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Hello! Welcome to the second chapter of this fanfic! Sorry for the long wait! I hope you enjoy!
Here is the last chapter!


Melody was from California and had moved to Seoul about 3 years ago. In those three years she had stayed inside escaping reality. She is sweet, caring, smart, but shy when it comes to certain people. If someone gave off a certain vibe she would get nervous and her shyness would come out. One day a group moves in next door. Seven handsome men. Little did she know they would be the reason she finds more happiness than ever and maybe even love!

Chapter 2

Melody's Prov.
After our meal I got up from my seat and helped Jin gather all the plates and put them in the sink.
"Jin Oppa, do you need any help at all?" "Ani. You go relax with the boys and if they get to wild dont hesitate and yell for me." He said flashing a smile and a wink. I smiled back and headed towards the living room. As I made my way I saw the set up one couch in the middle of the living room in front of the tv and then a table between the long couch and the a single seater. I saw that everyone was in a seat so I sat on the floor leaning against the chair.
"hey scoot I want to play with your hair."
I looked up to see a playful Jimin giving me an eye smile. I scooted over as Jimin split his legs so I was in the middle. He closed his legs so they were sorta squeezing me but they werent hurting me, it was more so that I dont move around too much.
"ooOO I want to join!"
I looked from the corner of my eye and saw Tae waddling over sitting on the floor right next to me.
I giggled at how silly they were being. After a while I could see Tae was getting uncomfortable hunching over so he unwrapped his legs and stretched them out so they wrapped around me. He was a lot closer to me and I could feel the warmth of his body radiate onto me.
"Melody" He whispered to me.
"Im gonna scoot forward dont be alarmed okay?"
With that he scooted closer to me (I honestly didnt know this could happen since we were already so close).
After about 20 minutes of getting relaxed by feeling of my hair being pushed around and their surprisingly soft hands. Like they were so soft to the point I wanted to turn around and just grab their hands and place them on my face.
<< Sorry Im so awkward XD >>
"done!" I heard Jimin say. He gives me his phone so I can see what he did, or tried to do. It looked like he attempted to do a bun wrapped in a braid.
"I did good didn't I?"
"Yup mhm" I said in between giggles.
"Tae what did you do?" I asked him. "Nothing big. I used to do this for my sister when she would get bored." He took a picture and it was a braid. It wasn't bad!
"Guuuysss! Im bored!" Hoseok whined. "Lets play hide and go seek!" offered Jungkook."Ya! And lets make this a bit interesting..." Jimin said as he looked around, thinking of what to say. "Ah! The first three to get caught will either have to get a kiss from everybody, or a flick from everybody, ooor will have to lay in a bath of ice."
Everyone agreed and started to write down their suggestions placing them into the cup.
"Lets play kai bai bo to see who the seeker is" I suggested the boys all agreed. Me and Tae were the first two out, then Jungkook, then Jimin, then Jin. In the last round Yoongi and Namjoon struck out leaving Hoseok to become the seeker. He put his game face on and went into the kitchen and covered his eyes as he faced the wall. As soon as he yelled "READY SET GO!"

Narrator Prov.

When Taehyung saw Jimin place Melody in between his legs he felt a burning feeling in his stomach. He quickly joined in to ease the way he was feelin. Plus it just seemed like fun! He observed her from up close and she really is pretty. How could she not have a boyfriend? Taehyung saw how relaxed she was with all the hair movements. He smiled to himself as he saw a smile creep on her face as he lifted one bunch of her hair.
He warned her before he moved closer to her. Melody didnt realize it but she was letting out soft moans as pieces of her hair were folded around.
Finally all the silence was interrupted by Hoseok whining about how he was bored. After giving in and deciding what they would do Hoseok walked to the wall and started to count. Everyone ran towards different rooms and different places of the house.
Melody was in the middle of the hallway, not knowing where to go. She heard footsteps and ran into Taehyung's room from earlier not knowing what to do.
The foot steps got closer and closer she panicked and slipped under the bed.
