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When most American salon try to keep their boutique glamorous and equipped, salons in Japan are going for the opposite. The idea to keep things pure, simple and clean. Most of the salon interiors I've seen so from Japan are bright and minimalist. Lots of whites, natural wood and cement.
Would you ever get your haircut in a space like this?

Hair Do Salon, Chiba Japan

RE-EDIT Hair Salon in Osaka, Japan

Le Cinq Salon in Kadoma, Japan

Vinyl's Mix Hair Salon, Japan

@Animaniafreak I stopped trimming my bangs for a while now, but I recall those annoying cutoffs. lol but your hairstylist sound chill! :D
@Animaniafreak LOL. I actually keep my eyes wide open to see how they the stylist cuts my hair.
As long as they provide good haircut and nice head massage, I don't mind how the interior design looks, my eyes are mostly shut anyway.
@HairConfetti but the cutoff hair always find its way into my eyes, I tried to peep through squinting and my stylist joked "I see what you r doing, no peeping!" Lol