might have found her” you hear N say more clearly  “she was reborn into this aura the thing we need to do know is find out why now and way she has cross our paths again” N adds  “Are you telling me my angel was reborn into this century and we have try and avoid her?” Ravi asked  “Ravi we have too you saw what was to happen if our fate was to cross it happen before let lobe you’re not allow to fall for a hum an Ravi none of us are” N addressed  “The thing is she doesn’t give off the same vibe and aurora as before its different more clumsy and dorky and stupid” Leo bluntly said “Maybe it isn’t even her just a girl that look like her” Ravi coeds as he raked his hair back.  “Whatever it might be she seem noisy try and keep our secret from her got it” N tells tem Ravi and Leo nod their head they both seem uninterested in the girl anyways.  “Speaking of which it might be hard for you ‘professor’” Leo says sarcastically “Why that?” N asked  “She seem quite fond of you  already as you do of her as well”  “What is Leo talking about N” Ravi suddenly become more concern and serious. “She is one of my student that all” “Just before N don’t let a small girl like (Y/N) steal your heart because creatures like her can be such bitches” Leo snarled  (Y/N) covered her mouth as she gasped she couldn’t believe they were talking about her and that fake that Leo had call her stupid. How rude of him, he doesn’t even know her like that to judge her. But that wasn’t the point the problem was they mention something about rebirth and a secret. Something about them   did seem off to(Y/N) and even more when she saw the way Ravi speed began to increase rapidly and the way it look like he was nearly floating off the ground.  “What are they?” she whisper to herself  “That a good question girly” (Y/N) jolts jump hitting her head onto the bench suddenly her vision become blurry as the three figures begin to vanish and the only thing she could hear was  “You think she heard us?” “What do we do now?” “Simple gets ruin of her….” 
‘Eomma I’m scared of what’s about to happen to me’
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