Melody scooted back and felt something press against her back. She got scared and quickly scooted forward and turned on her back so she was still under the bed. She turned her head in a haste.
"Ya! This is my hiding spot! Get your own!" Taehyung whined.
"I got a late start! Plus I got here in time of need! I dont know where else to go! You know the house so go find another spot!" " I was here first!!!" He said back.
Melody was about to protest but then Taehyung saw Hoseok's shadow. Taehyung quickly grabbed Melody's hand closest to him and pulled her under him in one swift easy movement. She was about to say something to him but he got close to her face and covered her mouth.
Melody kept her head forward looking at him shocked at what was happening. Tae watched as a pair of shoes walked into the room. The shoes walked around. It stopped and turned on its heals and jumped. Hoseok opened the closet quickly. He then stood up straight.
"I swear I heard voices..." He said as he took one last look around and then exited.
Both Melody and Taehyung had then processed how close they were as Tae slowly looked forward their noses practically touching. Taehyung broke their eye contact and looked at Melody's lips. He started to very slowly lean in. Melody's heart was beating really hard and she felt her face burning up. Taehyung could feel her heart race. Just as he was gonna seal the deal, they got interrupted by Hoseok screaming.
Taehyung sighed as he got off of Melody sliding out from under the bed. Melody was left frozen on the spot staring into space.
"Hey come on!"
Tae grabbed her foot and pulled her from under the bed.
Melody got on her knees as she made her way on her feet. Taehyung helped her keep her balance as she got up.
They walked into the living room. Taehyung was doing a good job of shaking off what had happened a minute before but Melody just had an awkward aura around her. Namjoon noticed right away.
"You alright?"
Namjoon knew something was up. Earlier when Taehyung and Jimin were playing with her hair he couldnt help but watch form the corner of his eye. He watched as Melody's face smiled at the feeling. He wished he could just walk over and play with her hair just like they did but he isnt as smooth as them. The soft sounds that interrupted the silence made Namjoon feel hot in his stomach. Was he the only one to hear it?
Obviously he wasnt. Jimin didnt think to much about it. Jin and Hoseok thought it was funny. Jungkook felt embarrassed and at one point hugged the pillow next to him placing it on his lap, scrolling through his phone trying to distract himself. Yoongi didnt know what to do. So in an attempt to keep his cool he opened his laptop and put his earphones on as he made songs for himself.
Taehyung on one hand was enjoying it. The small sounds made him feel good that he was the one causing them..... and Jimin (I) guess....
Namjoon still felt as if something was off.
"Are you sure you are alright? You just seem a bit off..."
"Y-Yeah. D-Dont worry"
They walked in and Melody sat in the single seater couch while Jimin sat on the edge of the arm rest. Everyone else either sat on the floor or on the couch. Hoseok walked in the room with a victorious stride with a smug look on his face. He suddenly stopped in front of all of us and cleared his throat as he puffed his chest out, standing up straighter than before.
"*clears throat* Will the looooossseeerrrs~ come up to pick a card out of the cup of shame to do the shame-shame deed they pick"
Jimin got off the couch and joined Yoongia and Namjoon.
Hoseok dramatically grabbed the cup and shook it with sass.
"Now u can pick, but pick carefully and choose your fate!"
The boys at the front pushed Jimin towards Hoseok and the cup.
"Drum role please!!!" Hoseok said in his announcer voice.
Jimin scrunched his face as he put his hand in the cup and chose on piece of paper.
"Dont reveal it just yet!!!" Hoseok told Jimin just as Jimin was about to secretly open it.
Next was Yoongi. He just stepped up and took the cup, tapped the bottom making the paper jump, and catching a piece of paper. He stood next to Jimin who was still trying to secretly see what was on the inside. Namjoon came over put his hand in and took one out. He ended up dropping it and when he went down to pick it up he hit his head on the cup, dropping all the papers on the floor.
The guys laughed as Namjoon scrambled to pick them up. Melody picked some up and put them into the cup giggling s she did so. Namjoon grabbed the last paper off the floor as he walked back to the line with a slightly flushed face.
