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Okay this is the first card of Karneval I've ever posted . . . And to say I'm not excited would be a lie! Honestly I don't think I've seen another Karneval card in all of Vingle so if I am the first I would like to present possibly the cutest picture of Nai probably to ever exist! Just every single inch of him screams *CUDDLY* seriously who else would snuggle and cuddle this cutie?!? Well if your a fan of Karneval and think Nai is cute as a button or if your simply a passerby (Which if you are I HIGHLY recommend Karneval!) who likes the picture and might possibly be interested in Karneval give that like heart a tap. And I will see you in the next card!
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Karneval is freaken badass and awesome idk not a lot of people post about it!
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@AimeBolanos Awesome to have a fellow Karneval fan! From your words there's not many of those around XD so which collection is this picture of fiiiiine Gareki in?
a year ago·Reply
@Panthora In my Anime Hotties Collection xD
a year ago·Reply
@Panthora And yes im glad to see a fellow fan as well!
a year ago·Reply
I Like Karneval Too And I Watch It Like 4 Times 😂
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