"Now one by one I will say where I found them and then we will read their punishment!"
"First Yoongi! I found him in the most obvious place you could imagine... and yet it is so Yoongi... I walked into his room and saw that his sheets were weirdly lumpy and I went over to see and there he was, laying down sound asleep."
Yoongi stepped up and was gonna open up but then he stopped.
"Can we switch really fast?" " *sigh* suure..." They switched and Yoongi stepped up once again and opened it up.
"*extremely heavy sigh*...okay lets get this over with..."
"Wait what did you get?" Jin asked.
Yoongi held up the note so that we could all see.
It read: Get flicks on the head, escalating the amount of power in each.
He grabbed a hat near by and but his blonde hair up. Melody had to admit, he looked really badass and hot with it up. He should where it up like that more!
"Ok since its the classic rule, we will have Melody set the softest hit. Go ahead" Hoseok said.
"Can I do it on the table first?" They all nodded. She crawled towards the table in front of her and and laid her hand on it. She raised her middle finger up using her other hand and let it go. The sound of her finger hitting the table echoed throughout the house.
"W-what??? T-That is the softest???" Yoongi stuttered looking at Melody's hand in fear, as he cupped his forehead.
"Thats as soft as I will go."
"How do you know how to do that?" Jimin pipped up.
"There werent a lot of girly girls or girls in general in my neighborhood growing up and if there were they were very much tomboys. After school we would meet with the guys at the ends of the street and eat the things we bought from the Cucaracha and then when we got bored we would either walk around the neighborhood in the big group OR we would have contests to see who had the highest pain tolerance."
They all stood there in awe.
"B-but you seem so shy and s-so... not that tough..."
"Oh I wasn't this shy when I was younger! Things came up and I lost my momentum.... but enough about me, its show time" She said as an evil smirk creeped on her face.
She approached him as she cracked her knuckles and stretched her neck, looking really tough. Yoongi started t back away but the guys latched onto his arms and held him still. She placed her hand on his surprisingly soft skin and started to raise her finger. Once she let go, Yoongi stood there with no expression but in shock. His eyes were wide open and Melody's finger had left a red imprint.
Next was Jin who made the mark darker, then Hoseok, then Taehyung, and finally Jungkook who hit him so hard that afterwards Yoongi whispered, "Im going to kill all of you." The guys let him go and Yoongi slowly went to the couch with an even paler face. Everyone sat down and Hoseok called the next boy.
"Your turn!" Jimin stepped up quite scared of what he was gonna get.
"I found Jimin in the gym room. He was short enough to hide in between the mats that we hung up but his bright orange hair sorta gave him away! If he hadn't decided to dye it this bright a couple months back maybe he wouldnt have to....."He signaled for Jimin to open his piece of paper. Once opened Jimin's face fell. Hoseok reached over and read it to himself."pft...he would...pft..HAHAHAHA HE HAS TO TAKE A BATH IN ICE!"Everyone started laugh including Melody. She laughed so hard she fell of of the couch and was holding her stomach from laughing way too hard. "Awww come on guys!!!!"Jimin whined.Jin ran into the kitchen and came back with a huge bag of ice. "We still have this left over from the party we threw for Yoongi."We all nodded our heads. Jungkook lifted Jimin on his shoulder and threw him in a closet and closed the door behind him. Melody looked at Jungkook in confusion.
"He finds away to escape so before he can u gotta trap him before you lose him....like a spider."
Melody slowly nodded as she joined Jin in the bathroom. Taehyung had already started the water and I helped Jin pour the ice inside the tub. Melody stuck her finger in and quickly took it out.
"Geez! This is so cold!"
"Thats whats gonna make it even more fun!"
Seconds later they heard Jungkook yell."HE GOT LOOSE!"
Suddenly Melody was grabbed by the waist and her back was closely pressed to the figure behind her. She felt the vibration come off his chest as he began to speak.
"I have a hostage!!!! Let me choose another punishment or shes coming down with me!"Jimin said.
Melody honestly didnt want to go into the freezing water so she thought really hard. She then came up with a smart plan.
"Jimin, let.her.go."
It was intense and Melody felt like it was an episode of Criminal Minds. She came up with a small plan. So Melody put her hands on Jimins arms holding her and managed to pry her hand in between his arms and her. With one swift motion she pushed his hands forward and turned in time to push him. Everyone was shocked as they watched Jimin fall in the tub.
"woow!.....Melody! That... that was so bad ass!!!!" Jimin said.Melody blushed to herself. "Its nothing really."
After she said that Jimin was then attempting to get out of the tub. The boys came up behind her and pushed him back down laughing. He sat up right and his muscles were clear now that his white tshirt was soaked. Meody felt the heat reach her face as she stared at his toned body.
"Melody can you go get a towel?" Hoseok called out. Melody nodded trying to hide the heat that had taken over her face. She hurried back seeing Jimin had stood up.
"Im sooo cold and you threw me in..." Jimin said pouting. Melody had a feeling on where he was leading to. She rolled her eyes and approached the tub opening the towel. Jimin stepped out and Melody draped it over his shoulders. Melody admired how his arms looked. He bowed but then cleared his throat, looking up at Melody.
"What are you waiting for- wait... are you checking me out?"
She rolled her eyes once again and pulled the towel up to his head shutting him up and ruffled it so his hair was semi-dry. She brought another towel and discarded of the wet one. Jimin was shivering but gave a warm smile.
"Aww now I feel bad..." Melody said, feeling pity for the shivering boy. Jimin's head snapped up and looked at her as a smirk creeped on his face.
"Then give me a nice WARM hug!" He said as he started to approach her with his arms open. She backed up and ran out of the bathroom hearing his footsteps only a couple steps behind her. Suddenly she was swept off her feet and she felt her whole back get wet. She was giggling and so was Jimin. He turned her around so that her front was all wet as well. Her bra was clearly shown through the wet material. Jimin quickly noticed and looked away as fast as possible.
"Umm...Melody wait right here...and DONT move!" He said as he ran into a room that was most likely Taehyung's seeing as it was the one with Melody's purse inside. He came out with another Tshirt.
"Ill tell the guys to move out of the restroom so you can change."Jimin thought of Melody as a little sister and felt like it was gonna be his responsibility to be there for her. He walked into the restroom.
"Can you guys get out for a second. I hugged Melody and well. She got all wet and so now she is gonna change. oh ya Tae I went inside of your room and got a new tshirt."They all nodded and walked out heading back to the living room. All the boys past a clearly soaked Melody. "We will wait till you are ready, so take your time!" Jin said with a smile.
Narrator: Ok so now we will go inside the boy's mind to see what they were thinking! Lets start from oldest to youngest....
Jin: Poor girl she must be cold! And Jimin, oh, Jimin.... He is gonna get an ear full later! Did he really not think her shirt would become transparent? *sigh* what am I gonna do with these boys...
Yoongi: Jimin....oh Jimin..... I honestly dont know what to think.... I dont think Jimin was thinking....but at the same time... *Gives Jimin a high-five*
Namjoon: *Blushes intensely* what was the question?
Hoseok: She must be so embarrased.. poor girl... but if it makes her feel any better, she has really nice *gets hit in the head by Jin* OW I WAS GONNA SAY SHE HAS REALLY NICE TASTE IN LINGERIE! *gets hit again* WHAT!?!?! *Hoseok flinches as Jin raises his hand but doesnt actually hit him*
Jimin: I feel bad I didn't think the material was that thin... but I mean I was returning the looks from earlier so now we are even- *gets hit in the head by Jin as Hoseok laughs in the background* WHAT? I WAS RETURNING THE- *Gets hit again as Hoseok laughs harder but then gets hit by Jin too, stopping immediately* okay okay.... but I feel really really bad. *whispers* and now we are even...
Taehyung: Since Jin is dealing with those two, I can say what I want to say... Im gonna be honest. She looks really good...I mean I thought she looked good before but she looks GOOD. Her personality matches her looks... ~Beautiful~
Jungkook: Girl *twitches* ahem i mean.... is it hot in here or?....just me?... ok... *places pillow on his lap and hugs it hard* what? n-no I'm okay....
Melody walks out into the silent living room still a bit embarrassed from earlier. She saw Jimin had changed into a dry clothes as he waved her over to him. She sat in her spot from earlier, in between his legs on sitting on the floor.
<<DONT THINK WRONG -.-!!!!>> "Okay! Last but not least! Namjoon...."
"I found Namjoon behind the CD shelf. I heard him because he dropped like ten albums as he tried to sneak behind there."
"I got the last option... I get a kiss from everyone..." Namjoon said. At first he thought it was quite a punishment but then he remembered that Melody was here. He honestly is happy he got caught.
"Melody do you have any lipstick? Maybe red?" Yoongi asked.
"let me check my purse, I might not have one because I dont wear that sorta stuff like that..."
She ran into Taehyungs room and looked through her purse. She walked out with a dark tinted lipgloss thingy.
"Will this work?"
"Yup! Perfect!!"
Jin took it and applied it pretty much perfectly on himself without a mirror.
"Get over here." He called to Namjoon. He grabbed Namjoon's face and kissed him on the forehead. Everyone laughed as Namjoon started trying to get out of of his grip. Once Jin removed his lips from Namjoon's face he had a bright red mark on his forehead. Jin passed the lip gloss to Yoongi who made himself look like he had a red mustache. Melody giggled as she walked over and tried her best to wipe off the extras of the lip stick. He smiled shyly as he turned away from Melody.
He coughed and turned trying to get out of it. Finally he quickly kissed Namjoon on the cheek and instantly laughed at the odd shape it made. Next he handed the tube to Hoseok who dramatically put it on and giggled as he got it on his teeth. He got the top lip perfectly but something went wrong on the bottom lip. He turned over to Namjoon and grabbed his face and kissed Namjoon on the cheek next to where Yoongi had kissed him. Jimin grabbed the tube next put it on the same way Hoseok did. and kissed Namjoon on the opposite side. Taehyung got the tube and....well....attempted..ish to put it on. He looked over at Namjoon and grabbed his face and flashed his box shaped smile. He then kissed Namjoon's cheek next to where Jimin kissed him and moved his head side to side making the mark look like a blob. Everyone laughed. Lastly it was Jungkook Melody took the tube and did his lips for him. He smiled and thanked her and then quickly pecked Namjoon on the forehead. Hoseok pushed him toward Jungook as both Namjoon and Jungkook struggle to part.
Once Jungkook gets away he smacks Hoseok in the arm and wipes is lips.
Melody laughs at how the boys were acting.
"Melody its your turn!!!" Hoseok yelled as he tried to escape Jungkook's head lock.
Melody felt as heat reached her cheeks.
"Awww look she is shy now!!" Jimin teased as he poked her side.
"N-no Im not!!!" Melody protested. She grabbed the tube of lipstick and put it on. Taehyung stared at her lips, mentally beating himself up on not kissing her earlier.
Taehyungs Thoughts: <<DAMNIT! Why didnt I just make a move?!?!?!>>
The rest of the boys looked at her look at Namjoon's face. She looked for a place to kiss him, but the boys had already taken most of the space. Her only two options were his nose or his chin... She looked at the boys then back at a blushing Namjoon. Melody grabbed his face and started to lean in. She stopped and lifted Namjoon's face.
She kissed him on his chin,, hearing all the boys oooo
One person though was not ooing. Taehyung watched as Melody kissed Namjoon. Namjoon closed his eyes as he felt Melody's soft lips make contact with his skin. Melody only pecked his chin. Taehyung eyed them with jealousy burning in his eyes.
Melody backed away from Namjoon as he quickly put his hand over his chin and the other over his lap.
"U-um I'll be right back...." He said as he ran away.
Everyone except Taehyung laughed. Taehyung was once again mentally hitting himself in his head for not making a move earlier. He watched as Melody wiped off the lipstick. Why couldnt that be him?
Namjoon had gone into his room holding his chin. He held his heart and felt himself just stare at the wall. His heart was beating extremely fast. Thoughts were running through his head. He couldnt stay in here for long so he went into the bathroom and splashed cold water into his face
Back in the living room Jimin had started to pipe up again.
"Hey wait! You threw me in the tub.... I deserve a kiss too!!!!" Jimin smirked at her.
Melody giggled and rolled her eyes. She put the lipstick back on and grabbed Jimin's shirt pulling him down and kissed him on his cheek.
"Yah! Thats not fair! I want one too!" Yoongi said.
Melody giggled and grabbed Yoongi's face as he lowered himself. She kissed him on the cheek.
"Hey!! It was my game idea! I want one!" Melody laughed and and kissed Hoseok's cheek. Hoseok bent his knees so that she could.
" Im the oldest!" Jin said giggling. Melody gave him a small kiss on the cheek. He gave a small smile.
"I shared my hiding spot and walked you to your house! So I get two!!!" Taehyung said. He thought it could be his moment. Melody got to him and cupped his cheek lowering him so that he was the same height as her. She kissed one side of his face and then kissed the other.
" Im the maknae!" Melody giggled as she saw Jungkook cover his mouth realizing he spoke out loud. Melody walked over to him on the couch and sat next to him, giving him a light peck on the cheek. They laughed as the flustered maknae covered his face trying to cover the redness that took over.
They all laughed. Namjoon finally entered the room again.
For a couple more minutes they talked and talked.

Melody's Prov.

"Melody...*giggle*... look....*giggle*" Jin a whisper.
I look up and saw that Jungkook was passing out. His head going up and down. Jin was right behind him over his shoulder so I could see him imitate Jungkook's movements . He was clearly asleep and Jimin went right next to him and started to pet under his chin whispering in a sweet sorta high but manly voice saying
"Juungkook~ Kookie wake up~ Lets go to bed~ Juungkook~"
If I hadnt known them I would have thought they were together and to be honest I can see it XD.
Jungkook scrambled a bit and he started giggling but you could clearly hear how tired he was. He pushed Jimin away but Jimin picked him up like a princess. Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin's neck as he walked away. Before he disappeared into the hallway he looked over flashing a smile and said
After he said that Jungkook's hand raised waving goodbye.
One by one they got up and waved good bye. Before Jin went into his room he looked at me. "I almost forgot! Since your stuff is already in Tae's room, is it okay can you stay with him?"
I nodded. Maybe Taehyung was just caught in the moment earlier and it really was nothing. Taehyung got up and grabbed my hand since we were the last ones in the living room and dragged me to the room.
He closed the door. "Hey can you help me get this off?" He said pointing to the kiss marks. I nodded shyly. I got a towel and dabbed it in some water so that I could wipe them off. He scooted towards me so I didnt hurt my back leaning forward.
"Did you have fun?"
"What? Oh ya! I had a lot of fun."
"Great! I was hoping you did..."
"oh ya I had lots of fun... by the way... is Jungkook scared of girls?"
"Well, he is just really shy... its not as bad as before but it is better."
I nodded and continued to wipe his cheek. Suddenly the door started creaking open and I leaned forward looking to the side to see what it was. The lights all went out and only the sound of my small squeal was heard within the empty halls. I lost my balance and felt Taehyungs hands grab my waist. I put my hands out on the sides of what I think was his face. Finally the lights came back on. As my eyes adjusted to the lights I was on top of him and he had his hands on my waist. Our faces only inches apart.
Thank goodness no one had walked in-
"hey guys are you okay- OH MAN HOLY SHIT !"
"Did we interrupt something?"
We looked at the door to see a frightened and red faced Jungkook and a smirking Jimin. For some reason we still hadnt moved out of the way we were. We stayed there shocked.
"You alright-oh my-" Then running behind them came a concerned Namjoon. Once he saw us his face fell. .
.........To be continued....

How will they explain this awkward situation?

What does Namjoon think???

Hope you enjoyed! I would love to know what you think in the comments!
Until next time~
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